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  1. Anybody ever used a wood router for burnishing? I have a couple of extra routers and a router table. Would be less footprint on the bench. Would it be too fast? Are there burnished wheels that would fit in the router mandrel? Seems like they are 1/4 inch. My drill press I normally use is in another building.
  2. Beginners need good equipment worse than old hands do. Get frustrated easily without the correct tools and quit.
  3. Old people here used to cook with it. Big seller was 5 gallon “lard stands” to store it after rendering. Makes a great but greasy fried pie Still a lady here that sells homemade lard fried pies. When times got hard lard sandwiches were made.
  4. Anybody got this pack? Wonder what shoulder holster is included?
  5. My Consew does not have the stitch length indicator guide on the handwheel. Anyone remember which rotation direction lengthens the stitch?
  6. Might try this bottle opening aid. Have to use these to get into Dr. Peppers now. https://grandoaktree.com/products/6-in-1-multi-function-can-beer-bottle-opener-all-in-one-jar-gripper-can-beer-lid-twist-off-jar-wine-opener-claw-dropshipping?currency=USD&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgq_kxrvC8wIV1QWICR1ubwOBEAQYECABEgLLA_D_BwE
  7. T nut. Most hardwares, Home Depot, Lowe’s.
  8. Stepping down 220 volt to 110 volt may be the issue. Only getting 1/2 the amperage as a 220 connection.
  9. I put up a little frame lean to with metal sides, no heat to house me an office, leather working, some other manly stuff. My wife had a big upright metal storage cabinet like used in offices. I plan to store my leather ( now in living room floor), unused holsters, etc. I am in a very humid climate. Should I put a light bulb or a gun safe dehumidifier in the cabinet to avoid mold? Don’t want it so hot it will dry out or damage leather. I use light bulbs in my welding rod storage but about all you can get now is led or halogen which produce little heat. I have some old style bulbs bought up but will finally run out.
  10. Down and dirty, not too pretty, but this is not woodworker.net
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