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  1. I took my time on this holster and took a few practice ones to get it right. The sight produced a unique problem. I had to design the holster to fit not only the sight but some added on equipment that required it to be cut down a long way. Since there is so little leather wrapped around the gun I used two tension screws to make sure the gun will not fall out when walking around. The holster is made of one layer of 8 ounce lather with a pig skin lining. There are three T-Nuts inserted under the pig skin to be able to support the belt loop. The back of the holster, the belt loop, is made of two layers of 8 ounce leather and a stiffener so that the holster will not bend or flop around. The loop itself is held on with only one screw. It is totally secure. After initially cutting the holster and then sanding it to shape I stamped the basket weave and my initials. I stained it with Light Tan , Resolene, then antiquing and another coat of Resolene. I was lucky enough to have a chisel long enough to go threw the two layers, and everything is stitched by hand. Any critiquing is welcome. Thanks for looking.
  2. Tandy has a book of patterns that includes a shoulder rig. It can be found on their library and is free. There are a number of other patterns in the book.
  3. I got my self healing cutting mat from Amazon. It's 24 X 36. They also have 12 inch mats on up.
  4. I keep my leather in the boxes that it was shipped in and standing up tall. My light weight leather for wallets I have folded up on one of my benches.
  5. I had to scrap the other holster, it turned out to be too tight for it's needs so I really measured this one well and once I cut it I placed the gun in to make sure it's going to fit. The large cutout in the center is because of the electronic sight being used. I'll post with gun when complete. e I did the initial stamp with a Tandy Stamp. The basket weave stamps are from Weaver Leather. It's dyed with Saddle Tan, then Antiquing and then a coat or Resolene. The right side is high because for the type of shooting it's used for the trigger guard must be covered. The left is short because of an adapter on the gun and to prevent hitting the magazine release. Any criticism is welcome.
  6. AzShooter

    Barge cement

    I had problems with my last can of Barge separating. It no longer holds as well as it did. Watching a video from Maker's Leather Working they had a leather glue for sale so I bought some. It's working great. No smell, sets up faster than Barge and holds everything together better.
  7. Beautiful bag. Gives me ideas for my next one. I had to make one last week for a customer. It came out o.k. but I didn't really like the pattern. Yours looks great.
  8. Nice job on the pictures and the holsters. That Coolpix camera is a very good way to do your own work. It takes great pictures and your layout an composition is very good. It's easy to edit and display with the right software. One hint, if you can, use a tripod and set the shutter for delay so that you don't get any shake from your hand or finger. Once I started using the tripod my pictures started coming out much better.
  9. I can see the improvement in your skills after your first year. Keep it up. I got back into leather work because of the Covid 19 situation and I'm happy I spent my money and time on doing something I enjoy instead of sitting around doing nothing. What I spend on my leather work is a lot cheaper than on my shooting hobby, and I'm even selling a few things to recoup some of my investment. I'm sure you will be able to do the same. I just started making wallets and surprisingly I've been asked to make a few. It doesn't take me that long since I'm retired and can go in the garage and cut one out in about 1/2 hour. The stitching is what takes me a long time which of course includes the time punching all the holes. My holsters do take a few days to complete but I really enjoy making them. Happy New Year and enjoy your new hobby.
  10. Everyone has a good suggestion of two on chisels or pricking irons. Don't forget a goo maul as well. Heavier is better since you won't have to hit your tool as hard or as often to go through the leather. A good sharpening kit will also go a long way. After sharpening remember the strop is your friend. Many times after a knife got dull all it would need is 20 passes on the strop and it's back to cutting like going through butter.
  11. I ordered one of these mauls today. I have been using a 16 ounce maul but my basket weave really needs more force to stand out.
  12. This is a vent a little. I was asked to make a leather bag for an IPAD by my girlfriend's caregiver. I first thought I'd give her a break because she helps my girlfriend a lot. I then realized even though they are friendly she never discounts her charge for services. First we had to go through about 5 pattern books to find one she like. She changed her mind almost every day. Finally I got her to commit to one bag. I had to customize the pattern to make it work but that wasn't really too hard. We went to Tandy to pick out the leather. She chose purple from their Italian supplier, special order, so no returns if she didn't like it. Guess what... After a week she changed her mind wanting a different color and leather instead of felt. I had just received a side of leather for another project and she liked it a lot. I charged her for this side on top of the money for all supplies I would need. She has now changed her mind 4 times on the color thread to use. Fortunately I took some of the leather and made a demo piece stitched with the threads she chose. She picked one and I did the pocket first. She likes it but wasn't satisfied with using it for the rest of the bag. After a few days she chose purple, and since I was on another project her bag was on the back bench. Today she saw one of my holsters with yellow thread and decided that's what she wants. No big deal, I haven't started on the final stitching. I'm finding that just like my photography the customer can be a bear to get the final product they really want. Sorry for the long vent.
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