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  1. I've been using drum stuffed kangaroo in my braiding projects. The colors available are limited so, I want to try dying and 'stuffing' my own. Trouble is, I have no idea how to prevent the dye from bleeding, since I can't use traditional sealers. Anyone have any experience with this and can help me? Thanks,
  2. Don, Get Gail Hought's book, here. Excellent instruction and illustration. http://www.hought.com/brbooks-basics2.html
  3. Thanks, oltoot. Understand the issue but, can't get away from that problem if you put poppers on the end. You can create a blunt end without knots but it doubles the length of your strings. Yeah, once you've had a good set of braided reins, it's hard to go back. Thanks, Tramps.
  4. Thanks, Thor. Yeah, most braided reins are simpler 3 and 5 plait flat braid. I prefer to do this style. They're 71/2 feet long. As far as time...if you weren't a fellow leather worker, I'd say 10 years (developing technique, skill and learning) .) But, between you and me, about a week. Thanks, Bob. Thank you, bgl500.
  5. Got an order for a set of split reins with a keeper and latigo poppers.The reins are kept to one side so I used a lighter weight latigo for the poppers just to keep the weight down when she overhauls. 8 plait 'roo over leather core. They feel like butter in your hands. Hope she likes 'em.
  6. Hedge


    millwright, Exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks! Gary
  7. Hedge


    25b, Thanks for the link. That's one book I don't have. Guess I'll have to add it to my library.
  8. Hedge


    Millwright, Thanks for the tip. I'll have a look after chores.
  9. Hedge


    25b, thanks for the reference, but I don't have the book.
  10. Hedge


    Been scratching my head on this one for awhile. Can anyone tell me how to make a single row herringbone interweave? I've tried modifying multi-row interweaves but can't seem to get a single row to work. Thanks.
  11. I use white saddle soap. I'd recommend staying away from mink oil or any oil for that matter. Oiling the leather during braiding is just going to saturate it. And oil saturated leather doesn't last long. It loosens the binding effect of the leather fibers. (I know, some of you are familiar with oiled harnesses. I don't know how they keep it from rotting, but my experience with saturated cowhide and 'roo weren't pleasant.)
  12. Hedge


    Thanks! My first try at a large braiding project.
  13. A picture would help. But, if I'm visualizing correctly, all you need to do is leave sufficient length on your standing ends so you weave them into your braid pattern on the back. Do it all the time on appliques. It won't come out.
  14. Hedge

    Lacing calculator

    Thanks! Yeah, iPhone is Mac based. Been out of the programming game for a few years now and re-familiarizing myself with another OS is not appealing. :brainbleach:
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