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  1. It's not very difficult to do but you have to start from a good template/patern.
  2. Superb! Amazing work!
  3. Hi Riem, 1.3mm for outer leather, and 0.8mm for inner leather. yes, only fountain pens are the only ones that deserve a respectful case.
  4. beauty full work! i love this vice:stitching clamp. as beautiful as the original
  5. I've been using this one for a few years now, it's an extraordinary quality, it's very sharp and very precise. I'm not rich enough to buy cheap. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGZrOLEhuFZ/ the curved model.
  6. what is the nature of the materials you are going to sew?
  7. sorry but this fashion of vegan warms my ears, the leather is leather it comes from animals, if it's not the case it's not leather it's cereal.
  8. these U rings or D rings OPENABLE for zipper puller?
  9. I'm not rich enough to buy cheap.
  10. i use this one: White Tear-Off Adhesive Tape https://www.decocuir.com/ruban-adhesif-indechirable-blanc-largeur-30-mm-c2x31861365
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