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  1. Thanks cseeger have soldered pipe for years, never thought of this
  2. I tack it out on a piece of plywood trying not to over stretch it then scrape off any flesh.I always hang it rattles up to keep any liquid from draining into them.Then mix rubbing alcohol and glycerine 50/50, paint it once a day for a week, sounds too simple but have used it many times
  3. Mr A first welcome to leatherworker and congrats on your first deer. I havent seen much discussion on home tanning on here but was an interest of mine when I first started. I've never heard of the tan you used but looks to me from your pics it should produce a white leather, it looks like it needs more stretching to me . IMHO buckskin is more of a garment/lining leather, not something I would use for a holster. I always used bark tan from "Van Dykes" taxidermy supply for everything from furs to bull hides with good results. Home tanning is a lot of work and don't expect perfect on your first try. Good luck
  4. great job Ryan did you tan the snake or is it raw?
  5. right there with you Bigfoote still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up
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