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  1. whitakermk

    Contact Leatherworker.net?

    Hey Tom, I did - never got a response so I went back and checked. Can't tell if it went through or not so I resent it. Thanks! - Kent
  2. whitakermk

    Contact Leatherworker.net?

    Starting to list a few things - like today - under the name of one of our old brands Western Rider on ebay. Only have a clicker die and a press plate and some rosettes listed so far. Spent most of the day setting things up. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Leather-cutting-die-clicker-die-saddle-clicker-die-leather-strap-cutting-die/382881232248?hash=item59257ff578:g:w5EAAOSw8kVcpRSs
  3. whitakermk

    Contact Leatherworker.net?

    Is there a way to contact the owner or admins of leatherworker.net? I work for Big Horn Saddlery / American Saddlery / ShoTan Leather / Tuffy and we are wanting to run some ads for bulk scrap leather, tools, vintage clicker dies, vintage press plate, bulk hardware etc. I've sent contact info and emails to the info on the contact page but no one has responded. We literally have a warehouse of old saddlery items we are starting to sell off but I can't get a response for leatherworker.net. I'm talking about clicker dies, press plates, bulk scrap leather, store display items etc. Should we keep trying to run ads or just post in the for sale areas on the forum?
  4. whitakermk

    Change Vintage Rex Rivet Anvil Question

    Thanks lazyd, having my buddy looking at it now... or whenever he has a chance.
  5. whitakermk

    Change Vintage Rex Rivet Anvil Question

    Thanks for the pics! Helps a bunch - So... should I be able to unscrew my current anvil and be able to remove it or will I have to try and pry it out like you said you did one of yours? I have a buddy with a machine shop - I wonder if he could make me that old weaver part.... worth asking!
  6. I have a vintage Rex 27 rivet setter for my shop which has a splash anvil in it. I talked to Weaver and they have a replacement anvil that "should" work for #104 rivets. The problem is I can't figure out how to change the anvil in my old Rex before purchasing the new one from Weaver - as in remove it from the long "U" shaped pin. The newer Weaver version shows threading at the top. So I am guessing the long piece unscrews from the smaller piece in the "U" shaped clamp. Am I wrong on this and just need more WD40 and better needle nose pliers? Or, can the anvil on these old Rex's be changed? I've attached pics of my old Rex with the anvil on my kitchen counter. You can see the anvil with the U shaped clamp at the top which takes the pressure from the handle when pressed down. The picture of the Anvil against a white background is the one from Weaver - note the thread at the top. Just trying to find out if the new anvil for the new Weaver Rex will fit the old vintage Rex's
  7. whitakermk

    Cowboy 8020 splitter

    How crazy of a topic is this? I've looked high and low for real reviews as well and can't find any. Has no one bought one of these before in the last decade that can tell us about it? The Geneva Motor Show just ended and I'm already reading articles about new car roll outs. Antonio Brown just left the Steelers for the Raiders 45 minutes ago and I've read two reports and watched 15 minutes of coverage on NFL network. It's so strange no one can offer real advice and insight.
  8. whitakermk

    Cut-Line c-225 Max Thread

    Thanks everyone - will pass the info along to Jeff!
  9. Howdy - My friend Jeff at Collin's Custom Saddles had a Cut-line C-225 drop in his lap. One of his saddle buyers is a chain of stores and apparently the owner said "hey - you said you needed a smaller machine to do something... I'll bring you one when I pick up my saddles." I know - right!! WOuld never happen to me. He's got it sewing but was wondering what the max thread would be? He's got two massive machines for punching through saddles that work fine. But, wanted to know capabilities of this one. We sewed through 8/9 ounce with heavy duty upholstery thread with no problem. But, he's wanting to use for sewing things like nylon to leather straps to re enforce them. leathers etc which we did today no problem - but as a test - but would need a thicker thread. The other question was how to adjust stitch size - right know it's making pretty long stitches. Anyway, any help would be appreciated - he lets me use his big splitter, or big clicker when I need one larger than mine for no charge as I've designed some logos and computer stuff and such for him. I told him I'd check the forum. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!! - Kent
  10. whitakermk

    Cleaned Singer 31-15 Now not working

    Thanks Wizcrafts. Yep, I knew I was stretching the limits with it - but hand cranked with care worked great for me. I do know the needles were leather needles from researching the tips/points. I should have never had it cleaned! HA! - But, good news is that it's probably in the condition of it's life and ready to sell. Probably should do that and save for the next machine. Any thoughts on a 331k4 for sale nearby for 150 bucks? At that price I could easily afford replacing the old motor for a servo.
  11. Hi all, I have a Singer 31-15 treadle that I generally hand crank - attached a wood crank handle to the wheel. It was getting dusty and dirty and in need of a cleaning. So, I drove it over to a lady that cleans antique sewing machines. She also rebuilds them. Mostly garment machines etc. Told her what I sewed - belts, guitar straps, holsters etc. It worked fine. Now, I got it back, clean as a whistle, oiled, looks brand new considering its age. But now it's missing stitches when making turns - as in slight turns around edge of a colt 45 holster and tight turns around edge of a wallet - and it's bunching up on the bottom. I've adjusted the tension now to where its almost tightened all the way. Helped a bunch - but still several skipped stitches and loose on the bottom when turning. I use Coats & Clark heavy duty upholstery thread and the needles that can with it - which was a zip-lock bag full of about 40 needles - have no idea what they are so dreading the day when I run out. Any suggestions? I talked to her and she was nice about it, said she didn't really do anything that should have taken it that far out of wack. She's a wonderful older lady, very nice, joy to talk with, so I don't think she did something wrong.
  12. Hey everyone - when I'm not making things with leather my other job is a culinary writer and cookbook author. I'm finishing my newest title - The Florida Hometown Cookbook - and am in need of about 10 filler recipes, maybe 15. Each recipe is credited to the person, restaurant, chef, food association etc. And - I can plug a business or such in the words/blurb that goes along with a recipe. Basically, the books are made up mostly from real recipes from each state and I include history, photos, recipe backstories aka why it's a family favorite, or Aunt joan taught me this, Mom's favorite pie recipe, my dad's favorite fish fry recipe etc. Lots of good reading as well as great recipes. But, I'm in need of some dishes to plug holes! And, I have about two weeks left on deadline and I don't have time to make it back to Florida again over the next two weeks. Plus, you get a free copy of the book when it is published. HELP! - Pork, Chicken, Beef, Salad, Sides, traditional, southern, Cuban inspired, etc, etc. No Seafood - that's packed already and no crockpot as I have plenty of those. Send me an email with any questions - here's a link to a story the better explains things - http://thedeckchef.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=522:sunshine-state-foodies-submissions-open-for-florida-hometown-cookbook-recipes&Itemid=327 Books in the series include Tennessee, GA, MISS, LA, WV, AL, SC - plus my other titles on BBQ, Grilling, Tailgating etc. Thanks - Kent
  13. I have a HiPoint C9 and it's one of my favorite pistols. Ugly, heavy, never misfired, affordable, could drive a tank over it and it would probably still pop off several rounds. And, nice holster ya made there for it. I've made about 15 - 29 holsters for HP owners. For the same reason, want something in case they decide to carry it instead of bagging it to the range. And, never, ever, ever, do the stuff this guy does in this video. But, my Army Strong son was ragging me about my HPC9 at the range and I saw this - sent it to him... not saying it made a difference of his opinion... but he's taken to firing the C9 when we shot together. Youtube amazing HPC9 review - don't do this at home.
  14. whitakermk

    Is this real or faux leather?

    Just ran across this video. Skip to about the 7:50 mark - or watch the whole thing - the dog is my dream dog - just lays there and eyeball's the guy talking!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Dsuqgis8A
  15. whitakermk

    Is this real or faux leather?

    That looks like "real" leather - but I think it's a product of a side of leather being split. Meaning - A thick piece of leather is split in half and the top piece is what we would tool, stain, etc, etc. The split, or the bottom side - is rough on both sides - almost a few steps away from being close to suede if soft enough - or tough as nails and scratchy - depending on the side of leather. Then, some companies/tanneries/processors take the splits and they are treated, smoothed on top, and run through a color and imprinting process to make a product that is leather, but now has a "patterned" leather looking top that's uniform in color and dimple pattern. They can make leather, gator, ostrich, elephant and more pieces. At the saddle shop - American/Big Horn/ShoTan leather - we use the term for leather like that - upholstery leather, or Ostrich Print Cowhide. It's kind of like upcycling and recycling. The leather side of the shop - ShoTan Leather - sells a bunch of that (finished product) to classic car guys, vintage motorcycle shops, as well as some of the saddle builder customers. They seem to use it for seating leather, liners for padded tack etc. Just my opinion - hope it helps - Kent