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  1. Great looking holster and your dad did a wonderful job on the grips.
  2. I tried the Harbour Freight vacuum today. It's got twice the power of my old vacuum and really works better. For a cheap way to go, this can work a long time for what I need to accomplish.
  3. I think you did a fine job. Stitching looks good and so does the dye job. If someone wants to carry a Glock that's their choice and a good one. My Glocks have never failed me in over 25 years. 9mm ammo has come a long way for stopping power. There's an advantage to not worry about the safety when in a self defense situation.
  4. I like it. Makes for a little piece of mind if times go bad. I don't always carry my 9 but this gives me a decent idea. A friend talked me into carrying a Q-Ball in a sock. You never know when a game of pool is going to break out.
  5. I think you did a wonderful job. It's good to do something out of our comfort zone. I too don't like to lace but just because I'm not real good at it. Your tooling is nice and so is the lacing. Making her the box was very nice of you.
  6. There is no worse smell then some cowboy holster rig from Mexico that has been tanned with urine. Just think about it when you are competing in the range. You can smell that leather from a long distance. You can always use the side for practice. You can never practice too much. Cut out as much as possible and you can save some of the leather for better projects.
  7. Love the design Chuck. I'm going to have to make a few or some speed loaders I have.
  8. A rudimentary approach, I bought my seal in bags from Amazon 12 x 12 and used my 2.5 hp wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Not anywhere near as nice as what you guys are doing but it's a start. My vacuum got destroyed when my cleaning lady used it to pick up some spilled liquid and didn't clean it. It got mold so I threw it away. I replaced it with a 4 hp vacuum and can see a big difference in the suction. As time goes by I'll buy the pump from Harbor Frieght.
  9. I have a 16 ounce and a 36 ounce. I use the 36 whenever I do basketweave and I think it come out better that way. I also use it when I'm punching holes. It's easier on my hand and I don't knock too many things off the bench when using it.
  10. Thanks The sutures will just fall out. That's a plus.
  11. A true learning experience. Just ready how to do a Box Stitch and I like it.
  12. No top because I want it to be open at the top. 4 X 4 X 5 inch box for my tackle box. I'm still learning. I couldn't think of how I was going to stitch this and finally thought about a Box Stitch. I was in Tandy and asked the Customer Rep what he thought would look nice and he said Box. I had been dreaming of trying it so away I went. Lots of sweat and blood went into this. When Skiving I slipped with my utility knife and slit my wrist. 7 stitches later and I was able to start working on it again. The bag, which is going to be a shooting bag, isn't done yet. Following the instructions I need to skive the sides of the bag. I'm a little knife shy right now but I'll get over it. I cut out the form with 10 ounce leather, dyed it with Burgundy dye, used TanKote and then punched the holes. All came out evenly. After doing the edges and using Resolene I think I've completed it. I may put the top on but it's not needed at this time. Any thoughts?
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