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  1. I found more information the one is a 45W 51 Thanks everyone for the help!
  2. Thank you for the information. I can't make out the stamp on the oval ring, it's pretty wore off. Joan
  3. Hello, We just came across 2 Singer sewing machines in storage. One is a double stitch not sure about the model number. The only numbers i could find was W 704753. The other is model 29-4. They both have heavy duty motors. We got them up and running and would like to sell them but not sure on what the going price is. Can anyone help with how much they are worth.
  4. Selling a used Leather Stitch Compass Grooving tool $50.00 or best offer. Only used a few times. Joan Schatzlein Saddle Shop 612-825-2459
  5. Looking for quality hardware,brass,stainless steel, brass plated and nickle plated from North &Judd, Mast Harness, Walsall and Weaver. We are looking to downsize our inventory. We have been in business for 115 years and we have way to much stuff! We have buckles, snaps, rings, harness parts, webbing, snaps, chicago screws, leather dye, leather scraps. Prices are cheap! You name it we probably have it! Send me a note and I'll be happy to help you.
  6. Mink oil is primary a waterproofer. Use a leather conditioner such as Bick 4, Lexol Conditioner , Lexol NF or All purpose cleaner and conditioner.
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