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  1. Thanks guys for all the tips and info. I knew i could get some answers on here like allways.
  2. Ok guys and gals i have a request for a shoulder holster design simular to the discontinued galco executive. Surprisingly ive never had to deal with curved straps in the years ive been workin with leather. How do you go about finding out the radius needed? Is there a magic number or method for figuring the curve? Thanks gang for any assistance you can give. Im sure i could cut a bunch of paper templates and figure it out. But i know somebody here has experience that might save me some head scratchin.
  3. This particular piece had no assigned time frame. But carving and dying and painting on this piece took me around 1 1/2 days. All the carving and design work was on me for this one as my contribution to a young man who is serving his country working full time and taking college classes. My customer who ordered the scabbard for the young man didnt have alot to pay for something but wanted to get the kid something speacial. So i made a deal with him and told him pay me for basic plain scabbard and let me run wild with design as my gift to the kid. As for finding military stamps like pastor bob said bunkhousetools.com has alot of options for military embossing stamps. That must be used with a press since there a poly type material. Ive got a few companies i make items for on a ongoing basis and have used leatherstampmakerusa.com to have some really nice brass stamps made for company logos and such. There in california i beleave little on higher side of price but excellent quality. Send them a pic of design you want and theyll give you free quote.
  4. That mauser looks very similar to a walther ppk. You might check dimensions online but looks very close. If it is you can find holster props for the ppk.
  5. Great looking holster. Been tempted to buy some shark skin for some time and i think im gonna have to go for it after seeing yours.
  6. Very cool. Packed with detail.
  7. Can you post pics of holster? Maybe will help with ideas for this crowd if we can see kinda what your shooting for. Is it one of those super cut down comp holsters and does the metal or rawhide create the retention?
  8. You say makers mark so im guessing the delrin stamp in question is relatively small in size? If so you probably could get by with some sort of clamp for a small makers mark stamp. A press is the best way to go for sure. I use a 12 ton shop press from northern tool a bigger press like this can be used for alot more then the arbor presses and there about the same cost as a good arbor press. With the bigger press you can set up for bigger delrin stamps and embossing plates along with clicker dies if you plan to advance in the future. Buy once, cry once.
  9. If i own the firearm needed for holster im making then i wrap with cling wrap or ziplock bag. And oil and clean after molding is done with no problems. On custom orders requiring firearms i dont have i just spend the 45 bucks at holstersmith.com and buy the blue guns. I might use a friends gun or a family members but never a outside customer. To much liability. Then it also depends on if your making made to fit molded holsters or doing more basic shape rigs. Cause if not going for that molded tight fit ive had customers to trace there pistol as close as possible and mail it to me and make a prop from cardboard or wood. Works fine on basic shaped holsters. And allmost every firearm known to man has a spec sheet online where you can get exact sizes and dimensions. So if your pretty handy making some basic props is pretty easy speacially for most newer semi-auto pistols since there all squared L shapes.
  10. Like has allready been said best ways to cut cost in leatherwork is to get proficient with your time management on your projects. And if you want to use quality materials only way to save money there is to buy in bulk. Tandy for the most part sells junk in my opinion. But if you like the cost of there crappy import Brazilian hides then you might look at frogjelly.com they sell alot of the Brazilian and European hides that are cheaper then some of the big name quality suppliers like wicket&craig. But the hides i have used from frogjelly where 10 times better quality then the tandy hides.
  11. All i can say is damn. Thats alot of beautiful carving and tooling. Makes my hands cramp looking at it. I can see why it has taken you some time to get this far and look forward to finished pics.
  12. I prefer a groover as well. I make mainly heavily used outdoor gear and gun leather. And if the stitching isnt recessed that fraction the groover makes it will rub and fray against everything. And a groover in my opinion doesnt go no where near deep enough into the leather to break the structure of it. Now thin softer leathers i will use a divider to make a line cause ive found when you pull thread tight it kinda sets itself into the leather. This is one of those questions where there really isnt a wrong or right way its what works best for each person and what there doing.
  13. Been there and done that way to many times. I got 2 scrap piles. 1 for small cutoffs that my sister gets most times for earrings and bracelets and such. And 1 pile that is messed up projects and such. Most days you just know first thing if its gonna be one of "those" days. And the time is better spent watching old westerns then trying to push threw the crap.
  14. Another nice chest rig indeed. Allmost everything i make for myself is natural un dyed vegtan. Ive done a couple items for customers left natural. I love the way the natural veg tan grows and ages and takes on its on story as time goes. I wish i could get more natural orders but it seems like browns and blacks is what most of the gun crowd wants.
  15. Nice lookin sheathes sir. It also looks like your maul you posted awhile back is holding up great.
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