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  1. Looks great! What kind of laser equipment are you using?
  2. victorl

    Cue Case Build

    From the comments, it looks like there are quite a few people here who want to make their own cue cases. I would definitely love to see what you guys come up with, and it would definitely get me motivated to do another case as well. I have some other cue case ideas I want to try as well, such as an envelope or quiver-style case, but wanted to make sure I could build a standard case first before attempting something original.
  3. victorl

    Cue Case Build

    Thanks for the comment. It does kind of look like an older Dale Perry, but it's actually an early 90's Falcon. The other cue is a custom Lomax jump/break.
  4. victorl

    Cue Case Build

    Thank you! I love those old George cases, simple but super classy. To answer your question the interior is just molded foam tubing taken from an old case. It's not the greatest protection, but it weighs next to nothing so the case is super light at around 3.5 pounds. But, if I ever do another case, I will probably use one of those Ultrapad interiors that John Barton sells on his site.
  5. victorl

    Cue Case Build

    Yes, it was definitely a lot more work than I expected. Nothing really went according to plan, so I was constantly making changes and adjustments to the original plan. Even just getting the right hardware and the correct tools for them was a lot more complicated than I thought, but it was a great learning experience. Some things I would do change for a future project: - Add more volume to the pocket for more storage and ease of use. - Use block-dyeing and antiquing to better highlight the tooling. - Measure and sew everything while the body is still flat and unformed to make sewing easier. - Get some better thread for cleaner and easier sewing. (I used waxed hemp thread for this project) - Get a electric burnishing tool to save time. I don't want to think about how many hours I spent just on sanding and burnishing edges.
  6. victorl

    Cue Case Build

    It's glued together, then screwed into place. The screws attaching the rubber feet are extra long so they go right through the leather bottom and into a wooden plate that is mounted to the bottom of the inner tubing.
  7. victorl

    Cue Case Build

    Spent my time stuck at home for the past few months on my first attempt at building a cue case. Most of the ideas are borrowed from the popular cue case makers, like Jack Justis and J. Flowers. I used Tochigi vegtan leather, and the colors are natural /mahogany. It was my first time doing a project this large, so it was pretty challenging, but it turned out pretty decent I think.
  8. Some great ideas in this thread! Also, it's kind of the opposite of what you're looking for, but another way to highlight your lettering would be block dying which is very easy to do and looks great.
  9. Havent made any parts yet, but I've pretty much planned out what I want to do for my case. I'm mostly just concerned about getting all the measurements down and have everything come together right. If you've got any pointers from your experience making your case, I'm all ears!
  10. Thanks for that. I was planning to make a cue case when I first started too, but ended up busy with other projects along the way. I'll get to it someday. Would love to see yours too when you get it done!
  11. I've been experimenting with different combinations to get more adventurous with my color choices and I just want to ask, what are some your favorite leather-thread color combinations?
  12. Like the above poster said, it might be look great at first, but probably just a matter of time before it fails. No stitching may work on a tray or something that's meant to lay flat, but on a belt, you've got two pieces of leather constantly pulling at each other, so glue just won't cut it.
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