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  1. That gray is all I have seen and I would be afraid it would bleed if you tried to dye it, even with a sealer. I am pretty sure I have seen some cutesy ones done up with suede, (pink and turquoise), not intended for any real work of course. I recently did a wood post wrapped in latigo. I like it. I have used the mule too, but I don't rope. Not sure if rough or smooth is best. Mule is rough when new and latigo and rubber are smooth. I think the squeeze of the rope is as important as the slip so I am sure it comes down to personal preference. Cowboys may want the rope to grab for some situations and slip in others so job may have something to do with it too.
  2. Thank you Samalan, I will also look to see if they are in Sheridan. It would be great to pick out what I need in person. Thanks again!
  3. Hi all, I have lung issues and am concerned about working with chrome tanned leather. I know that it can be made so that it is safe to use but I don’t know who offers it for sale that way. I imagine US manufacturing would be the best way to go but how do you know? I know US manufactures would be the safest for the environment too.I don’t even know if there is any chrome tan made in the USA. I am interested in mostly pull up types and some upholstery types. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to purchase and how to identify when buying on line. I don’t typically see where it is made in the add to cart page. I plan on being at the 2022 Sheridan show and will be looking. Thanks in advance, and if this has already been talked about please direct me.
  4. Fiona, will they cut through heavy veg tan? Or just the thin soft stuff?
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. You all have given me some ideas. I hope I get some more ideas from ya all. I did put in about a 3 foot closet rod where I hange all my larger patterns. They have a hanger type hook on the top with a cord that dangles down through a hole in the pattern with a little metal thing at the bottom. If it is a group of pattern pieces for one item they all go on one hook to keep them together. Still have a lot of room on the rod. I rather like it. Then for smaller pattern pieces they go in a plastic box.
  6. I am doing a few saddles, tack, tack and saddle repair and building purses and some smaller items. I try to keep them all moving forward with all the various steps and what next. I have a pretty roomy shop with a large work/cutting table. A granite top table, a rolling whatever table and an oil/dye table. I have a tool bench. All my tables are always full of something or several somethings until I clean up which is usually not daily. I want to keep all the things together so I don’t double book hardware for instance. The saddles are out in the open and have stands to sit on so they are not really the problem. Do any of you have any tricks you use to keep your projects together and organized?
  7. Thank you, I will check that fringe maker out. Also, I would be ok with the faux leather scalloped trim if you have info on where to purchase.
  8. Hi everyone, I am looking for a supplier for scalloped trim for chaps and purses. With and without dots. Also, leather fringe would be good too. Not Swede, I have that. Any supplies out there for these? I am in Arizona.
  9. Ed, thank you for your feedback. The pictures are great and I really like that little jig thing in the cantle! I will probably go with a custom tree. Or maybe one custom and one from a more production type company using the Lane kit and see how they compare. I will probably do so soon in order to be able to build after hunting season. Thanks again. And thank you too John (both posts!) Ollie
  10. Ok, I understand now. Notches, removing material in the form of a notch. Probably a V shape. Got it. Makes sense too! Plus thinner too to reduce the bulk. I can do that! I do that when I sew fabric, why didn’t I know that would work? And leather does not unravel…. Thanks.
  11. OldRedMule


    All of you seasoned saddle makers are so wonderful and helpful and so appreciated. I want to share that I received my Dennis Lane fitting kit and am so excited to use it. Now I just need to know about tree makers that will use it. Denise Nikkles sent me a couple, Dusty Smith and Ben Swanke, and they look really amazing and impressive - and a bit expensive. Of course I want the best I can afford as everyone else here does too. I am sure I am not the only one wondering. I would like to widen my options by just gathering info. Anyone,, please? Maybe some good, better, best comments too, please? I know this has been covered some, but maybe there are some new names out there and in particular who will work with this Dennis Lane system. Thanks in advance!
  12. EdOgers, I saw the screw placement on another thread. Thank you for all of your input and support to all of us. All of you are so wonderful. I also want to share that I received my Dennis Lane fitting kit and am so excited to use it. Now I just need to know about tree makers that will use it. Denise Nikkles sent me a couple, Dusty Smith and Ben Swanke, but I would like to widen my options by just gathering info. anyone? Maybe I should start or find a thread about this already out there? I will do that too.
  13. Thank you for the great explanation Ed. I will pay attention to this when I get to those parts. I would like to understand if that is 2 screws on each side or just one on each side. I am thinking you are saying to put the screw on the edge of each skirt past the edge of the bar and at the inside edges of the cantle arch in a way that won’t interfere with the spine? I am not sure if you use them ever, but I did put some bar risers in this saddle on the top side of the seat bars, as the animal has a few knots on its spine and I felt needed the extra height. Randy that is cool, I hope I get to 11. I am really liking this, if my hands will only hold up. Saddle is on hold until fall. Working on other projects for the summer. Thanks guys!
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