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  1. excelent work!Bravo!
  2. paloma

    working gloves

    thanks guys !
  3. Welcom on board! Bienvenue parmi nous m'dame!
  4. paloma

    working gloves

    with pleasure!
  5. paloma

    working gloves

    Thank you, no, these ones are not lined, but maybe the next ones will be.
  6. paloma

    working gloves

    Hi everybody, my last creation,in deer leather,
  7. he made me the right product for my needs... https://zupimages.net/up/21/42/k4sn.jpg
  8. Thank you very much, I just remembered that I have a brother in law who is a lathe-mill-fitter with whom I have an excellent relationship!...
  9. ah but yes if I was equipped with a lathe it would be a child's play. Thx.
  10. on my machine the shaft diameter is 13 mm and it's difficult to find this diameter on the pulleys that we see everywhere. how did you solve the problem?
  11. exact! thes 2 little screws these two small screws that I had not seen! this is exactly what I am doing, however, on the servo I did not find a 40 / 45mm pulley. if you have an address to give me I am interested
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