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  1. After visiting lava glows and n Hawaii, I want to duplicate the “braided” lava in leather. How do I tool those so they’re rounded?
  2. Client ordered project for delivery in 10 days. All I had in stock that was suitable was veg-tan 4/5 oz. Custom-designed template. Hand-carved and stitched (client later wanted me to add more pockets for a total of seven AFTER I had sewn in flaps, pen sleeve, and border stitching). Name and inscription done with calligraphy pen. I was aiming for rustic, Indiana Jones, explorer product. Carved but not stamped to get the sketch effect. Antique-stained and airbrushed with Resolene to protect ink from running. Portfolio at https://crozetleatherdesign.com/my work.
  3. Archery arm guard with contemplative samurai scene and kanji for "heijoshin" (constant peace of mind) and "bushido" (way of the warrior). Airbrushed and handbrushed paint. Antique finish to accent lines. 8/9 oz veg-tan lined with black pigskin. Looks best flat, before laced with black ties and formed. Tailored for my wrist and forearm measurements.
  4. Made my first carved belt (although I had made a guitar strap with hand-carved lettering and cross). I cased 8/9 oz leather for 24 hours after dipping in water. Carved and stamped five iterations of the pattern. This was more difficult to make than the guitar strap, because I had less room to work with.
  5. A friend hired me to make a guitar strap for his son. He sent me a photo of a sample design, which I used as a rough idea. I used 4/5 oz veg tanned with 2 oz garment leather lining. Hand stitched (man, I am so ready for a sewing machine), antique stained, carved/raised letters and cross. I think I’ll use foam inside lining next time.
  6. Hi, Bradie. First, my condolences. Second, I’m interested in the hides and skins, turquoise (would like to make something for my mother, who’s fond of Native American crafts), and tools. I live in Virginia and would be willing, of course, to pay for shipping. I would love to acquire a sewing machine, but I don’t know what its cost and shipping would be. I’d really appreciate your reply.
  7. A lot of firsts in this project I did for a friend. Airbrushing, lining, snaps, actual painting (tailoring brush strokes for palm fronds), and melding two different designs. Plus, some brushes with disaster.
  8. Incredible work! I'm about to make a custom bass strap for my daughter. It looks like you've got at least a couple belts with lining. Did you use pigskin? Was it already dyed? Did you apply anything to make sure the dye wouldn't bleed onto clothing (from friction or sweat)? Can you recommend a source? Thanks.
  9. On my last visit to my dad, I noticed he was not only using a beat-up eyeglass case, but also rubber-banding a paper envelope to it that contained his nitroglycerin pills! So I created a new, sturdier case (wet-molded to glasses) with Northwest Native American carvings for the former fisherman. Plus, I engineered an inside pocket molded to a metal nitroglycerin pill case, along with a tether to quickly remove the case.
  10. I want to make a bag 24" x 11.5" x 11.5" for travel with exterior pockets, hand and shoulder straps, and canvas lining (sample picture of desired result). Has anyone done this? I want the bag's structure to be fairly firm--not board stiff (may need a breaking in period, I guess) nor mushy. I'm thinking of using bison hide with a bit of grain. Any suggestion for a supplier?
  11. Found a tutorial for this historic style, based on sheaths with loops big enough to fit on carabiner belts in the Southwest in the late 1800s. Not only did this look great for a first time, but I was really proud about the welt. The knife stayed in the sheath, even when held upside down. But it still could be withdrawn with ease.
  12. Thank you. The entire stamped and carved area is 7.5” high and 6” wide.
  13. Yes. I shoot a Hoyt Buffalo recurve. 45 lb draw weight.
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