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  1. I wouldn’t use anything heavier than 3-4 oz. if you want to keep the thickness down. Tandy website should have some free patterns.
  2. It’s because he doesn’t follow the status quo and drink the kool aid Washington DC mandates!
  3. If you want to confirm the leather is the right moisture level before putting a stamp to your workpiece, cut another piece of scrap from the same piece as your project and wet it at the same time you do your project piece. Test on the scrap and if it looks good, then move to your project piece. Might save you some aggravation. This might not work as well if you are using a large piece for your project and the scrap is much smaller, but as long as it is the same thickness, should get you in the ballpark. Gary
  4. I use either clear packing tape on the back or I use rubber cement to attach the piece to an old plastic placemat - either work ok.
  5. I have had good luck with W&C - have you tried calling and talking with Matt Bressler? He should be able to take care of you.
  6. Like Frodo said, what did you buy? If they misrepresented the product you should ask them to make you whole. Personally, I would not be happy with the leather shown in your pictures because of what appears to be bad scratch marks in several places. That being said, if I bought the leather at a large discount knowing up front that there would be a lot of waste, maybe this would be expected. Send clear pictures to your supplier and tell him why you are not satisfied with your purchase and tell them what you would like them to do about it. Either they will work with you to keep your business or you will have to take your business elsewhere.
  7. If they misrepresented the leather they sold you, I would send them pics and explain why you are not happy with the items you bought. If they are a reputable supplier they should be glad to receive your feedback and work with you to fix it. Gary
  8. Why not bolt a speed reducer on it? That and a servo motor should allow you to slow it down to a stitch per second with no loss of torque.
  9. I make a butt joint on the beer growler case by running a stitch line down each side of the joint using @3 stitches per inch. Then hand stitch between the two rows pulling the edges up tight. Finish with a strip glued on the inside overlapping the joint. Makes a very strong joint.
  10. Maybe just look for an acrylic floor polish - someone must sell this type product outside the USA.
  11. Agree with Josh - Mop & Glo or Pledge for finish cut 50/50 with distilled water is a great finish!
  12. garypl


    Look forward to seeing the finished piece!
  13. I wouldn’t - I think it makes it look cheap. Hand stitching should be adequate to keep it together! Nice job, by the way!
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