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  1. Sorry for taking so long to reply, I'm still getting used to using this forum lol. I've been browsing over the weekend and came across a singer 201k that is operated by a treadle, so no motor, is this a good one? It's only £90. At the moment I don't want to put too much money into it incase I don't enjoy it lol Thanks for the reply, no need for saving space, it can be big ill be putting it in my workshop lol. At the moment I want to try making stuff for my dog then if I enjoy it I might want to try expanding and making stuff for other people. But I want to start off with a cheap machine incase I don't enjoy it lol. I'm down in Devon, UK
  2. Hi I'm looking at getting a second hand sewing machine to make some dog toys. I've been browsing on gumtree and found a singer 185k in really good condition for £125. I want to be able to stitch webbing and leather together, would this machine do? Sorry I don't have a clue about sewing machines so I thought I'd ask here lol Thanks
  3. Hi, yes I would like to make them by hand, I've searched on ebay for leather craft kits and most of them come from china, I wasn't sure if they were any good or not. I'll have a look at the one you posted, thanks Will this do for cutting straps? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Professional-Leather-Strap-Cutter-Draw-Gauge-DIY-Leathercraft-Strip-Belt-Tool-UK/233321027291?hash=item36530456db:g:ThgAAOSwZ75dX-ni I will look at the belt blanks as well, what diameter leather should I get for collars? From the videos I've watched, something like 3mm is good? The beveler they use is a 6, should I get a set of different sizes, or will the one size do for now? By hand is fine, don't wanna over complicate things Sadly my staffy suffers from allergies but I think shes fine with leather, well she's worn leather collars before without any issues, so hopefully she will be okay. Do you think some sort of padding might offer better protection from stuff washing out from the leather onto her skin? I've got myself a good knife that I use for work, it will need a new blade though So my tool list so far is: leather strap cutter beveler Rivet setter mallet Rulers, 1ft and 3ft Punch for the buckle One of them punches for the end of the collar that gives it a nice round edge Do the edges of the leather need to be sewn? I see on some collars theres stitching around the edges? Thanks for all the replies!
  4. I've never worked with leather before, but I would like to try making some collars, leads and maybe harnesses for my dog. Is there a good tool starter kit that I can buy for do I need to buy the tools individually? Thanks
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