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  1. compound


    Hi all Here is our new model of saddle. New tree, new tooling patterns
  2. Hello Here is my next "figure carving". Chinks yokes with colts and feathers. This work is for my coleague. He want to build chinks for his girlfriend Have a good day Martin
  3. Hello I think that all know leatherwork is dangerous job with many sharp tools. So first aid kit is very important think in workshop. What do you think about mine? Have a nice day Martin
  4. Hello I just bought this "piece of history". I know "powder river" brand from Brighton feed and saddlery, but this brand looks different and i think saddle is older than Brighton shop. Please know anyone age of this saddle? On left skirt under rig is number 1254 Next question….On seat jockeys - both sides is very primitive carved brand.- owner or ranch brand maybe... next unknown mark for me Thanks Martin
  5. compound

    carved boots

    Tanks to all . I built two pairs of boots in this order. I feel very proud when customers decided use my boots in our "big day" Martin
  6. compound

    carved boots

    Hi all Next cowgirl boots for German customer. Very wide foot (EEE.EE) and 16ů tall schaft. Rubber work sole Have a nice day Martin
  7. compound

    Cowgirl boots

    Same distance like you from me :-)
  8. compound

    Cowgirl boots

    Thank you. Yes, i have website: but unfortunately havn´t english version yet. Sorry Martin
  9. compound

    Cowgirl boots

    Yes, ribbon is used in according with order. Her mother just fighting breast cancer
  10. Hi all Last order in this year is finished. Was made for our very good customer in Germany, so belt is a gift for she. Have a good day Martin
  11. compound

    Chinks for my husband

    Cool!!! I like your "flower centers" . What leather is on chaps? Martin
  12. compound

    saddle again

    Hi all . Our new design- floral, feathers and almond line - is becoming popular for our customers. This fancy "A fork" trail saddle with pink details is our last piece Have a nice day Martin
  13. You are correct.  I am just used to having the free end of the dally wrap end up on the near (left) side of the swell. 

  14. compound

    last saddles

    Thanks. I t is my own stamp... like my all tools and stamps. .I don´t know where i saw this at first, but i think JWP produce very several stamp.
  15. compound

    last saddles

    Thanks to all. A lot of years of leatherwork, but still i learning new magics with "dead cow" Thanks again Martin