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  1. Nice rifle! I would line your case with some canvas - shouldn’t cause any problems with the finish rusting.
  2. I use a small ball peen hammer to round the edge after cutting the rivet. Much quicker and easier than using the tool.
  3. never tried Titebond III, but Titebond II seems to work well and I haven't seen leather separating. I only use this type glue for oily leathers.
  4. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments! I used bison for this very reason - very strong leather, soft temper and easier to bend around curves. I use a very fine tipped artist’s brush and carefully dye all the black background and letters. Took a couple of hours to finish this one. very nice work!
  5. Friend asked me to make him a shot shell pouch when I had time. Finally found some free time to finish it. Front and back panels are HO 7-8 oz and gusset is 4-5 oz bison. Saddle stitch the gusset to the panels but used my machine to sew the back flap and gusset folds. He likes it. Now he wants a belt!
  6. I use Titebond II wood glue to glue oily leathers. Allows you to reposition the pieces and once you have them positioned correctly you can clamp them and allow to set - preferably overnight. Only glue that I found works with oily bison leather.
  7. Beautiful job - you should be very proud of making something that will be a keepsake for him!
  8. Buy them on eBay - I bought a complete tensioner assembly for @$16 a year or so ago. Probably a bit more now due to inflation.
  9. Called blocking or the easiest way to do this is to airbrush darker dye around the edges.
  10. It does fit an N frame with the thick welt and I used it in a match this past weekend - carried a S&W 38/44 revolver just fine! I just wouldn't sell it to anyone! Going to start another holster and make my own pattern this time.
  11. Put the handle in a vise or wood clamp outside that will hold it upright. Take an ingot and a propane torch and hold the ingot over the hole in the handle and start heating it and let the molten lead drip into the handle. I do this all the time when melting lead for bullets and the pieces are too big to fit in the pot. Easy to control and very little fumes.
  12. Looking good! Sounds like it was an interesting project.
  13. You made a beautiful purse there!
  14. I have a couple of knives from Terry Moore that are very nice and sharp. Very well made and good looking to boot. They are a little thicker than some of the other knives. Pricing is very reasonable as well. https://leatherworker.net/forum/profile/1667-t-moore-medicine-hat-saddlery/
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