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  1. paloma

    Finishing a needle point belt.

    Maybe possible to make it like a sandwich? this needle point brodery between two leather stripes and stitched all together?....with a window on the stipe of above to let the work appear. without pict it's difficult to speak.
  2. paloma

    glueing leather together

    Yes you can,( famous sentence...) but the two faces must be very clean, defatted , and with a first choice of leather glue. If you cant sew it maybe you can riveted it.
  3. paloma

    hand stitching guide

    The transmission of know-how is the best way to remember the person who transmits, it ensures eternity. Thanks for that.
  4. paloma

    Roller foot for 45K

    Hi guys, a friend to me on a french leather forum has this item to sold / sell ( i never know ) he was member here but not now so you have understant i am just an intermediaire.
  5. paloma

    Make Your Own Skiving Knife(S)

    With an old alternative saw blade...( industrial one,)
  6. paloma

    measure tapes leathered

    thank you Plinkercases !
  7. merci pour ces encouragements à écrire avec des fautes!
  8. Everything is true, you talk like a book..
  9. I meant to say; neastfoot oil. ( sorry i have some problem to find the right word in English)
  10. paloma

    Bring back old antique leather to life

    It makes sense. It's their business. in my case i make my balm with very simple and basic products; neastfoot oil,beeswax,carnuba and some tears of the clove tree oil ( to avoid bacteria and mushrooms) for the quantity of each it's : one spoon- five spoons-hal spoon-5 drops.prepare in a not too much hotI water bath.
  11. paloma

    Small coin purse

    good work!
  12. You're right, I did it wrong. the product you are talking about is maybe very very good there is not the question,i just want to said that, with a very good marketing work it's possible to do anything. I use very basic products on my leathers, bees wax and beef foot oil ,this for every days traitements. For finishing a work i love to use carnuba wax it's shine and it's protect it's a very very old product too. I don't want to be unpleasant, it's just that I'm pretty whole in the way I express myself. And whenif I need to have an anti-fungicide and anti-bacterial action i use this.... Never forget,it's the customer who paid for nice boxes and marketing/advertising...
  13. paloma

    measure tapes leathered

    the thing interessant with this object is that you only need just one face,it's symmetrical !
  14. paloma

    measure tapes leathered

    it would have been a pleasure bikermutt, but as it's different each time and for this simple design i dont use pattern i just cut a litle bit larger ( 0,80 in / 2 cm) and that's all.
  15. paloma

    Dye before burnishing?

    if it can help someone, my procedure is,i dye the edges,and if it's a vegetable natural tan leather,after dyeing i put gum adragant and i burnish and i finish with a personal preparation of bees-wax mixed with carnuba wax and i polish.