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  1. Spectacular work. Thanks for sharing it.
  2. Most excellent job. You did a lot of work and whomever uses it should be proud to show it off.
  3. Magnificent work. What a beautiful bench.
  4. I use a diamond 300 grit stone to start with, then go to 1000 grit for my head knife. Then I strop it about 10 strokes. If it won't cut 10 ounce leather with the first stroke I'm back to the diamond 1000 grit for 100 strokes. If still not sharp enough out comes my Arkansas set of medium, fine and extra fine that I bought from MidwayUSA.com. I use them on both my Head Knife and many small pocket style knives.s Keep trying...I didn't get a good blade until just recently and I'm 70.
  5. Most excellent work. Anyone would be happy to wear those. I particularly like the speed loader holder on the revolver holster.
  6. Super work. Love the molding. You did good with the dye.
  7. Very nice work. Stitching is dead on and so is your tooling. I'd be proud to own it.
  8. It's never too late to start something you will enjoy. I started in '76 after getting interested in SCA. I learned on a few knife sheaths and went from there. My other hobby at the time was USPSA pistol shooting and I made a bunch of holsters for myself and many of the local shooters. I'm still making holsters and have branched out into wallets. I had stopped for a number of years but Covid really brought me back, looking for something to do while stuck at home. A quick stop into a Tandy and I was hooked again. To the OP, keep watching those videos there is a so much to learn and thanks to YouTube there are much easier ways to learn it.
  9. Very nice work. I'm sure your friend is pleased with it. Stamping is top notch and your edge work looks fantastic. Some giveaways work out with orders afterwards.
  10. The Pricking Iron went through o.k. but I still had to use the awl to be able to get the needle through without a lot of effort.
  11. First thing I noticed was the basket weave not being deep enough. Stitching could be better, how are you measuring the spacing for your holes? One of my main problems is stitching a perfectly straight line. The forum has helped. I switched to a Pricking Iron and do my edges either with a edger tool or marking them on the leather with a white pencil at 1/8 inch from the edge. I still don't know if that's the right number but it appears to be working. I like the way you have your edges sanded down. They look real good. I suggest adding edge coat. It will give a smoother look. Keep up the good work. I wish I could carve like you.
  12. Yes, how did you do that stitching? It's excellent.
  13. Very fine example. Looks like a nice project.
  14. Very nice work. Tooling and stitching are spot on.
  15. Projects are coming along with the help I've gotten from this forum. My stitching is much straighter and looks better. I finished the Ostridge wallet after three attempts and made a small business card case. I'm now working on a Shark Skin tri-fold wallet. I did all the cutting today and added the Tyvek for the credit cards along with the RFID paper so that the cards are secure from someone copying the data.
  16. If you try to sell their property. If you give it away that's not a problem.
  17. Late to the conversation but trust me, Tandy will sue. I worked for Radio Shack for 10 years, a company called Auto Shack started up and within 6 months Tandy sued over the name and won. When you work for a large corporation like them, your ideas become property of the main company. Another example, my father held a number of patents for cans and worked for American Can Company. These products made millions of dollars, Dad was taken care of but ACC made all the profits.
  18. She's a holster customer but wanted this wallet, therefore the RFID. My mistake in the description, sorry.
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