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  1. snapmyfengerleatherwork

    Cleaning Mold Off Leather

    BIckmore's Bick 4 Leather Conditioner has vinegar in it. I use it it the heart of South on my horse tack with excellent results.
  2. What is the difference antique paste and antique gel? I know Fiebings makes a paste and Tandy Eco-Flo makes a gel. Do they apply differently? Is the outcome/look different?
  3. snapmyfengerleatherwork

    Draw Gauge

    If you are cutting thick leather for items like reins, the blades in the wooden-type tend to break as the thicker leather is being cut. The opening is not wide enough for leather over about 10 oz.
  4. snapmyfengerleatherwork

    What Blade?

    Thanks! you gave me several good ideas.
  5. snapmyfengerleatherwork

    What Blade?

    Thanks! Jack. But what I am referring to is in the above U-tube, when he is using beader blade at the beginning of the video, there is a guide attached to the swivel knife. It helps keep the cut line straight. This is one metal (not medal) (looks like brass) and all I have ever found is plastic.
  6. snapmyfengerleatherwork

    What Blade?

    The border tool he is using looks like it is made of a medal-type product. The plastic ones I buy break after several attempts to use, probably tightening screw to much. Does anyone know where to find the medal ones?
  7. snapmyfengerleatherwork

    Styles Of Stamping Tools

    Thanks! You comfirmed my understanding about Mr. Beard.
  8. snapmyfengerleatherwork

    Styles Of Stamping Tools

    Barry, Thanks! This helps alot. I trying to upgrade from Craftool. I have purchased a few BK tools & agree with your assessment f them. I get the impression from Mr. Beard's website that his emphasis maybe toward figure carving. I am concentrating on the old floral design maybe Al Stohlman style. Thanks again, AL
  9. snapmyfengerleatherwork

    Styles Of Stamping Tools

    Could someone inform me which tool maker's stamping tools are best suited for the different styles of stamping, i.e. floral, geometric, sheridian, figure carving, etc. Al