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  1. Www.knifekits.com also sells everything you will need . It's primary for Kydex but Hardware is Hardware .
  2. I ordered something a few months back and called SLC when i ordered it because the shipping was ridiculous . They were going to put it in a regular envelope and pay regular postage to send it to me. well the person i was talking to on the phone when i ordered it agreed that the shipping was going to be to high and just charged what the postage was going to be. Now i don't know if they do this all of the Time but they did it for me and it was only the third time i've ordered from them and no order has been very big.
  3. This is a pattern from JLS Leather . It's a shame he doesn't post here anymore .
  4. There use to be a guy on here that sells tooled belts for over $400.00 so it depends on your skill level, what you make , and your customers.
  5. It's Amazing how everyone Bad mouths Tandy Tools both of these Belts were Done with tools bought from Tandy . So maybe it's not the tools it's the person using them.
  6. I want to apologize to tony I misread what he posted
  7. I called to get Weaver’s catalog but by the time the girl on the phone got done telling me what I could Not get as a hobbiest and showing absolutely no interest in gaining me as a customer I told her to keep her catalog. Im not Sure if Tony made a Typo or not but what Todd typed was he wasnt Treated well and it Looks like a Salesman Spun it around.
  8. Cooks Mold guns are very accurate. I am very fortunate i have a couple of friends from this sight that we loan the mold guns to each other. There was a Guy who use to post here who talked about getting mold guns and renting them out for just such occasions but no one was interested .
  9. I have that same cd it's great. I also have a lot of hardware I bought that goes along with the Templets.
  10. You will find everything you need at www.knifekits.com send me a private message if your interested in a sample before you have to pay shipping on something that your not sure will not work. By the way your holsters look nice . Great job
  11. wayner

    Goliger Leather

    Hey JLSLeather how did you like the Leather you got from Goliger Leather? Can you post pictures of it? Thanks
  12. LatigoAmigo sorry I spelled your name wrong in the post above . I fat fingered the Keyboard .
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