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  1. Are you using it to cut lace or something? If not, why not just use a good hand strap cutter. you will still need to make the first cut by hand anyway. I have cut thousands of straps by hand. such a small machine seams like a waste of money to me :-(
  2. Leather splitters?

     Hi Greg! I read many of your posts and perhaps I'm confused but do you have both the TECHSEW SP-20 leather splitter and the COBRA class 14 leather splitter. If so I was wondering which one you like better? are they different and how so? I am in the market for a splitter and have narrowed it down to these two.  I think a TECHSEW SP-20 vs cobra class 14 leather splitter would make a great post on  leatherworker.net  I am leaning  towards TECHSEW but would love to know your opinion?  Super Nice Watchbands BTW!!

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