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  1. Thanks for the information. I ordered one.
  2. Anyone know where the FRID protection sheets for wallets can be found? I use to get them from Tandy but can't find them on their websites anymore.
  3. Very nice work and thanks for the information. Steven
  4. I recently purchased some Rawhide from Tandy Leather. They had it on sale and I want to try to use it inside my holsters so that I can mold them to the gun and the leather will keep it's shape for a long time. I know of another holster maker that makes fast draw holsters lined with Rawhide and the speed is unbelievable. I tried a scissors but it's very difficult to cut. Should I soak it in water before attempting to cut it? Also once I put it between two other layers of 8 ounce leather and it's wet will Barge Cement hold it there until I form in in a vacuum bag?
  5. Awesome work. Love Python Skin. You sure have a thick one. I've only found skin big enough for a couple of wallets.
  6. I sharpen my Head Knife ( Tandy ) with a diamond stone 600 grit. I don't know what make but the instructions were pretty good. Take the knife and drag it 10 times on each side, the 9 times, 8 times etc. When you get to 1 I've found my knife to be very sharp and all I need to do is strop it before and after each use. I also purchased a set of KERYE stones. Four Hundred, 1000, 3000 and 8000. I use the same method and it's helped me get my Osborne skiving knife very sharp. The 400 is to get a basic edge on the blade but doesn't sharpen it. I push the blade in both directions and then go to the 1000 etc. These are wet water stones except the 8000. That stays dry.
  7. Excellent work. I've been wanting to make one myself and seeing yours I may just have to get it done.
  8. You did well. Customer was good to pick your design and I agree that it looks great.
  9. Awesome work. Love the colors and the shine. The lock is great and gives me ideas for my next bag. You should have no troubles selling this one. I really like the inside with the pockets. The little case is also a fantastic idea.
  10. A job well done. You son will be happy come Christmas.
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