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  1. Hey everyone, so I'm stumped on how to make a padded shaped crownpiece for a horse bridle? I'm trying to step up my game and offer more options for my higher end English clients. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to pad a piece that isn't straight?! What's in the middle of it? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Are the pieces clicked out? I have a hydraulic 25ton press, just not sure where to start.
  2. Ive been using International Die in Georgia for years. They have always had a high standard for quality.
  3. Yes most likely..however I live in California, so no Amish around here. I have a few people looking but no such luck locally. Most around here have no idea what I'm even talking about.
  4. Desperately in search of a double line creaser and rounder, NOT a domed one, that seems like all i can find. Willing to pay for the right one. will need to be willing to ship to California. Thanks all!
  5. I ordered a few of these to see if I can make them work.
  6. I need a large 3in screwback concho, not a rosette. Those are not the same thing
  7. Hey all, I used to get these huge brass heart conchos from Weaver that i used to put on breast collars for civil war reenactment tack, but weaver has discontinued them and I cant seem to find them anywhere else. Has anyone seen them around??? Ive attatched a photo. Also, the ones i had, had 3 screws on the back to attach them.
  8. I am interested! can you please send me pics to my email schipwreck@gmail.com Thank you for your reply.
  9. Looking to purchase Adler 167 flatbed walking foot machine. Located in California but willing to pay for shipping.
  10. You should give Hansen silver a call. they can probably help you. http://hansenwesterngear.com/
  11. There are a few of us leather smiths that work together at my company, so getting most simple handmade items done quickly is pretty simple. But, getting pieces from other companies is the downfall of Christmas deadlines, generally all out of my control. We rarely have items made up in advance because we sell on such a high volume of wholesale as well as retail. We run sales like this all the time but Christmas poses a more stressful situation that normal. Generally we just make the order in the order they are received and its not an issue. I will figure something out, i run a sale for Christmas every year and people wait for it, so I cant NOT do it. Thanks all, Ill figure something out. Appreciate all the advice.
  12. Hey there guys and gals, So i'm wanting to do a Christmas sale for my customers but I cant guarantee that they will all be done and arrive by Christmas. Anyone have experience of exactly what verbiage you've used to communicate this to your customers? In a nice way I can try to get most orders done, but ones that are custom and require hardware or items from other manufacturer's make it impossible sometimes to fulfill peoples ridiculous time frames. Any help is appreciated! Thanks All!
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