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  1. Not trying to call anyone or any company out, just looking for experienced opinions. Does this look right to those that have used it before? I have been working with leather on and off for a few decades. Mostly utilitarian pieces, harness and the like only recently trying to expand and taking up tooling and the like. I recently decided to try to do some bags including a good size piece for myself in Bison and purchased hide from a supplier I have never ordered leather from before, only hardware. The description does say distressed, "A distressed, bison leather in medium brown", but I think this is closer to half the hide can only be used for smaller pieces rather than large bags. Large scars with peeling edges and a hole pretty darn close to dead center in the side. Just want to make sure this is not some kind of a norm for bison before I contact them. First image is the left half of the side. Right side is not perfect but nothing like the left.
  2. Thanks, this is for harness mostly. Will check out the ones mentioned above and see what comes of it.
  3. Thanks, have had no luck at all with Weaver for things like 2" Brass conways, 2" dees, etc. They list them but never seem to have them in stock.
  4. Have been looking around online for a supplier here in the US for larger pieces but not having much luck. A few suppliers list what I am looking for but none seem to actually have them and their prices are usually astronomical. Partial list, if they have these they should have the rest of what I am looking for. Looking for brass, nickel and occasionally stainless for most of them. 2" -2 1/2" Conways 2" - 2 1/2" Dees 1 1/2" - 2 1/2" Spring Snaps 1"+ Scissor Snaps Any help finding a supplier especially one that does wholesale accounts would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. undead

    Cue Case Build

    That is great, makes me want to start playing pool again just to have en excuse to try making one.
  6. Thanks, the thread comes as a TEX 240 from here- Sewglow It is pretty pricey at $39.99 for 250 yards but for my daughter, worth it. I have been looking for another supplier myself but so far have not found one either. I did cut down on the amount used to try and conserve the thread by using it on the front only and then the back is a standard white.
  7. Thanks, I think she will be both happy and surprised since I did not tell her what exactly I was going to do for her. For the glow part, the camera makes it look brighter than it actually is but it is still very bright. You can charge it and see it even while in a moderately lit room for a bit. For what it is, I am still tinkering with the formulation of it but it is basically one of way to many suspension mediums I tested with xx percentage of a luminous powder, still nailing the exact best powder for appearance and longevity down but it is akin to Luminova yes. It charges amazingly fast. I did try using regular glow in the dark paints, inks, etc. as well as powders off of Amazon but was really not happy with the glow results results or their appearance while in the light of any of them.
  8. Still pretty new to making anything beyond basic in leather but have been working to expand my abilities. In discussing this with my daughter I asked her if there was anything she would like me to make for her, she is a Firefighter/EMT in SC, and without hesitation she said "A radio strap". So after a lot of research, learning, trial, and error I made her this one, not perfect but for a first attempt I am happy with it. Still need to make the radio holster once I decide on a design and then off to the rest which will be a surprise for her, belt (partially done in background), suspenders, essentially a full set of leather gear for her. She deserves it! The straps are two layers bonded and sewn together, one Herman Oak black and one natural. Stitching is a glow in the dark nylon thread. Fittings and rivets are solid brass. Lettering is a red outline with glow in the dark center that I made myself after realizing every commercial one I tried is less than what I would want on my own gear.
  9. I am not new to leather but am new to the whole carving scene and the various tools, stamps, etc. that are used. One issue I am having is looking for specific tools and sets of stamps where having a part number for the stamp or set would help greatly. Is there a resource that anyone is aware of that has a list preferably with pics of various production stamps and their corresponding part numbers? I have seen the Tandy individual stamp reference sheets with the numbers and stamp imprints but have not found a list of current and retired alphabet set part numbers, etc. as an example. If not, would anyone be interested in a site that had this? I am a web developer by trade and data is where my bread and butter is. If there is no resource with some help finding information I would be willing to put up a reference site for it. Thanks!
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