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  1. i use it very often ( i mixed it with carnuba wax) and i am very glad with the results i obtain with it,
  2. paloma

    Desperate newbie

    that's what I always say!
  3. paloma

    Desperate newbie

    exact! but it was before....once uppon a time.
  4. paloma

    Desperate newbie

    I think that's exactly what I just did.
  5. paloma

    Desperate newbie

    thanks Mike but i have some problem/difyculty to understand well. I have UNDERSTAND! you are thruth!!! the good way is this! i am a newbie too!
  6. paloma

    Desperate newbie

    like this if it's the same device
  7. paloma

    Desperate newbie

    Hi, i think there is a mistake in 1 , thread must be in the steel ring and pass behind a hook in 2
  8. paloma

    brass buckle who know where to find

    unfortunately they do not make this type of product...
  9. paloma

    brass buckle who know where to find

    thanks Mike
  10. Hello, someone know where to find this kind of buckle in solid brass? thanks
  11. paloma

    leather pen box

    Now completly finished....
  12. paloma

    leather pen box

    all pens.i dont choose betwen them.i love all, like my kids. Thanks RockyAussie !