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  1. Very nice work! Try medium or dark brown. It’ll make a big difference. You’re right - the mahogany is too light.
  2. Thank you, and yes - LOTS of stitching. Makes for strong & tough fingertips. lol. The patch is from an actual glove, but not one of my own old ones - although I have plenty. I’ve only had the heart to dismantle one of those and it was too “well loved” to use on this bag. Maybe on a wallet or coaster someday? Thanks to all for the kind words - it really means a lot coming from the folks on here!
  3. https://www.amazon.com/Taconic-Shave-Injector-Razor-Blades/dp/B07VQPFK68/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?crid=84YVGN10MFHB&keywords=ejector+blades&qid=1656368609&sprefix=ejector+blades%2Caps%2C226&sr=8-4
  4. Thank you very much! It’s Horween baseball glove (light color) from The Tannery Row (https://www.thetanneryrow.com/all-leather/horween-x-baseball-glove) and a really nice “2 for $99” sale side from Makers Leather Supply that I ordered along with the pattern for the bag. I watched Aaron Heizer’s videos on making the bag at least 3 times before I started it. Lots of hours hand stitching. Kind of a knockoff on this:
  5. https://makersleathersupply.com/products/paper-pattern-livestock-comissioners-bag
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