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  1. wayner

    It's official

    Jeff I'm glad your wife's niece was not hurt. It's amazing how they try to pass more laws to stop criminals who are already breaking the law.
  2. wayner


    Who is going to pay for the person to inspect the leather then box it up and send it back. Then you are dead in the water waiting for more leather so you can make your products to send out to your customers. With everyone having cell phones with cameras on them you can send pictures of what the problem is. But after you talk to them so many times I can understand being frustrated. And who has to pay for the shipping to send the stuff back your not happy with?
  3. wayner

    Holster / Pattern Videos

    I arrived in this conversation late but let me tell you guys about jeff. He has Helped me with a lot of information, and he has given away free patterns to a lot of people . So before you want to Badmouth someone for giving free advise when you charge for trying to promote the craft. I think it pretty obvious your trying to line your pockets.
  4. wayner

    Anyone know who makes these?

    Bob What is the spacing on the punches for the holes
  5. wayner


    Hey jeff what is your thread size and what needle did you use for this
  6. wayner

    Veg Single Shoulders

    Lol , is all of the Leather spoken for
  7. wayner

    Veg Single Shoulders

    Quick! Roll up your pant legs it's too late to save the shoes!
  8. wayner

    Veg Single Shoulders

    What is a wrist cuff
  9. wayner

    Speedloader Pouch

    Does anyone want to share there patterns for there Speedloader Pouches? Thanks in Advance
  10. wayner

    another belt measuring question

    Hey Jeff As A friend of mine use to say ( he was a Engineer ) That was as clear as Mud. The ones that want to argue simply because its you tell them to Bug Off . you are always willing to help someone with information, and at least speaking for myself you never make that person feel stupid for asking the Question. And you have never steered me the wrong Direction. Thank you for all of your Contributions to Everyone in this group
  11. wayner

    Sewing Kydex?

    Wizcrafts May I ask what thickness Kydex you have sewed on the Cowboy 3200. The Standard sizes are .060, .080, and .125 at least from what I'm aware of in making Holsters. Thank you.
  12. wayner

    Used Tippmann Boss - Cast Iron plus extras 800.00

    Sell it on e bay. I sold one there 2 months ago it sold the same day I listed it. Your price is to low. Contact Tippmann pay for a box to be able to ship it. Wayne
  13. Cowboy Bob can you explain what tweeking you had to do to the Cowboy 3200 to get it to sew threw the .093 Kydex. I am very interested in hering about this
  14. wayner

    Cast Iron Tippmann Boss

    This Tippmann Boss has Sold
  15. wayner

    Cast Iron Tippmann Boss

    Cast Iron Tippmann Boss plus Accessories for sale $1200.00.