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  1. Has anyone a template for a fencing wire plier holder they are prepared to share. I tried to get a Weaver holder here in the UK but at present no one has them, so I thought I would make my own. TIA
  2. Hi Rahere Do you have a photo of yours ? Thanks Tony
  3. Hi I am looking for a leather worker here in the UK who would be prepared to make 2 Scythe blade cover to my own design. It would involve quite a bit of stitching and by the very nature of it being a sharp blade, it will require some pretty heavy leather. If you think you might be interested please drop me a PM.
  4. Yep instead of going on foreign holidays, when I retired, I bought a field LOL I think they do, but I am not a farmer just someone who likes a little bit of paradise while it still exists. I have a 9 mile drive each way to get there but when I close and lock the gate behind me I am in a different world. What part of Kent are you ? I was born in Wrotham Heath
  5. No toxo. I grew up on farms and have a liking for all the vintage stuff. I am fortunate in having somewhere I can enjoy my love of the traditional methods. I always leave a margin around the field for wildlife, and the bracken is kept under control with a scythe.
  6. Hi Grumpyman Yeah I have made a template out of poster board and I am thinking a double row of stitching along the front of the blade. I cannot decide on whether to add a spacer piece to build up thickness at the rear and have it slide on like a sleeve or have the back open and secure with straps and snaps
  7. Hey toxo Yeah if you had seen the artwork on my HD done by a guy in Kent you would understand LOL I still have my leather with "The Ferryman" on it. I only where the cloak on special occasions, but you will need 2 Obols to cross the river.
  8. Hi Here is a photo of the blade.
  9. Hi Guys Does anyone have experience of making a sheath for Austrian Scythe Blades ? Any help greatly appreciated.
  10. It seems to be a refined version of the homemade one on youtube
  11. This looks interesting https://tycano.com/products/knife-sharpener?variant=31865686392911
  12. In the wrong place at the wrong moment it might keep you 6 foot under rather than 6 foot apart LOL
  13. Great work Phil My grandfather used to plough with horse in Kent back in the day. May I ask where in the UK you are located
  14. Nice job Chuck I look forward to seeing your knife when it is done Kovac
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