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    18-year-old trying to learn everything before I die. Saddlemaking, metal engraving, and tool making are next.

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  1. Here's a belt I did over the weekend. Floral design is my own. Comments/critique are always welcome! Thanks for looking! Ryan
  2. Thanks for looking! Ryan
  3. Here's a heavy set of boar hide chaps for the workin cowboy.
  4. Here's a noseband I made a little while ago. I think nosebands are pretty fun pieces to make. Side note: If you're border line is the same width as the thickness of the leather, you get a cool, very round looking border. Thanks for looking! All the best, Ryan
  5. Rolandranch

    Plague Mask

    Looks great! Would definitely wear that in Walmart.
  6. Here's a neat little project I did the other day. Thanks for looking! Ryan
  7. Thank you! Yes. I freehand all my tooling patterns right onto the leather now.
  8. Thanks! Tandy is always a great place to start Thanks Rohn!
  9. Fun fact: The belt I'm wearing in the photo was one of my very first leather projects that I did. It was a tandy kit. Pretty funny that I'm still wearing it.
  10. Here's some Arizona Bell chaps I finished up a couple days ago. Thanks for viewing! Ryan
  11. Hello! First time doing filigree and yes, I got a 2" slot punch! Pretty happy with how it turned out.
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