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  1. wayner

    Who got the stuff V2.0

    For the love of God why would someone comment to to call someone a Dick. You know this site is about Leather Craft not being a child. You don't have to comment on every post.
  2. wayner


    Looking good. Someone might just think you know what your doing
  3. wayner

    Hermann Oak by SLC

    i must be Blind i cant find it on there site
  4. Jeff i sent you 25 of those already . Did you loose them ?
  5. Jeff There $0.29 a piece if you buy them in lots of 100. If you buy a package of 12 there $ 11.88
  6. Looks good Jeff
  7. How much do you charge for mold mags?

    Also, can you mold knives?



    1. wayner


      $20.00 for the mold mags I have. I have never molded a knife but I'm sure if I had the knife I could mold it. 

    2. BruceWampler


      Give me a little bit to see if the project warrants the molded mags.  Price sounds good.  I was hoping to find mold knives so I wouldn''t have to buy the actual knives.


  8. Those patterns from JLS Leather are great . They fit like a glove.
  9. i usually sit back and just read the posts but coming from a Maintenance background i dont think the Bearings would make that much of a difference in this application.
  10. I ordered 2 mold guns received them fast. Thank you Sir Wayne
  11. wayner

    It's official

    Jeff I'm glad your wife's niece was not hurt. It's amazing how they try to pass more laws to stop criminals who are already breaking the law.
  12. wayner


    Who is going to pay for the person to inspect the leather then box it up and send it back. Then you are dead in the water waiting for more leather so you can make your products to send out to your customers. With everyone having cell phones with cameras on them you can send pictures of what the problem is. But after you talk to them so many times I can understand being frustrated. And who has to pay for the shipping to send the stuff back your not happy with?
  13. wayner

    Holster / Pattern Videos

    I arrived in this conversation late but let me tell you guys about jeff. He has Helped me with a lot of information, and he has given away free patterns to a lot of people . So before you want to Badmouth someone for giving free advise when you charge for trying to promote the craft. I think it pretty obvious your trying to line your pockets.
  14. wayner

    Anyone know who makes these?

    Bob What is the spacing on the punches for the holes