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  1. AzShooter

    Pancake Holster

    Very nice work. Nothing bad I can see.
  2. AzShooter

    New to me basketweave

    Much better job. Nice depth and great edges.
  3. Nice looking rig. Owner will be pleased.
  4. AzShooter

    New to me basketweave

    I like that stamp. You di d very well at getting it deep enough. I agree that your edge stamp needs to be closer together. If you were trying to space them evenly so that they made the entire length of the line that's o.k. but you only need to space a few not the entire line.
  5. AzShooter

    New black engineer boots. My fourth leather project.

    Most excellent work. Owner will be proud.
  6. AzShooter

    Trying my hand at making a stitching pony

    I never realized how much a stitching pony helps until just recently. Now I don't know how I got along without one for so long. You're pony and bench is what dreams are made of. Fantastic work.
  7. I bought a vertical bag kit from Tandy to make for my granddaughter. I decided to dye it Royal Blue and am using the Fiebring (Spelling) Pro Dye. Dying both side of the project took me 3 bottles, this is without doing the edges yet. The leather in the kit really soaks it up. I now have the color I want and it's nice and clean. I wish they had the quarts of dye for this color but only had the 4 oz. bottles. I now know if I try another kit I will buy lots of dye to finish it. Pic will follow.
  8. Excellent work. Lots of talent exhibited there.
  9. AzShooter

    Really confused about glue

    I tried Renie but the glue was too thick to work with. I guess they sent me an old bottle. I had to add water to get it to be usable, after that it works o.k. I use Barge. Been using it for a long time. I don't mind the smell, I glue in the garage with a fan on so that the smell doesn't get into the house. Gorilla glue...great glue for many purposes but dries very hard
  10. AzShooter

    Lone Ranger

    Super rigs and great tooling.
  11. AzShooter

    My 3rd project not counting precut kits - belt pouch

    You did very well. Nice and clean all around.
  12. AzShooter

    Made a new strop

    Nice work.
  13. AzShooter

    Mailbag-inspired satchel

    Excellent bag. You put lot of work into it and it shows. Looks superb. Wish I had that talent. I'm still trying to make some small purses and although they are coming out well I can see I need tons of practice to even come close to anything like yours.
  14. There is always They have a wide variety of chisels and they are not too expensive. I buy a lot from Tandy. Four prong and two will be good enough for your needs.