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  1. My favorite is when a potential customer contacts me wanting a custom made to order holster for there 2000 dollar pistol. They want all the bells and whistles super strict design ideas that they think will look good. Then when you give them a fair ball park price they start telling you about all the great stuff they've looked at online for 1/2 or less then my price. And ask can you give them a 150 160 dollar holster for the 50 like they seen others for online. I laugh and tell them no thanks and if there happy with the cheaper items online go for it. And before i cut the first piece of leather for custom orders i get half payment upfront so atleast if customer backs out after work is started my materials are payed for.
  2. When i do have to clamp something and leave it for a time. I put some scrap strips of leather between my clamps and my finished piece. And i also have seen similar clamps that look rubber coated that might work better without the problem. The scrap leather under clamps also helps spread out the load enough to not indent if leather is a little wetterthen it needs to be.
  3. And if your doing belts stay away from very much belly area leather. Its naturally more stretchy and alot of times has more flaws. I allways stay up on the back for my belts. Ill usually get about 6 to 10 good 1 1/2" belts from a side depending on side. Then i have plenty left for a few holsters or knife sheaths. I got a little sister who likes taking all my small scraps and pieces that i cant use or dont want to use and makes earrings and bracelets and other smaller such like that. I also seem to end up doing alot of belts for the bigger guys. Average waist size i make belts for is 42" to 48" so the sides allow me to get those longer straps easier. I done a padded folded belt for a ladies father that total length of belt was 76".
  4. Looks alot better then mt first belt as well. And it has allready been said but it is much cheaper in long run to buy bigger pieces of leather and cut your own straps if your doing several. I started off buying precut belt blanks and didnt take long to see the money i was throwing away buying the precuts. And just like most things the bigger pieces you buy or the more you buy the cheaper it works out in the end.
  5. Thank you. I really like doing the more western style gun gear cause i get to play around with designs more. Most of the edc stuff is allways just blacks or browns meant to be more low key. Its nice to do something different occasionally.
  6. Thank you sir for the info and the link. Im deffently gonna get me a set of those grips.
  7. I like the holsters. And im a big fan of the naa mini revolvers. It is my favorite firearm i own. Where did you get the grips on the mini? I have the folding grip/clip on mine and it helps hold it but its a big ugly hunk of plastic on such a clean beautiful little revolver. Also the engraving on the mini. Is that factory? I see the spider web so im thinking blackwidow model?
  8. Great looking holster love the sting ray but have only worked with embossed stingray so far. I hear that the real stingray skin is tough to cut and stab. Any pointers you could give as to how it is to work with compared to cow or other such mammel hides? And i see you said you work with alot of just paper tracings of the firearms? I always try to get a prop of pistol im building for but some models just aint made or easy to find. So with the semi auto's since there mostly more of a standard squarer shape i have gotten customers to send me a close tracing as well as look around online for dimensions of said pistol. Or get customer to take a few measurements and right them on tracing. And ive made several props from 2x lumber or have even done a couple with lamented stacked cardboard. These rough props want give you a boned in tight molded holster but can take some guess work out and works fine for regular fitted holsters. Thought i would mention that maybe it will help it has helped me several times. This is how i do my mag props as well if possible i get customer to send me a mag and make wood props that work just fine and i dont have to buy a bunch of mag props for 20 to 30 dollars each.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. I have several good customers that tell me what they need and let me do what i want with design. Of course most of my holster work is plain blacks and browns so i really enjoy when i get freedom to roam around on a piece. The pic is with my 4 3/4" ruger wrangler in holster. But customer just got himself the new heritage 6 3/4" 9 shot with the 22lr and 22mag cylinders.
  10. Ive posted many times and never had any trouble sizing pics to fit on here but these just didnt want to work. Here it is finally. And thank you guys for tge assist.
  11. HandyDave

    Cowboy Cool

    Just finished this holster for one of my favorite customers. He just got a new heritage 9shot and told me to make him something badass. I hope my leather worker family here likes it as much as customer did. Hes one of my favorite customers because he never has his on plan for projects he allways just tells me to do what i want as long as its cool. He is yet to be disappointed. I cant get pics to come up no matter what i do it says there to big. I usually dont have any trouble. Ok after some help from you guys i got pic to show up on down a couple posts. Sorry
  12. Great looking holster. Its got a little bit of a elephant hide look i really like it. Ive also had some buffalo in the past that had a similar texture.
  13. I do several flea markets and such every year and this is a huge concern. Its sad that we have to worry about such but it sure needs to be worried about. While one is talkin to you in detail about a price or custom work there buddy will be robbing you blind. I got a good friend that does alot more shows then i do. And just last month he had a very collectible caseXX 2 knife set walk off while he was talkin to a customer. He said he didnt make enough all weekend to cover the loss he took by that set of knives being stolen. I see you mention dog collars and leashes is part of what you sell. There great items to be personalized on site. Make them up and leave a name area blank and stamp animals names while customers watch.
  14. When you said 2 pieces of 9 oz leather sewn together i assumed one of those pieces was your stiffner. I cant think of any holster ive ever made being as thick as 2 pieces of 9 oz together. With most snaps theres 4 pieces per set. The snap parts which is male and female. Then there's the 2 stem pieces or post i guess some call it one has a flat bottom and one has the cap thats made to be seen in most cases. The flat end sticks threw leather further cause it doesnt have that concave shape like the cap does. And if your using 2 pieces of 9 oz together i doubt you would ever need a stiffner.
  15. When i do my thumbreak style holsters. I do like garypl said and hide my snap between the holster leather and the thumbreak stiffner piece of leather. I also use a bottom stem for my snap caps when i am hiding them or you might try using a bottom stem anyway threw both pieces of the leather. Since there flat and not concave like the caps are they will stick threw a little further anyway.
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