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  1. Don Ayres

    I Can't Decide, Please Help!

    What are the brand names of the clones of the consew 206rb-5 ? Thanks
  2. Don Ayres

    Decision time for me.

  3. Don Ayres

    Decision time for me.

    Thanks kgg
  4. Don Ayres

    Fisters hand sewing machine?

    I wonder if it would be good for making wallets ?
  5. Don Ayres

    question on doing a mexican round braid

    I wonder why he took them down, they were a great resource ?
  6. Don Ayres

    Fisters hand sewing machine?

    Bantam saddle and tack
  7. Don Ayres

    Decision time for me.

    I make wallets and once the layers are stacked they add up to about 1/4", I have my eye on two machines, The Sailrite Fabricator and the Consew 206RB-5, Both are about the same price, I see advantages and disadvantages with both, Sailrite seems to have excellent customer service and lots of accessories and videos a decent 2 year limited warranty but a low resale value, the Consew seems to have less customer service and a higher resale value, and a shorter limited warranty, and believe it or not the two industrial sewing machine stores near me aren't willing to open on a saturday so i can actually sit down and try the Consew and make a sale. They both seem to be very capable machines for my application but i honestly just dont know, any advise or help is greatly appreciated
  8. Don Ayres

    question on doing a mexican round braid

    I can't find any of chief31794 you tube videos for the mexican roind braid, does anyone know where they are ???? Thanks
  9. Don Ayres

    Which edge beveler ???

    What size and style edge beveler should i use on 3 to 4 ounce leather, Im thinking a #1 or #0 any help is appreciated
  10. Ive always been jealous of some of my wallet making conterparts on how neat there saddle stitching looks, ( Like the wallet pictured below) Was wondering if anyone can recomend a good pricking iron or chisel, including how many stitches per inch would look best, a good quality thread including thread size, and a good harness needle including the size that would best match that thread. Thank you very much, any advice is greatly appreciated
  11. Don Ayres

    Photo Demo: Making a Biker Wallet

    Can anyone send me this biker wallet pattern, the link doesn't seem to work anymore, Thanks
  12. Don Ayres

    Mexican Round Braid

    Does anyone know what happened to the Kingsmere Crafts website ???
  13. Don Ayres

    Herringbone Braid

    Thanks Hedge ill look into getting that book, and also thanks to millwright, i do have Bruce Grants Encyclopedia, didnt know herringbone braid was in there, do you know what page its on ?