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  1. If you have one correct screw you can borrow out of the machine most parts stores and old timey hardware stores have a tread gauge or a screw gauge to thread them into and get the size. Probably metric.
  2. Click your name in upper right corner. Click activity streams. Then click content I started. Should be a list of them.
  3. Ever think the hair on top of your head used to be inside your head?
  4. Dwight, How did you slot the PVC pipe for the closure? I have done that on a table saw before but it really dulled the blade.
  5. I have stepped in lots of species of poo in leather boots over the years., including cat. Never discarded any. Usually just leave them on the porch a few days. Sometimes sprayed with Lysol. Hog manure is the only one that never fades away. When cattle prices are up (not now) cow manure smells like money.
  6. What hallucinogen does dallisgrass seed heads produce that makes cows stagger?
  7. Wow. That Springfield catalog is a PHD in leather . Answered so many questions. Saw lots of exotics I never knew existed.
  8. Thanks. So craft grade is above B?
  9. I have been buying Tandy double shoulders when on sale, 9-10 oz for my amateurish holster attempts. I want to try somebody else’s product. Many other suppliers offer single shoulders or sides. I like bigger pieces for less waste of several small projects. What is the upside/ downside of shoulders vs. sides? Will thickness be consistent on sides? Thanks.
  10. Would not darken in sun so I died it, 50 50 Feblings and alcohol. Streaked it. Tried to cover with shoe polish. Streaked it more. Made another today from same hide. Has some pink sections and zebra streaks that I tried to cut around. Oil and sun streaked this time. Will seal with 50-50 mop and Glo and give up.
  11. Wonder about the black corrugated leach drain plastic pipe? It is cheap, has holes for air flow, comes in 4 and 6 inch.
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