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  1. I found that my skiver(no vacuum) would pull the waste back up around the feed wheel, I've since changed the stone wheel for a yellow rubber one and this(so far) has completely solved this problem.Saved me a lot of work in fitting an aftermarket vacuum.I think it also has made the feed easier or smoother, a very worthy modification.
  2. I have this machine with an efka control system not the 720 but a i70 motor and c300 panel.It probaly does the same as the 720. I have a few downloads if you go this route
  3. I found the best change I've done to my skiver is to replace the stone wheel with a plastic/nylon one. I had problems with waste material being drawn back up over the wheel, change of wheel resolved this issue.
  4. Having a skiver set up correctly in my mind is worth paying the extra as one that needs setting up will really cause frustration.Where I work my boss bought an old fortuna second hand and with no amount of fiddling about could I get it to work with any consistancy.I myself bought a newer but again secondhand chinese version and ended up paying a technician to set it up.While it may look more simple than a sewing machine you have spring tension and angle of feed roller plus height adjustment, then you have left/right adjustment of bell knife, also height and angle of pressure foot adding into that the fact that if you adjust one thing it can vary another adjustment.Material of feed wheel can affect how it pulls the leather into the blade.Owning a skiving machine and getting it to work correctly is a contant education.
  5. To be honest I have no idea how its set up, I just bolted it on so the material to be bound was in roughly the right position with the needle in roughly the right postion and it seemed to work. Its to be used for binding carpet with vinyl material but the thickness of the vinyl causes it to stretch slightly so I need to get a binder with a thicker gap for binding material.
  6. This is how I mounted a binder to my machine, I need to change the binder size but should work well like this.Also nice and easy to fit or remove.
  7. HoHsing i70 manual, keep scrolling through and its english after the chinese version. http://www.hohsing.com/download/i70m-manual-tw-en.pdf http://docs.makini24.ru/Ho-Hsing/Manual_HVP-70-4-ED_2007-01_IMCA.pdf
  8. They both look like servo motors to me, I guess you just lock the controller box a what speed you need. I'm still looking at doing this mod to my skiver but I'd like to get both motors under the table.
  9. Great idea, I did go smaller in size with needle but as we didn't have bigger I couldn't try.I will order some bigger to try. I did forget to mention but with the previous machine I used, a juki 563, and the same sized needle and thread this material sewed fine.
  10. Thank you, good to know what the sizes are. Unfortunately its not fluff as I've since had the shuttle apart when I had some thread jam it up. Picture of vinyl lower face.
  11. I have a typical tw1 -899 which I use for auto upholstery, not a common machine so I'll post a pic of it. Thread I use is UK size 20 (poss. tkt size), I don't know what the US equivalent size is but is big enough for a decorative top stitch though probably not as big as belt or holster size.Needle size is 135/17 hole size 21. Generally the machine sews great however when I sew car hooding which is a cloth base, rubber center and vinyl topping the lower thread is loose.I've tried tightening the top thread but it feels too tight and starts to fray and snap.Shortening the stitch length helps but is not the right way to correct the problem and is still not tight enough. My thoughts are that the lower thread needs tightening however its at its tightest. I cannot get near the machine at the moment due to corona virus however when I get back to work I would like to be armed with some ideas to try. Having huge problems uploading corrct sized photos so only included a picure of the lower face of the hooding material with the fault, lower grey line is with 6mm stitch, upper grey line is with stitch shortened to 4mm. Stitching on vinyl is fine.I'll upload more pics if I can work out how to do it.
  12. Wasn't really looking for this one but I wanted similar to you...........large top loading bobbin,servo motor,large stitch , singer style foot. Found a juki 1510 but the supplier after initial contact and me sending samples for test sewing never got back to me.Looking at a global 1515 but waiting for one a decent money to come up and then saw this on ebay. A six hour round trip to get it but certainly worth it.
  13. I bought this about 6 months ago for £800.Its a typical tw1-899 but with singer style feet, also the same as a seiko bew-8blcs and a brother ls2-b891.meets all your needs but difficult to find.When I was looking a global wf1515 also had all the features your looking for.
  14. On industrial sewing machines there is the adjuster for altering the tension (I guess) that the bobbin is wound, is there a way to set this or is there no need as long as it is wound evenly?
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