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  1. Work of art right there.
  2. Vaelloc

    My Flagship Holster

    Now that is a work of art. Very nice. If you gonna work with stingray again invest in some tin snipping tool.
  3. Thanks everyone. Your kind words mean a lot. I'm getting better every time. Posting on this website and a few pages on face book have given me great feedback and advice. Thank you You know I'm loving red thread and black leather more and more myself. I'd love to see some of your work you have done.
  4. Vaelloc

    Knife sheaths

    It's just a dark brown. I wet the dobber with the dye and brush it on a scrap piece of leather until it starts to leave streaks. Then start brushing one direction on the leather you are using
  5. It's not even mine and I'm proud of it. Beautiful work
  6. Vaelloc

    Knife sheaths

    I just downloaded an app. Thanks