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  1. I do my leather work for fun but recently I've been asked to make some holsters and some totes. I charge $60 for the holster that don't take a special design and $90 for something I have to make a special design for. Recently one of my workers asked me to make her a carrying bag for her laptop. I was able to find a pattern in "Making Leather Bags,, Wallets, and Cases by Tsuchihira. I think it will take me about 5 hours of steady work to finish everything not counting dyeing time and drying. I took her to Tandy to pick out the leather she wants and found a bolt of Italian Suede that she liked. It was $90. The other tools and accessories run about $40. I'm thinking of having her pay for all the leather, and accessories needed...She will come to the store with me to pick out the items she wants. After that I think I'll charge $10 an hour to put it together. I also get to keep the remainder of the leather for projects I will make. Am I close to what I should charge?
  2. It's 1/2 inch. It's about 6 inches long. I need to cut it down to 4. It's a little long. Steel Challenge is shot from the draw, Surrender Start. I'm shooting rimfire and you do not need to draw it. All starts are from a low ready position. Arizona is an Open Carry state.
  3. Got it finished faster than I thought. I used a dowel for the mount because that's all I could get at the time to make it work. I'm going to change that out for conduit. I think that would be stronger.
  4. Sunday I shot a Steel Challenge Match from my wheelchair. I like having my gun in a holster instead of bagging it between stages. Before we got started three people asked me why I didn't mount it to the wheelchair. I started to think about it and came up with an idea. I take off the right side elbow rest so that it doesn't interfere with my draw. So, I wanted to set up something using a piece of pipe in the mounting hole for the rest. I went to Lowes and didn't find anything or any help. I then went to Ace, you know, the place with the helpful hardware man, and ran into a friend that suggested what to do. The salesman helped me find everything and I had the parts needed in about 10 minutes. I'm was going to use the above holster, I actually did make it ready for the chair by replacing the belt loop with a modified piece of leather and a wooden dowel. Metal and PVC did not fit the hole. I also decided to make a new holster for it with basket weave and a slightly raked angle. I'll post a pic by Wednesday when it should be finished. I'm waiting for the dye to dry over night before assembling it. The attachment I made for my previous holster works great, giving me more room and not having the grip wear on the wheel when moving.
  5. I'm using a lot of 6 -7 ounce and recently bought some 9 ounce. I like the heavier leather. It holds up better. I usually line my holster so they are 2 thicknesses of the leather used. They are stiff and hold onto their form for years.
  6. I use a 12 inch self healing cutting match. It does not leave an imprint from previous cutting and your knife will not get bogged done in a previous cut. I've found them on Amazon. My newest mat is 36 X 48 for when I'm cutting large selections of leather.
  7. AzShooter

    Sr-9 holster

    I'd be happy to wear that rig. Excellent work.
  8. My new workbench with a couple of completed holsters and a large bag I'm working on. Large cutting surface 36 X 48 and concrete slab 20 X 26. Slab was free from local Granite supplier. They said it was cheaper to give it to me than to pay for someone to take it away. This should help me get my act together and finish some of my project now that I can find everything.
  9. Just to be different I use yellow thread. .8 size that I got from WISH.COM. I saw it on Facebook. It works well and is very strong. The Tandy white thread is great but a bit thick. It also picks up any dye you use.
  10. Most Excellent !!! Great looking rig. You must get a lot of lookers at events.
  11. That's incredible. I really like your design and the use of hardware.
  12. What a great looking bag for your guns. I've been thinking of making one as well and after I do a few more purses for my girlfriend and family I will spend the money and time on one. Nice to see you didn't need a pattern. Your dimensions look to be very capable for what I need to carry to the range. Often my significant other wants to go to lunch after an outing and this case would not be a tell all that I have guns in the car.
  13. Very nice detail and stamping. I can see that in the pocket. Good pattern for a belt sheath as well. Keep up the extremely nice work.
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