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  1. courtney

    Weaver Leather Supply

    Weaver sucks, I ordered a big order, a lot of belt strips, half were fluffy belly strips. Next time I went to order it came to about $150 and they said because I didn't order for a year I was a new customer and had to order the $200 minimum again, no customer service, then I called Ohio travel bag and felt like I was talking to a an old friend. And, they have so honored us pesents by offering to let us buy retail now, at like 2 or 3 times the cost of any other retail seller. Too bad because I was initially excited to do business with them, but sure don't appreciate a business making me feel like they are doing me a grand favor to accept my money.
  2. I have for local pickup in the S.F. Bay Area / Marin, a pretty awesome lot, including how to make western boots and shoe books, 31-15 sewing machine with roller foot, hardwood stitching pony, linen thread , hardware, tools,...feel free to ask questions. Sorry, can't figure out how to make my photos small enough to post, but here's a link..
  3. courtney

    Singer 45K69

    Cool! I have a singer 45k25 on a patcher stand, looks about the same. Did you put it on a frame with wheels? I'm trying to figure out how to go about getting mine off the floor, anyone have any suggestions about how to not hurt myself or break my machine without dismantling the set up?
  4. courtney

    Need Plastic Templates Made

    I haven't used them for it but, I'm pretty sure Tap plastics does that. Courtney
  5. courtney

    Clanking Handwheel 45K25

    Bob, Hey, guess what?, i went and did what you said anyway.. and it totally worked and it is no longer clanking! Thank you so much!! I am the most impatient person, thankfully I dont think I harmed it. your the man. Thank you Constabulary also! Courtney Dude, parts, hammer.. I know... you are so right!
  6. courtney

    Clanking Handwheel 45K25

    That sounds like a very good idea, however... during your last post and this one I set it on fire and beat it with a hammer.... I dont think I damaged it but I was able to move the wheel away from the body about 1/8", now it doesnt clank when I jiggle it back and forth... but, when I sew without thread it is quiet but if I sew fast with thread it clanks, so... maybe it is the shuttle? Nothing feels real wobbly inside the machine that I can reach. but if I pull the handwheel back and forth it still moves the take up lever, is it sup[posed to have a little slop in and out? This handwheel is so on there I wonder if I would bend the needle bar before I unstuck it? Thanks, Courtney
  7. courtney

    Clanking Handwheel 45K25

    plan b!!! its stuck!
  8. courtney

    Clanking Handwheel 45K25

    I cant figure out how to put pictures on here but I took the big screw out of the end and saw the top set screw goes to nothing, then i saw the notch on bottom where it goes, How do I rotate the wheel so it lines up? i tried twisting with my hands, putting a little oil and hitting it with a plastic tooling hammer Thanks
  9. courtney

    Clanking Handwheel 45K25

    photo (4).JPG
  10. courtney

    Clanking Handwheel 45K25

    Thanks, its not the hook, i can pull the wheel back and forth and see the space close up and hear the clank. there is a little set screw on the body, one close to the big screw on the end, and another behind the wheel, which one?
  11. My singer 45k25 makes a clanking noise when i get it going past a very slow speed, i have tracked it to being the thread take up lever connecting to the flywheel, there is a little play between the flywheel and the body that starts clanking together, can I adjust that space to fix the problem? thanks, courtney
  12. courtney

    Chicago Screws Made Out Of Wood?

    A made in USA shirt costs 15 cents? Where do you get these numbers?
  13. Where do you order the spring?
  14. I had a sewing machine repair person make a spring for my 45k25. A lot of parts ft from a tech sew ga5 I think, I think they call them something else now though. Search this forum for 45k25 and you'll find some info. Good luck 45k parts are pretty scarce
  15. I got a b.k. Handle and b.d. Slim awl a couple years ago and it fit perfect with only abut 3/4" sticking out. I just got a new Handel and it won't go down and sticks out too far with the one collet and the other one it goes down far enough but pulls out because the hole is not small enough and the collet is too long so I can't screw it down all the way to the handle. So... I stuck the awl in the other side of the collet that has an x instead of round hole And I ground the other side of the collet down on a bench grinder so it would allow the chuck to screwball the way down, now it's just fine! But, the old collets were better they would adjust down to zero the we ones only get so small. I actually called Barry King and he told me to to put it in the x side and grind the collet, he said if I messed it up he could send me a New collet, he was pretty nice , I'm sure he will try and help if what I said dos'nt work.