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  1. Looks pretty smooth leather - I would try an acrylic finish like Resolene or even Mop N Glo. Another option is Fiebings Atom Wax - 2 or 3 coats of this will give a nice shine. Gary
  2. garypl

    Lots of tooled Bags

    I really like these Alex - colors are great! Gary
  3. garypl

    Help with Consew 206RB-3

    Heidi - sounds like you got a good buy there. The wick does run underneath the bar in your photo. Contact Bob at Toledo Industrial for parts, thread, needles, etc. He should have everything you need and he is an advertiser here. He’s up in Toledo, OH Gary
  4. garypl

    Lots of tooled Belts

    Mutt - looks like Chicago screws - 4th picture down has a pretty clear view of reverse side and you can see slots in the heads. Gary
  5. garypl

    Sig P365 n shark

    I see that you can buy that narrow slot KH set on Alibaba for $76. Before I buy any new parts I am going to play around with settings and stitch line. I think if I plan ahead I can reduce the problem with my edge stitching. I normally don’t use my 4500 for thin leather, so not such a big problem for me. Gary
  6. garypl

    Sig P365 n shark

    I moved it next to the meandering stamp design - almost looks like I planned it that way
  7. garypl

    Sig P365 n shark

    Well, I sewed my holster and immediately ran into problems! Must not have had the holster angled properly and needle came out the side and hit the feed dog - didn’t break but rolled the edge. Replaced needle and decided to move stitch line in 1/8” and no more issues until I got to the end. Turned around and presser foot slipped off the edge and stitches look wonky. Live and learn I guess. Next one will hopefully be better I’ll post pics in a separate thread.
  8. garypl

    Machine for lightweight leather

    I have a Consew 206RB that I bought cheap and it works great on thin leather. I would look for something like this in the used market. Gary
  9. garypl

    Sig P365 n shark

    I can’t believe it has come to this! I guess popularity over all the years forced this to be implemented. I used to ice fish up there and it was like a city built in the middle of the lake. As large as the lake is, hard to think it became so over fished Leech lake still ok to fish and catch?
  10. garypl

    Sig P365 n shark

    Thanks for the tip. I am going to sew that holster today and I’ll check the feed dog height before I commit. On another subject, I left MN in 1986 to move to GA and I sure miss walleye fishing on Mille Lacs lake!
  11. garypl

    Sig P365 n shark

    Got it now - I will give it a try your way and see if it works for me
  12. garypl

    Sig P365 n shark

    The reason I asked is that your stitching looks so close to the edge. I don’t feel comfortable stitching that close to the edge. I try to leave an extra 1/8-1/4” and then trim to the stitch line after in stitch. When I have tried to sew really close to the edge I have ended up with stitches that punched through the edge on the back side. Guess I need more practice!
  13. garypl

    Sig P365 n shark

    Jeff - another nice holster. Do you sew, then trim edges before you mold the holster to the gun? Thanks for all the good information and templates you provide. Gary
  14. Kudos to Jeff for posting his design. I made one for my S&W Bodyguard and keep it in my front pocket. Looks like a large square wallet or phone with no printing of the pistol at all! Gary
  15. garypl

    Round knife cutting mat.

    I’ll have to look into this as well, even though I haven’t been cutting through mine. I tend to make several lighter cuts rather than one deep cut - maybe that’s why I haven’t been having any issues? Gary