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  1. Looks fantastic! I’m curious about what type of zipper you used? The pulls are going in opposite directions. I’m working on a project now where I want to do the same thing but the std. YKK #5 zipper tape is uni-directional, so…? Again, the case looks awesome!
  2. There’s something wrong with those drugstore reading glasses I have - they don’t work as well as they used to….or maybe there’s something wrong with the lights in my shop…
  3. If you live anywhere near the Nashville area here’s your chance to get some personal instruction from Al Stohlman Award winner Jim Linnell. He’s going to be teaching 2 classes at the Nashville Tandy store on Saturday 7/29. Classes are $75 each ($65 for SCLCG members). We will accept new members the day of the event. Membership is $15/year. Additional details are on the flyer linked below. There are still spots available so please email to save your spot! southcentral.lcg@gmail.com Hope to see you there! Nashville Class 2023.pdf
  4. Gotcha. Nashville area here. Welcome!
  5. Welcome! What part of TN?
  6. I would like to echo what Randy said about the value of the IFOLG and of membership in the the individual guilds. Participation in our guild has helped me considerably and I was fortunate enough to earn multiple ribbons at the IFOLG show in Dallas last fall. I couldn’t have done it without the help of our local guild. If anyone is around the middle Tennessee, northern Alabama, south central Kentucky, etc. area we’d love to see you at the first 2023 meeting of the South Central Leather Crafters Guild next Saturday, January 14. It’s at the Nashville Tandy store at 2:00 pm central time. After a very quick business meeting we’re going to have a class on leather braiding and knots and we’ll be making a braided bracelet in the class. All materials will be supplied to those who sign up in advance. Here’s a link to our Facebook notification: https://m.facebook.com/100064518650164/ Please feel free to ask questions here or shoot an email to: SouthCentral.LCG@gmail.com The Tandy store is located at 405 Harding Industrial Dr, Nashville, TN 37211 Hopefully, we’ll see you there!!
  7. Absolutely beautiful. Phenomenal tooling!
  8. Chipster99


    Very, VERY nice!!
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