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  1. venator

    Decanter mat

    The stitching was challenging as well as cutting circles but it turned out wonderful
  2. venator

    Decanter mat

    Made this for a neighbour for Christmas
  3. Okay folks who use drop in liners, I'm trying to figure out how to size them. I always seem to be either 1/4" to a 1/2" off either long or short which leaves me with either a weird outcropping of liner or a weird outcropping of bag, how do you get it correct to the mm every time? Or is there some trick to give yourself a bit of flexibility?
  4. venator

    Brogue punch

    I'm looking for a brogue punch, any idea where to get one other than KS?
  5. So my bobbin winder stopped working and I want to open her up and take a look. I can see the bolts to pull but do I need to do anything special? Or worry about the large knob on top for pressed foot height? Stu
  6. In the past I've done linings with interfacing to stiffen them but with this type of bag I don't find that necessary. I just do a turned lining out of just the fabric and use a plate in the bottom the same size as the base that rests inside the bag to help it keep it's shape. The drop in plate is in a fabric sleeve that matches the lining so it blends nicely. I find between that and just the overall shape the lining doesn't have to be particularly stiff.
  7. I'm quicker with my punches and maul. . .
  8. Thanks. I'm a big fan of this style of bag. Though I do need to develop one that's a bit more structured for the folks who like that. The lining was the client's choice. I routinely hit the fabric stores and scoop up the end of bolt sale items and that was one, then I can let them pick through and pick the one they want.
  9. Thanks. Now I just need to figure out how to sell some...
  10. Thanks. Our Adler 467 is a pretty solid all purpose but we want to add a cylinder arm and are looking at a cobra, cowboy, or techsew in the class 4 range
  11. Pretty much all of it. Much as I love hand sewing my hands go numb after about 10 minutes so it's never going to be practical for me to do. Plus because the pieces are joined with a semi-felled flat seam to give that nice rolled look and hide the raw edge they all have to get sewn twice.
  12. Thank you! It's my own pattern. I've certainly been inspired by similar bags and I'm sure I'm not the first person to make a bag this way but there was no pattern, nor did I copy anything I'd seen directly. I used to make similar bags out of 2 big pieces but recently I've started doing them out of the 5 pieces and I'm much happier. While it does require more sewing I really enjoy the way the seams frame the sides and give the bag a little shape, as well it's a lot more efficient for leather usage vs just 2 big pieces. I have another one ordered from a client that I'll be starting in about 2-3 weeks so I'll try to snag some pics and video and perhaps do a quick how-to if anyone wanted to see it. Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure exactly where it comes from but it's a distressed brown oil tan. It marks very easily, and the marks rub out with use so it's perfect for bag that's going to get marked up anyway through use. My supplier carries it in stock in two colours, this and a toffee colour, so it's super convenient. It's about a 4oz, very soft.
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