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  1. My 2 cents worth I have patterns from both because I stink at making my own patterns. I have never had to adjust anything on the patterns from JLS leather, now on Adam’s patterns I have had to make slight adjustments to every one of them I have bought. Now in saying that it could be because I’m used to the grip I get from the other patterns or how close the stitch lines are to the gun.
  2. I use Barge Cement, I have a Cowboy 3200 and I have never even noticed any glue residue on the needle
  3. lol, he’s far from a Dummy. That man has taught me so much about leather work I am forever in his Debt.
  4. Another big problem with the 50/50 holster is if you get someone real skinny they will not be able to draw the gun out of the holster because there will be too much tension on it.
  5. JLS Patterns are great . I have used many of them and they all fit like a glove .
  6. JLS , so you dye your project then apply Boot Guard . The. Buff it out and your done?
  7. JLS where are you buying your leather from these days?
  8. This is what I’m trying to find
  9. Can anyone tell me where to get the Hardware from to make a scratch free Mechanics Belt? I’m looking for the Heavy Duty hardware, not the light stuff that weaver leather has. thanks
  10. Www.knifekits.com also sells everything you will need . It's primary for Kydex but Hardware is Hardware .
  11. I ordered something a few months back and called SLC when i ordered it because the shipping was ridiculous . They were going to put it in a regular envelope and pay regular postage to send it to me. well the person i was talking to on the phone when i ordered it agreed that the shipping was going to be to high and just charged what the postage was going to be. Now i don't know if they do this all of the Time but they did it for me and it was only the third time i've ordered from them and no order has been very big.
  12. This is a pattern from JLS Leather . It's a shame he doesn't post here anymore .
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