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  1. Im so sad about this, my heart goes out to his family
  2. Did anyone hear that Gregg from Keystone Sewing in Philadelphia passed away ? He was a contributor to this group and i had no idea that he passed. He purchased a wallet from me years ago and was a great guy !!!!! He will be dearly missed !!!!!
  3. I'm a bit confused which is the inner presser foot and which is the outer presser foot and which one primarily controls the amount of pressure, can someone clarify this for me. Thanks
  4. Thanks Greg, So if i have this right the first two numbers will tell me what year it was made correct ?
  5. How do i identify when my used Consew RB-5 was made ? Thanks everyone.
  6. Which one is better or are they comparable, the Seiko is made in Japan and the Consew is made in China, both come with a table, servo, safety clutch and a speed reducer for $1,400 Thank you
  7. I have a chance to buy a 7 year old Seiko refurbished machine that looks in very good condition for $1,150 with a table and servo motor, a speed reducer is $100 extra, Is this a fair price?
  8. Pintodeluxe, This Seiko is refurbished from a sewing machine shop, they are asking $1,150, with table and servo, the speed reducer is $100 extra What makes the Juki 563 a better machine ? I have my eye on a Juki 15-41 S also There asking $1,800 for it brand new with a table servo and speed reducer, but they are back ordered until january
  9. So my adler deal fell through. How do you guys feel about the Seiko STH-8BLD-3, Is it a good reliable workhorse for leather and canvas ? Thanks
  10. Is anyone familiar with the Chandler 167 373 triple feed sewing machine, i believe its made by Adler. Is this machine good for sewing leather and 12 ounce canvas, men's wallets and things like that, They are asking $600 for it with a table and clutch motor, they said the timing has been adjusted and they replaced the hook, Does this machine accept attachments such as the edge binding attachements ? A picture of it is attached Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. I found this singer 111w155, I think it's been painted, surface scratches appear to have black underneath but I'm not completely sure, the serial number is W1376837 Can anyone tell me how old it is and where it was maid It sewed my leather very nicely using #138 thread on top He is asking $600 for the head,table and consew clutch motor, it's been serviced and cleaned Is this setup worth $600 ?
  12. I also see a couple pfaffs for sale , is there a particular model that is good for sewing leather wallets, are parts readily available ?
  13. Thanks, unfortunately the singer 111w155 was sold, is the 154 worth purchasing for $450 ?
  14. Thank you, so im assuming this machine is a triple feed ?
  15. I have a chance to purchase either the singer 111w155 or a singer 111w154. I mainly make men's wallets which are usually 1/4" in thickness. Can anyone let me know what the differences are between these two machines, and which one is better for making leather wallets also what's the maximum and minimum thread and needle size can these machines handle. Thank you Don A.
  16. What are the brand names of the clones of the consew 206rb-5 ? Thanks
  17. I wonder if it would be good for making wallets ?
  18. I wonder why he took them down, they were a great resource ?
  19. I make wallets and once the layers are stacked they add up to about 1/4", I have my eye on two machines, The Sailrite Fabricator and the Consew 206RB-5, Both are about the same price, I see advantages and disadvantages with both, Sailrite seems to have excellent customer service and lots of accessories and videos a decent 2 year limited warranty but a low resale value, the Consew seems to have less customer service and a higher resale value, and a shorter limited warranty, and believe it or not the two industrial sewing machine stores near me aren't willing to open on a saturday so i can actually sit down and try the Consew and make a sale. They both seem to be very capable machines for my application but i honestly just dont know, any advise or help is greatly appreciated
  20. I can't find any of chief31794 you tube videos for the mexican roind braid, does anyone know where they are ???? Thanks
  21. What size and style edge beveler should i use on 3 to 4 ounce leather, Im thinking a #1 or #0 any help is appreciated
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