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  1. I use alot of fiebings pro black dye. And yes its a pain to get nice dark black without several coats. Ive read that alot of guys will start with a blue or purple base dye then go over that with the black. I usually do 2 to 3 coats to get a nice even a black as i can. Then i finish the all black pieces with black tinted resolene cut 50/50. The tinted resolene seems to really help even out the black dye and darkens it up a little more.
  2. I would just replace that cap with a molded leather version. And you could allways add a couple extra pieces set inside of it for little more protection if needed.
  3. Thank you. I love leather work and really enjoy stretching my legs so to speak when i get these fun custom projects with mostly free roam on design. My regular customers ive dealt with for years dont even bother giving me a detailed idea of what they want anymore. They tell me there ideas of what they see maybe some colors there wanting. But mostly they just tell me to do my thing. Knock on wood i havent had anyone yet say they hated what they got and wanted refund. I still allways share my final design with customers before cutting leather. Just in case i do get one who dont like what im throwin down.
  4. After makin a few belts over because my lack of questions early on. Now i ask probably way to many questions before i cut leather for any job. Belts i ask for current pant size which can be baggy or tight or an old pair of pants that has naturally stretched a few sizes so not best question but helps. Then i ask them to measure there current belt from end of buckle to the hole they mostly wear belt in. I also ask for a pic if possible of current belt with tape measure layin beside of it from end to end. Everybody has a phone or camera these days so a pic is great. Havent had 1 wrong size belt since askin for a pic of belt next to tape measure. I mostly do reinforced edc belts so they usually have a little more wiggle room anyway to allow for owb carry or iwb carry along with tucked or untucked shirt styles.
  5. Its what i know as a sneaky pete kinda style. Small 380 and some small 9mm pistols. Havent seen a huge increase in this style in my neck of the woods but have made a few of them. Ive been noticing and making more purpose built appendix carry iwb holsters in my area and around more southern states. Im not sure id want to carry loaded pistol around aimed at my bits all day. Plus i got a little more around the mid section which doesnt make aiwb very comfortable. But appendix carry seems to be growing atleast down this way.
  6. Customer sent me a few photos with his colt in holster. The real deal allways looks better then the colored holster makin props.
  7. I recognized the fabric cause i tryed some by customer request on a soft sided shotgun case couple years back and have been using it since in all sorts of bags and gun cases. It comes in tons of colors and is great stuff. Alot tougher then other fabrics usually used for lining as well. And again the fly rod&reel case looks great.
  8. Really nice lookin work. Is that waterproof ripstop fabric for the liner?
  9. Thank you. The customer asked for a snake design on a pancake style holster then pretty much let me do it how i seen it in my mind. Once i sent him pics of my renderings and templates he was pumped up and couldnt wait for me to get started.
  10. The random pattern was painted on free hand over the light tan/beige base color of the snake. I was going for a kinda desert python/ pibald mash.
  11. Thanks everyone for the kind words. As most of you holster makers know we do alot of tonal pieces blacks and browns. Cause most times there meant to be more low key. So its alot of fun when these fun custom pieces come along and get to work outside the normal box a little bit. This has been a blast to build and ive enjoyed every moment. Front and back are 7/8 oz vegtan dyed with a thinned down medium brown. Fully lined with 3/4 oz vegtan lightly oiled but left natural. Hand sewn in a dark brown then hand painted the python carving after wet molding dryed. Heres all finished except final topcoat and polish.
  12. HandyDave

    Colt Python

    Hey guys and gals. I havent posted any projects lately mainly cause been doing alot more basic items thats not as fun to look at and talk about. But i got a job for colt python pancake holster. And the guy has seen alot of my wilder pieces and ask if i could do a python on the holster. I said yes sir and the fun started. Hope yall enjoy. I know im having fun building it. Ill post some more pics once further along.
  13. A great website i use for pistol dimensions for allmost every pistol made is handgunhero.com you can easily compare dimensions between props you allready have or that are available. I use it alot to make temporary mods to some of my props so they can be used for other holster making jobs.
  14. Thank you sir ive been working with leather for many years. But have only tinkered with a few scraps of "exotic" leather. As much as the stuff cost i would hate to put my finish on everything and it hurt the inlay pieces after all the work has been done. Thanks again.
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