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  1. Time to shoe horses in style.
  2. Thank you sir! We're staying crazy busy! I'm just so ready to finish college so I can get serious about my horse shoeing business and leatherwork instead of pouring everything into school Thank you! You're holding us in suspence!
  3. Thanks! Yeah that was my biggest problem with these chaps. Coming off that ledge can get a lil messy underneath. That's a great idea. Thank you!
  4. Hey all! Here's a pair of Arizona Bells I just finished up! Probably my favorite chaps I've made so far.
  5. @fredk Thank you! Yeah I agree. Needs a shiny black nfr rope horse under it
  6. Thank you! I went to Travis Kadings shop to make sure I got a good ground seat on this one
  7. @Fraulein Thank you! @chuck123wapati Thank you sir! Just one year left in school!
  8. Hey all! I know I haven't been on here in forever. Been busy doin college, training horses, dogs, and leatherwork wherever I can. Finally thought I should build another saddle. This was not an order. Just a summer project between semesters. (So if you know someone who'd be interested in owning this saddle feel free to message me.) Full rough-out 14.5" Buster Welch Roper with leg cuts. Comments/critique always welcome. -Ryan
  9. That's one beautiful saddle . . . you are a credit to the industry.

    May God bless,


  10. Conchos and cantle plate were made by Gordy Alderson. The rigging dees are Jeremiah Watt. Thanks for looking! All the best, Ryan
  11. Hello all! Finished saddle 3! It's a 14.5" Olin Young ranch roper. Can't thank Travis Kading enough for letting me do this build at his saddlery and for all the help he gave me along the way! Especially for showing me how to do those single piece swells.
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