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  1. Treated something last week with the December batch. It is grey, not black, even with 2 heavy coats. Kinda charcoaley.
  2. 327fed

    Liquid steel!

    Used to be a more industrial version called Devcon. Also Liquid Steel and Liquid Aluminum.
  3. No offense taken. My employees often say I don’t communicate well. Information was very useful. My machine is missing the same thread guide down next to the presser foot that was mentioned as missing on the guy’s Singer 111. Do I need to hunt one or is this how the machine came out.?
  4. No sir. MY machine is for sure threaded wrong based on video. No disrespect to your video or info. Have been using it threaded wrong for a year or so. That’s the beauty of this group - facts.
  5. Thanks. It is threaded wrong for sure.
  6. In College I bought a $50 guitar. Never learned to play it - action too stiff for a beginner. My roommate and friends had a fantastic bluegrass band and tried to teach me to play. I could play the fire out of one of the group’s $1200 Martin flattop. But never mastered mine. I still believe if I had that Martin then I would have learned to play. Beginners need good equipment more than old hands do. Frustration compiled with beginner stumbles can make you give it up.
  7. Ate supper, went back and reset tensions and thread length. Close to where I started on settings. Oddly enough I hav both operators manual and service manual and neither shows thread path.
  8. I tried a bobbin of 138 and locked things up. Wrapped up feed dogs, lots of pulling out tangles. Back with 92 bobbin, tension is all off. And thread length doubled.And then I also thought -25 degree leather in my unseated shop is probably tougher to sew than 60 degree leather.
  9. A seeder stamp or grind the point off on a nail.
  10. Kroil penetrating oil might. Or Bolt Buster. Might hold soldering iron against shaft.
  11. When we set this machine up somebody suggested using the size smaller thread on the bobbin which I have now. Is that needed or can I run 138 top and bottom.?
  12. So a 135 x 16 is for leather and a 135 x17 is for fabric. And a DP point is for leather. Why is there a 135 x 17 with a DP point?
  13. So if 207 on top, have to be 138 on bottom, or 207 on bobbin too?
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