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  1. Not sure if you ever figured it out, but they are size M2.5 screws. I bought a box of them in assorted lengths on Amazon for $10. A bit irritating but now I'm all set I guess.
  2. Hi folks! Does anybody know where to find hardware for making gags, like ball gags, ring gags, spiders, etc.? Ohio Travel Bag has a few silicone balls and a pony bit but I'm trying to find a wider selection. TIA!
  3. Has anyone bought from a company called Likolly? I get Facebook ads for their products all the time. Some of their tools look nice but I can't find any information about them and I don't want to get scammed.
  4. I want to make more costume and armor pieces, and right now my wife wants me to make her a hood (she calls it an Assassins Creed hood) so she can cosplay her rogue from Pathfinder at the Renaissance Festival this year. And I have some really good lambskin I think will work, I just ... don't know how to do it. Are there patterns available for this sort of thing? Not just hoods but other clothing too. I don't mind paying a little bit for a good pattern as long as it doesn't cost a fortune. TIA.
  5. OK, so bear with me, this may be a really dumb question but I'm asking it anyway: I've recently started to do more carving. I have one swivel knife with the 3/8" blade it came with. I want to get different blades for it to do finer work, but some of the blades are 1/4" and I can't find a 1/4" swivel knife. Can I use those blades in the knife I have? Or am I just not looking hard enough? I'm confused, and I don't want to spend more than I have to. Thanks in advance.
  6. Like the title says. Every project, every finish, always ends with "buff it to a shine." I remember something about people using a Dremel to buff, which would be great if I could find my old Dremel, but I wondered too if I could use something like this to get a good shine or if it would just tear off the finish. (People use them to shine up vintage Mustangs so it can't be that rough, can it?) There are terry cloth and fleece bonnets, and probably others. Thoughts? Comments? Success and/or horror stories?
  7. Yeah bud, I said ^^ I have one. I actually just used it like 20 minutes ago.
  8. I actually have two of these. They're great. I have a grid mat, too, but that's no good when the leather's on top and you can't see the lines. What size do you use?
  9. Just wondering if anybody's ever used a grid ruler - Omnigrid, etc. - for working with leather, and how useful they are. If you like using them, what sizes do you use?
  10. I'm not saying you're wrong (if I were buying toddler belts in the store, I'm not sure which one I'd pick for my son). But I actually have belt straps already cut. I'd just need to cut it to size, dye it, and sew the Velcro on. Plus, it's not a lot of Velcro; I can do that much hand sewing during my son's naptime. And, ya know, it would be a paying gig. Not a lot, but still. Enough to justify to the wife why I do this.
  11. A friend and fellow toddler parent was complaining that her daughter is so tiny that her pants keep falling down, and I suggested that I could make her a little pair of suspenders. She wasn't too keen on that idea, but maybe a belt? she asked. But something that would be simple for her daughter to undo when they start potty training. The idea that we came up with (or agreed to look into further) was Velcro. So I'm picturing a 1/2" or 3/4" strip of leather with a little dot of hooks on one side and a strip of loops on the other. So, I've got the belt leather, and Velcro tape isn't that expensive. But I've never sewn Velcro onto anything. (And I want to sew it on, so that it's nice and secure.) Anything in particular I need to know?
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