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  1. he made me the right product for my needs... https://zupimages.net/up/21/42/k4sn.jpg
  2. Thank you very much, I just remembered that I have a brother in law who is a lathe-mill-fitter with whom I have an excellent relationship!...
  3. ah but yes if I was equipped with a lathe it would be a child's play. Thx.
  4. on my machine the shaft diameter is 13 mm and it's difficult to find this diameter on the pulleys that we see everywhere. how did you solve the problem?
  5. exact! thes 2 little screws these two small screws that I had not seen! this is exactly what I am doing, however, on the servo I did not find a 40 / 45mm pulley. if you have an address to give me I am interested
  6. Hello , would someone know how to disassemble this pulley? I specify that there is no more screw which retains it thanks.
  7. What size needle and thread are you using in this picture.? I never noticed this problem with mine
  8. yes. slates are one of the best stones for honing / sharpening cutting tools. slates have a lot of grits different.
  9. thanks for the info i will do that!
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