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  1. Interesting I like the history, and I have a ton of questions about where the different designs came from such as with the MITSUBISHI LU2-410, does anyone know if this is a good design and the history of it? Looks like this design is being copied by Yamata FY5618 and Reliable 4000. I just worry a bit about these knock off machines using poorly hardened screws, poor quality bearings and shafts. So I got some money to spend but I want to research it all and make a good choice.
  2. So lets say 3 layers of 8-9oz leather is what I sew on the most, in this case what Techsew machine can you recommend? Could a motor upgrade and a reducer pulley added to say that Consew 206 head only purchase then make this job doable?
  3. Thanks for the advice! I am still looking at both old and new machines and the knock off brands too. Today I came across a Chandler 406RB-1 that has an oval logo and a pained different style logo and how do these compare with the new Consew 206RB-5?
  4. I just realized I made a typo I was actually looking at Tacsew T111-155 again I had know idea there was a Techsew 0302. I did not know this about the Seiko STH-8BLD-3, so I added it to my short list. I agree with you about the Engineers back in those good old days when quality was everything.
  5. I am a part time hobbyist and my projects will be mostly heavy fabric, making things like awnings, tents, back packs, and maybe some leather projects using 3 layers of 8-9 oz tooling leather. I will say I love the old machines such as a Juki LU 562 BUT I am really concerned about spending that amount of money on such an old machine unless I was assured it was in good working order. So I am leaning more to the new machines and I have two in my sights and that is the Consew 206RB-5 or the Juki DNU 1541S. What are the thoughts on Techsew brand? Consew 206RB-5 VS. Juki DNU 1541S ? Older used suggestions? I will say I would rather spend $300 more on a comparable machine if the quality and design is considered to be better. Thanks!
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