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  1. garypl

    Bandolero for my father

    Nice job Colt! Will you provide details on materials used, finish, etc? Gary
  2. garypl

    Chef Knife Sheath

    Thanks! I used Saddle tan pro oil dye and then applied antique without sealing the leather - made a nice dark finish. Knife fits snuggly because I made a welt that is almost exactly the thickness of the blade. Not worried too much as it will be in a kitchen drawer! Thanks Noob!
  3. Good to know! I have powder horns made from cow horns that I have used for 50 years and they look as strong as ever, but they really don’t have any stress points on them. I’m sure your friend will enjoy this bag for many years! Gary
  4. Really nice looking bag. Have you used D rings made of horn before or have you tested their strength? Just wondering if they will hold up in the long term. Gary
  5. garypl

    Chef Knife Sheath

    Made a protective sheath for my son’s kitchen knife. Tandy 8-10 oz veg tan with 207 thread. Finished with Fiebings Saddle Tan Pro dye, Dark Brown Antique, acrylic finish and Giardini Black Dense edge paint. Gary
  6. garypl

    Which rivet / snap press to get

    Hi Mutt - do the snaps from Buckle Guy work ok with the Goldstar press? I am using Goldstar snaps and they seem to work ok, but if there are better snaps out there I would like to use them. Gary
  7. garypl

    Pocket notebook cover.

    Stetson - I like it! I have a question and a comment: Does it fit in a shirt pocket? Seems that 3 layers of 4-5 oz plus the pocket notebook makes for a pretty thick package to put in your shirt pocket! I think a lighter (thinner) thread would be more visually appealing - just my opinion. Anyway, nice job and gives me some motivation to try freehanding some designs. Gary
  8. garypl

    Embossed Skull

    Mike - the top of that skull looks amazing (whole project looks great, but that particular detail really pops!) Gary
  9. garypl

    Chink Chaps for My Sisters

    Nice looking family Ryan! I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters and there is nothing like growing up in a large family, especially during the holidays, birthdays, etc. Now that we are all grown with our own children and grandchildren it is difficult to get everyone into one picture! We need more family values in this world of ours. Gary
  10. garypl

    Flattening stitching

    I use a small dead blow hammer with a disk of 10-12 oz veg tan glued to the face.
  11. garypl

    What went wrong?

    You can buy sides from Wickett & Craig in PA - they will normally split it to whatever thickness you want at no extra charge. I get their monthly email specials and you can usually get nice sides for $150-160 plus shipping. That should last you a fairly long time if you are doing small projects. Springfield leather also has nice leather at reasonable prices and they will cut smaller pieces so you don’t have to buy a whole side. I have heard good things about most of the advertisers listed in this forum, but I have only dealt with W&C and Springfield. Gary
  12. garypl

    Maker's Leather Supply

    I ordered a template on Sunday, Feb 24, and received it in the mail on Thursday, Feb 28. Nothing to complain about that! Gary
  13. garypl


    Great looking holsters and really nice photography! Gary
  14. garypl

    *Hello* from the Great White North

    Welcome Bruce! I have. Techsew 2700 - these are nice machines for lighter leathers. Gary
  15. garypl

    Box Type Speed Reducer

    Cowboy Bob sells them at Toledo Sewing - see banner ad at top of this forum. Gary