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  1. Yes, maybe, but I was just answering the question about the thread by giving a tip.
  2. yes, also but the subject of the thread is :#5 edge beveler/rounder
  3. yes you have to persevere and with a good round soft file it should happen.
  4. Yes, but depending on the use it can take years.
  5. hey hey, no no I didn't do it with just the string and green clay, I did most of the work with the file and only then finished with sandpaper and string. in the back of the tool: L
  6. It's really easy to transform a straight beveler into a rounded beveler, I did it the other day and it took me 10 minutes.
  7. exact,good answer. nothing very nasty, a little shot of steel wool a shot of polish and it's good.
  8. many thanks yes oz/gr.m2 no problems.
  9. Hello everyone, could someone tell me where to get thick canvas (18/20oz) in Europe? thanks
  10. excelent work!Bravo!
  11. Welcom on board! Bienvenue parmi nous m'dame!
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