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  1. paloma

    multiple square

    thanks Dear, it's exactly that i whish! thanks to all other.
  2. paloma

    multiple square

    because until now I didn't really need it
  3. paloma

    multiple square

    it's for working wood.
  4. paloma

    multiple square

    I'm not rich enough to buy "cheap" products thanks I'm not rich enough to buy "cheap" products thanks it's not to work leather but wood
  5. paloma

    multiple square

    Hi everyone, who could tell me a good brand to buy this kind of tools? Thanks
  6. Yes, maybe, but I was just answering the question about the thread by giving a tip.
  7. yes, also but the subject of the thread is :#5 edge beveler/rounder
  8. yes you have to persevere and with a good round soft file it should happen.
  9. Yes, but depending on the use it can take years.
  10. hey hey, no no I didn't do it with just the string and green clay, I did most of the work with the file and only then finished with sandpaper and string. in the back of the tool: L
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