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    17-year-old trying to learn everything before I die. Saddlemaking, metal engraving, and tool making are next.

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  1. Rolandranch

    Mountain lion for my wife

    Incredible! How many hours did that take you?
  2. Rolandranch

    Chink Chaps for My Sisters

    Hmmmmm..... You called me Nate, you know I don't have a TV.... what else do you know about me???? I love my big family too! My dad has 8 sibs and my mom has 8 sibs so I have over 50 cousins... Thanks! Yeah, the trombone is a popular one because that's what my dad teaches. We're actually considering starting the little guy on bass... he needs to grow a bit more though. Sorry for the late response. I wear Ariats every single day, too! I even wear a shirt that has "Ariat" embroidered all over it. I ALMOST named my new puppy "Ariat" but then I went with "Stetson." Here's my sister's boot style. This my favorite style (mostly because they're rider friendly). I'm on my second pair of these.
  3. Rolandranch

    Need a little help to get started

    This is your best advice. Learning how to cut, stitch, finish edges, etc is what will take you far and the only way to learn it is to do it. Welcome to the forum and have fun!
  4. Rolandranch

    Sheridan tote bag

    Thanks! Sounds good! I go to Tandy leather on palo verde rd often. If you ever want to meet up to ask questions or just chat, pm me and we'll figure out a time to meet up.
  5. Rolandranch

    Chink Chaps for My Sisters

    Thank you all! @plinkercases Thanks! I'll let my parents know! Those boots are Ariats. Not sure on the style though (except they're square-toe) @JLSleather I made sure I got some decent pics before I let them go beat 'em up. @Rockoboy SHHHHHH!!!! Don't tell them they need belts. They'll take advantage of me more than they already do! Actually, I have nice buckles for both. Just waiting for the leather to come in. Tooled belts coming soon! @alpha2 haha! I have three sisters and 7 brothers. I'm the third. My two older brothers are in college right now and they are going debt-free because of the pens they've made. I plan to do the same with my leather. Yes, my family is musical. We need to update our family pic because #11 is here!
  6. Rolandranch

    How sharp ?

    I know my knife is sharp enough when I see the blood on the ground before I realize I cut myself... Although it gets the point across, I don't suggest this method.
  7. Rolandranch


    Congrats, Ferg!
  8. Rolandranch

    Chink Chaps for My Sisters

  9. Rolandranch

    Chink Chaps for My Sisters

    Here are some chink chaps I made for two of my sisters. I think they turned out pretty well and they are getting a lot of use. Let me know what you think. Critique is always welcome. Thanks for viewing! Ryan
  10. Rolandranch

    MacLaren Wallet

    I like it! Great color!
  11. Rolandranch

    Best strap cutter?

    The nice thing about the long blades is that when you need a fresh edge to cut with, you can move the blade up or down instead of sharpening it every so often. And I cut myself on the broken blade of a tandy strap cutter... now I'm scared of those more than the draw gauges! I haven't cut myself on the draw gauge yet but when I do, you guys will be the first to know. P.s. about two weeks ago I cut my thumb pretty deep with my head knife. Does that mean I'm a real leather worker now? Do I get a purple heart or something?
  12. Rolandranch

    Best strap cutter?

    Lol. I was making reins for a friend when I cut myself. When I gave the reins to her I pointed out the blood spots and told her that the blood was free.
  13. Rolandranch

    Best strap cutter?

    I have both. It depends on how thick the leather is. If it's 8oz or less, the strap cutter would be great. If it's more than 8oz, I'd definitely go with the draw gauge. I was cutting (or trying to cut) 10oz leather with a tandy strap cutter and I broke 3 blades. One piece of a broken blade was hidden in the leather and I didn't know it until I cut myself pretty good on it. The draw gauge does take some getting used to and works best if you use it over a table edge. Hope this helps. Ryan
  14. Rolandranch

    New guy from Tucson.

    Hi there and welcome to the forum! What part of Tucson are you in? -Ryan
  15. Rolandranch

    Hackamore Noseband

    Thank you!