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  1. Leathermachineco.com Cobra class 26 shows $2,390.00. The company is in southern California, Ontario.
  2. Search for "Hamley Twist", "Wyoming Twist", "Nevada Twist"... Many different names usually pretty similar process.
  3. Have you tried calling Walsall Hardware? (800) 925-7255
  4. I think when putting a 1907 sling together you will find 16 oz leather is too thick. You may have to straighten the tips of the claws to get them together. Even punching holes will be difficult (it is a lot of holes). There is a possibility that at one point on the sling 4 layers will come together (64 oz). I have a couple of these slings and I have shot a lot not competitive but a lot. I think break-in would be a nightmare. Personally I believe 8 oz would be plenty thick enough. Just my two cents. Just to make sure we are talking about the same style sling attached is a photo. Photo snipped from this website. https://www.hwsportsman.net
  5. Personally, I like double ring. Lace through ride on the saddle well. Single ring seem to me to put the horse's feet too close together.
  6. You might put an inside radius on the top section and a tab on the bottom section with an outside radius to protect your index finger when you pick up that hot pan.
  7. I have switched to a D.W. Leather Works swivel knife and it has been very helpful for me.
  8. Look at "Dive Knife" sheaths. Some are Kydex, some are nylon webbing, some a a combination with Neoprene and I have even seen some leather ones. What kind of steel is the knife made of? What are the handles made of? How wet are the conditions? What is the look the customer is going for?
  9. steven1


    That is a great old saddle. Is there any makers mark on it?
  10. I have one and like it. I still use a regular swivel knife for some of my decorative cuts.
  11. In my experience it doesn't change too much. Personally my waist size changes up and down more in a day than the belt length will change from an extra 5 oz of leather.
  12. Did you ever find your mule tree?
  13. The first leather project that got me going in leatherwork was a headstall, because I needed it at the time. It wasn't beautiful but it was safe. It was a simple brow band headstall, a loose ring snaffle still hangs on it and it is still used on occasion many years later. It is quite satisfying to build your own tack.
  14. You might move the handle to the back similar to a "mail bag" where there would be little pressure on the flap closure.
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