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  1. I have one somewhere, I'll dig it out and pm it to you.
  2. Welcome Ruaridh. The thickness and quality of the leather will vary, particularly near the edges, but in the main it will be the stated thickness. It also depends on the type of leather you'll be using; marks will show up more on russet than on bridle. They're also less noticeable on darker leathers. It has been suggested that between 15% (for less high end items) and 35% (for high end items) of a given piece of leather will not be up to the standard required for the job in hand as there will be parts which have marks or blemishes which you can cut round. Sometimes, a mark can be made into part of the design (not often) or striations, such as found on a piece of shoulder, can be included as part of the 'character' of the leather. Offcuts can always be useful for places where the quality or aesthetic doesn't matter. They are also useful as glue spreaders, spacers, test pieces, thonging and so on. Having patterns that you can lay on the leather to plan your cutting scheme will help.. Would write more but need to away. Hope that helps. Gary
  3. Check Amazon for 'spirit lamp' or 'alcohol lamp' and try a hardware shop for methylated spirit or a chemist for surgical spirit. Gary
  4. Hope so. I did a bit of research and see that the 3 pin attachment on the rear is very similar to period examples found at military sites of the 1860s in Virginia and Georgia. Presumed you'd prefer period correct.
  5. https://www.ccsutlery.com/store/cavalry-martingale-heat-plain.html not perfect but closer, maybe.
  6. There is a Scottish company called 'Darach' (Scots Gaelic for oak) which currently produces household furnishings from old whisky barrels. Just in case anyone's interested.
  7. gary

    Belt hook?

    Not a problem, glad to be able to help. Good luck with the project.
  8. gary

    Belt hook?

    Any help? Puppy paw. http://blockaderunner.com/Catalog/catpg10.htm
  9. https://www.abbeyengland.com/sam-browne-stud-washer-7639.html In the UK but maybe worth a try. And with the £ worth less by the day it may be a bargain.
  10. I've used their chromexcel horse front quite successfully for wallets. One thing I learned on the first wallet I made was to make sure the measurements on the pattern are suitable for the size of the banknotes in the country in which it will be used. There are a couple of sites on t'internet that give banknote dimensions.
  11. How about this, then? http://blockaderunner.com/Catalog/catpg27.htm about 3/4 down the page.
  12. Any use? https://www.abbeyengland.com/sam-browne-stud-washer-7639.html
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