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  1. The 144 was in the ballpark but that 29 sure was crazy high$$,Thanks for posting the results.
  2. Lift the pressure foot up & push the needlebar front to back,is there much play?
  3. The 15x1 home machine needle with the flat spot will put the needle closer to the hook & might even hit causing damage to the point.
  4. We recently had one of this in here that didn't have a flat spot on the shaft for the feed cam & when we adjusted the stitch length it would do what yours is doing.It's not too hard of a fix,mark the shaft were the screw is when it's sewing like it should then loosen the 2-screws in the cam & slide the cam to the right & grind a v-shaped slot into the shaft.Move it back & tighten the screws.
  5. It's a 9/32x20 TPI we have them for $2.50 ea.
  6. Good point BUT the key is prevention! I'm not saying this is the case here. But, I always stress to people when they buy one from us is to make sure to hold onto the needle thread when you start sewing. IDK how many jams it can take to break, it causes a lot of stress on the driver. So if your machine ever jams DO NOT try to use the motor to power through it, they are strong enough esp with the reducer to make this happen. Shut the motor off & turn the wheel backwards. If you can't turn the machine take the hook & race out to unclog it.
  7. Same as the one above. rex_Chandler.pdf
  8. They do have a good video & it really isn't that hard of a job to do,you change it & then re-time it,1/2 hr time @ the most.
  9. Good points,but if he uses a rachet w/a extension he better hold it alittle sideways(instead of going straight in) so it doesn't strip it out as these are real tight.
  10. Here's one I made for all 3 brands of needle & awls machines. Landis_Champion__Amer_Straight_needle_chart.pdf
  11. Like so many older Singers they are well-built but certain models have specialized parts that will be almost impossible to find like the feed dog & needle plate for this one,you could get the hole welded & redrill it.Or take it to a machine shop & have a new one made.The feed dog in the picture looks like it's still in good shape though.
  12. That bracket is a belt guard probably mounts on the end of machine,you don't need it.We have the needle plate in stock if you need one.
  13. We are a Pfaff dealer & have this part in stock,give us a call & we can ship it out today.
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