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  1. chasman52


    Ahh WOW, beautiful workmanship. Great design
  2. chasman52

    Need advice on my new to me cobra4

    JLS: & Wiz Great pic JLS!!! it worth more than 2000 word. You assumed correct. I removed the spring before I took the picture. Those springs seem so brittle. So I called the manufacturer The Leathemachine company sent me a new spring and the translucent sticker. Now,I have a little more upper tension adjustment with 207 thread, I sent them(leathermachineCo) the picture of the bobbin and they said it can be run like that. I've been using it at 6 SPI. I haven't experimented with a longer stitch yet. I'm still feeling my way along. I thinks I've viewed every cowboy, , cobra , juki 441 video I could find. I need to check out Techsew It does very well with 277 and 207 at 6 spi. Thanks for the replys you guys rock Charles C3leatherworks Miami FL.
  3. chasman52

    Need advice on my new to me cobra4

    Good call, I checked the spring without thread and there's no tension left in the spring. I'll, replace that first. Thank you
  4. I picked up a new to me cobra 4 with EPS. I've spent a lot of my free time going over all the info here and on the web. At first, it cycled smooth, but the stitch was inconsistent. I went through the adjustments . The help you get from the leather co. website, here, youtube is awesome. Now I'm stitching 277 and 207 in 1/4 to 3/8" very nice I still have some issues . 1. My bobbin holder has a nick/gouge( see photo ) 2. My motor (TN422B ) was never modified to go slow. How do I tell if this gouge is going to cause me problems? I have heard that the Leathercompany has a modification for my motor to improve the speed control. I want to tell you how much I've enjoyed this Forum . You all helped me so much on my machines
  5. THanks UWE, my hook has way over double that much play. I'll closed up the play to about .060. It's not stiff or tight, but it's not loose
  6. It's been awhile since I last posted about my machine. Thanks again to everyone. My main concern is in the hook there is aleast 3/16" play. By that I mean if I hold the main shaft still the hook"s point can travel 3/16' before the slack in the bevel gears stops it. I could move the bevel gear on the main shaft closer if needed, but only if there is to much play. Since the manual is not specific about how much play is required I'm seeking you all's input The manual only says" not to close ,not to far". It is running ok, but gets very slack when in a curve with 138 or larger thread.. I suppose that could be me. I'm not sure if I'm operating it that well. Although with 69 thread it's much easier to turn.
  7. chasman52

    Help me fine tune my Pfaff 1245

    Mike and Ryan are correct. I should have looked in the manual too. Sorry for my post.
  8. chasman52

    Help me fine tune my Pfaff 1245

    Thanks you for posting. when I was looking up this youtube thread for your Pfaff1245 I realized I also wasn't threading my 1445 take up through both holes. I'm not sure that will help me. Pay attention the part about the tension disks . He goes around the post. It seems logical.. Hope this helped
  9. HI

    i own a 1445 as well and I'm close to solving my issues with it. Did you solve yours?



  10. chasman52

    PFAFF 1445 How good is my machine stitching?

    here an update with: 1.the right thread, 2. needle 3. tension , 4.bobbin wound correctly, 5.the machine adjusted.better. Setting up is very hard. Thanks to all
  11. chasman52

    Tension issues?

    Please let us know if that works, because I like guns, and all the stuff that goes with them. So, for me it is a good reason for a new toy
  12. chasman52

    PFAFF 1445 How good is my machine stitching?

    Thanks again Adrils, The D point was a request from the wife for a less wavy stitch( I like a good LR stitch) Madhatter, I've done exactly what you warned me against more than once. Thanks for all the advise!!