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  1. Very nice design. A good concealable purse is a true asset. I don't do zippers because there is so much hand stitching needed. When I went to Tandy to ask how to do it the salesman recommended snaps. Oh Well. I think I lost out of a good task. I like the way you did the flap.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I've learned something and will do it on the next holster.
  3. I see more new items at Tandy every time I go. Too bad they skimp on estate. It would be nice to go into a bigger store not as crowded. Fortunately the salespeople at my Tandy in Phoenix are top notch.
  4. I decided to try to make an Avenger Style holster for my Smith & Wesson K-Frame Revolver. I used 8 ounce leather for the front and backed it with 3 ounce. Used Tandy 3/4 inch stamps for my initials and Tandy's Basket Weave and Boarder Stamp. It's set for an inch and a half belt with no rake. The gun fits nice and tight; almost like it was made for it. I used Cobra and accented it with black leather and white stitching. The holster is tan that I used antiquing on. I think the antiquing got too dark and then washed away a bit before forming. I have to remember the steps and use my sheen before molding the holster. I lost a little bit of color but I think it has an appearance of being an older holster with some wear. All hand punched with a rotary punch and a 1.5 punch with hand stitching. I decided to use white to offset the black. Any and all criticisms are welcome. It's the only way to learn.
  5. Excellent work. Having the extra bag is a big advantage for keeping all those small accessories we need.
  6. Most Excellent first attempt. Keep at it. Very impressed with your stitching. Hand stitching is an art in itself. It's very relaxing and I love doing it. I'd love to see your next project. If this is the first I can imagine how well your next will be.
  7. I think you did an excellent job, especially for a first holster. Did you make the design yourself? I haven't made a paddle holster yet but it's on my future list of things to do. Maybe one for my Smith&Wesson EZ9.
  8. Love all the work you did on this bag. Your friend should be proud to wear it and show it off.
  9. I gave it a try with a new style holster for me and a bit of Cobra. I didn't have enough to really cover the holster so I only used some fill. It was fun to work with and I've got more on order. The gun fits real tight, just like it's supposed to but comes out real fast. One thing I would change is bringing the stitch to the bottom of the holster but I cut it too tight and if I stitched more the barrel would not go in all the way. I'll correct that with the next one. All critiques are welcome. It's the only way to learn.
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