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  1. Thanks for looking. I can make my own patterns usually, I just look at a lot of projects for design and stamping ideas.
  2. This has several links.
  3. Yes. I am looking at every holster post ever made here. The block shows but no pic. Some have an imp icon saying picture gone. Some links won’t work.
  4. Many of the posts have a square with a box saying xxxx.pic and the picture won’t show. Logged in or not. Using Safari. Viewing on IPad. How can I see them? Thanks.
  5. Wonder if one could put a strap and buckle on the top one and buckle it to a lace up boot as an ankle holster?
  6. Thanks Blue Duck. The Ohio Travel Bag posts look about right.
  7. I have read here about T nuts. Not sure which kind. I have used one type to bolt my machine vice to slots in my drill press base. Also used another type driven into holes in my shop doors to screw eye bolts through and hold the doors together in the middle. I tried to find screws to go through the snap base and did not find the right size. Thanks for the ideas.
  8. I need lign 24 s apps with longer shanks. I am making tanker shoulder holsters. I need to go through 2 layers of 9-10 oz shoulder for retention strap. I have been putting the snap through one layer then machine sewing around it to complete the holster. Stitch line has to be moved. Who makes a longer 24 snap? These holsters traditionally have a post snap but I do well to get them built with the 24’s. These holsters are just for me and family. Too plain and too much time required to sell. Thanks.
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