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    18-year-old trying to learn everything before I die. Saddlemaking, metal engraving, and tool making are next.

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  1. That's one beautiful saddle . . . you are a credit to the industry.

    May God bless,


  2. Conchos and cantle plate were made by Gordy Alderson. The rigging dees are Jeremiah Watt. Thanks for looking! All the best, Ryan
  3. Hello all! Finished saddle 3! It's a 14.5" Olin Young ranch roper. Can't thank Travis Kading enough for letting me do this build at his saddlery and for all the help he gave me along the way! Especially for showing me how to do those single piece swells.
  4. Here's a belt I did over the weekend. Floral design is my own. Comments/critique are always welcome! Thanks for looking! Ryan
  5. Here's a heavy set of boar hide chaps for the workin cowboy.
  6. Here's a noseband I made a little while ago. I think nosebands are pretty fun pieces to make. Side note: If you're border line is the same width as the thickness of the leather, you get a cool, very round looking border. Thanks for looking! All the best, Ryan
  7. Rolandranch

    Plague Mask

    Looks great! Would definitely wear that in Walmart.
  8. Here's a neat little project I did the other day. Thanks for looking! Ryan
  9. Thank you! Yes. I freehand all my tooling patterns right onto the leather now.
  10. Thanks! Tandy is always a great place to start Thanks Rohn!
  11. Fun fact: The belt I'm wearing in the photo was one of my very first leather projects that I did. It was a tandy kit. Pretty funny that I'm still wearing it.
  12. Here's some Arizona Bell chaps I finished up a couple days ago. Thanks for viewing! Ryan
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