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  1. Hello, I am refurbishing a Singer model 42-5 Industrial machine and am missing the throat or needle plate, specifically part no 8192 (if you have a different throat plate I would need the appropriate feed dogs, presser feet as well). Hopefully someone can help me. The plate should be ~56mm wide, 86mm deep and a bit under 2mm thick, there should also be 60mm between the two screw holes. Cheers, James (Australia) Edit: Just realised this should probably be in the wanted forum, if so maybe a moderator could move it.
  2. Hi,


    I know this reply is over a year late, but if you have any more of those 42-5 bobbin cases/hooks I would love to buy a set off you.


    Regards, James

    1. boisei


      Hi James, yes still available. Attached are pics. $50 USD + shipping. You can email me at jouchida@gmail.com