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  1. Your topic is off topic in the Leatherwork Conversation forum. Not sure where it goes, but it’s not conversation about leatherwork. But I guess we can all chime in. Specifically who did you want to chime in?
  2. I think if a topic starts one place and gets moved it is still visible, but some stuff does not seem to follow that logic.
  3. I felt similar a few months back and posted that the political stuff bothered me. I got good advice- follow what interests you, leave the other alone. Since then some discussions have drawn me in and I appreciated the chance to discuss some topics important to me. When the discussion gets stale I look at something else. I do have to skip out when people attack or cuss me personally. I cuss lots of things, not people. Nothing is more futile than an online argument with someone you will never meet, or may not even exist. I have been on a lot of online forums and they all have an off topic or adult area to look at or leave alone. Your choice. My wife does not like violent movies, so we don’t watch them. Our choice to avoid that channel. This forum is by far the most civil and sensible one I have ever looked at. The best way to avoid disputes is distance from the disputer. If a post angers you, it’s also good to wait till tomorrow to reply. Most things look a lot better the next day.
  4. I use it on edge. I thought you meant on the surfaces. It is rugged on edges, very stiff. Nasty if it gets on the wrong place.
  5. You know, I did a valet tray last week and got carried away with the mop and Glo sealer, 50 % with water. I put it on an old fridge rack to dry and got grill marks like a charted steak. I bet that was it.
  6. Thanks. I’ll ditch the dye.
  7. Really don’t have any predyed available, but that’s a good idea. Well, I had some predyed chrome tan, but it’s mighty soft for this. Good leather is hard to get these days.
  8. My sister in law asked me to make a leather cover for her compact “car console bible”. I usually dye stuff, then neatsfoot oil, then Mop and Glo. I worry that the oil will stain the Bible. Anybody tried the oil in a book cover, or just dye and seal?
  9. Chuck, I got that same old black knife. Had to find it in my knife box. Picked it up in the street when I was a teenager. Smelled like fish so I guess it fell out of somebody’s boat. The sheath was my first leather construction with a key ring strap for retention. The electrical tape was a later field patch. Carried it deer hunting for years. Not sure that sheath is worth patching, but it only lasted 45 years.
  10. Thanks. The M1 cheek piece is a neat item I have not seen.
  11. I have bought retirement gifts for people from them. Added initials, nice gift box, first class product and packaging. They have built the brand and niche and benefited from it. Kinda like John Deere and Kubota. Both great products, one a stronger brand presence. My brand plus $1.25 gets me coffee.
  12. Thanks for the ideas. Several people were concerned about the grommets scuffing the stock finish. Me too. However, the laces hold the grommets away from the wood. I used the elastic butt covers forever because I had no source for a lefty leather one. I am retired and this is a hobby, but it would be nice to al least get materials cost back. Mostly friends who I hate to charge but probably won’t pay me anyway. I get into this in shop work too. Can lose time, use up scrap on friends projects, but I really need to get my paid parts bill back.
  13. Used to be a boot place here that did some custom leather, but closed now. One saddle and boot guy in my neighborhood, at his farm. Not much places ever here, less left. I saw some Amish made phone cases this week, of all things.
  14. Yes, that is the Colonel. Most of his stuff is Buffalo now. I kinda like the look and needs less finish maybe. Their line is a lot less than 20 years ago. They used to sell knives, hats, a bunch of stuff. Not sure it’s all made onsite.
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