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  1. I have tried all kinds of edge finishing gums. The one I have found to be absolutely the best so far is Seiwa Tokonole. I have also learned it is important to use any finishing gum or other liquid very sparingly - I now use my finger. If it is too wet then when burnishing the leather gets "smooshed." A little goes a long way using as little pressure as possible to generate the necessary friction. This has all been trial and error and reading a lot of forums, including this one. Seriously I love the Seiwa - I have no interest in the product. I like it because it is like a cream and viscous. It is much harder to apply too much as it would be with the gum tragacanths that I have bought in the past. Also, because it is creamy it is unlikely to spill over your edge onto the front or back of your work. It gets a really good shine. In solidarity with the others in this thread I too find edge painting to be both an art and science - one which I have yet to master. Either my roller gets stuck and does not spin freely (often) or I find that the paint settles thin and I can still see the seam through the edge paint. I sand and try to "push" the dry paint to hide the seam. Not very effective. Does anyone know of a good substance to use to fill the small seam cracks that will take leather paint afterward?
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    That is what I call real leather work. Beautiful. I love the stirrup details.