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  1. garypl

    Edge Paint Applicators

    I also use the bamboo handle style recommended by Tor - works really well and I think it only cost $5 or $6 on eBay. Gary
  2. garypl

    Something Does Not Feel Right

    Every few months I get requests from some 3rd world country to buy my products, They want me to use their shipper, have me pay for shipping and will pay me by credit card. Of course they will dispute all charges and split money I would have paid to the shipping company. Unless I am dealing with a previous customer, I only ship product after I receive funds in my account via wire transfer. Once the funds hit my account there is nothing they can do to reverse it. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! Gary
  3. garypl

    Custom "Boxer" notepad cover

    Thanks for the link - I will check it out and post my project as I make progress! Gary
  4. garypl

    Custom "Boxer" notepad cover

    Thanks for clearing that up Y! Reason I asked is that I am planning a journal notebook for my friend’s daughter who recently graduated from veterinarian school. I want to use some 8-10 oz leather to get a nicer base to carve, I was planning to use thinner leather for the spine - just mulling over how to attach it. Is the lighter color leather on the inside of your notebook the spine or is it the soft liner leather? My thought was to bevel the center edges of the front and back covers so it is easier on the hands when carrying it. Then lay the spine piece on top of the covers and stitch the cover center edges to the spine. Next, lay the left and right pockets on top of the notebook and stitch all the way around the outside edges. Does that make sense to you? Again, really nice job on your notebook! Gary
  5. garypl

    Custom "Boxer" notepad cover

    Great job! How did you handle the fold with the heavier leather? Seems that folding over 9 oz leather would be difficult to lay flat. Gary
  6. garypl

    fire fighter helmet tag

    Sounds like a fair price to me. Takes time to paint all the details! Gary
  7. garypl

    Glue Bandana To Interior Of Wallet

    Get some 3M spray adhesive - easy to apply and works well. Gary
  8. garypl

    new awl and haft

    Very nice - I like anything made from antlers! Gary
  9. garypl

    sending text from desk top

    Send the email to yourself, then open on your phone, copy the information, and forward as a text message - easy to do! (Assuming you can access your email on your phone!)
  10. garypl

    Bronc Noseband

    Another nice job Ryan. Always fun to see your projects! Gary
  11. garypl

    Giardini Edge Paint On Oil Tan?

    I use Giardini edge paints on many projects and it adheres amazingly well, but I have never tried using it on oil tan. I suggest you test on some samples before applying to your project piece. Gary
  12. garypl

    Consew 206rb-5

    It’s a good machine - I limit using it to @1/4” total thickness using 138 thread max. Gary
  13. garypl

    Double Sided Tape

    Just bought this tape on Amazon - 3 rolls for $7 - very sticky and sticks well to leather.
  14. garypl

    Horned skull mask

    Looks and fits great!
  15. garypl

    Horned skull mask

    That is very cool! How about a picture of you wearing it! LOL