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  1. Looping underneath is almost always either incorrect threading or upper needle thread too loose.Be sure to go around the 2nd tension on the side 1 & 1/2x ,also be sure to run through 2-holes on the spool pin on top.
  2. Are you pushing the plunger all the way down?
  3. College Sewing in the UK should have a complete tension for you.
  4. Your Welcome. It might help you sometimes if you fill out some of your profile so people know where you live.They can recommend a supplier to order from.
  5. This tension post is an old style someone put in it,it's hardened & will never drill,a new complete tension unit is around $8.00 + postage.
  6. On some older Singers there's a tension release on the side,not in the middle,if you look in the hole after you take the tension out can you see the release lever back there? part # 20314 is the old style.
  7. Do you know what might be the reason to instead opt for 135x17 needles? Are they more common/cheaper than 134-35? Yes,the 135x17 are easier to get .Another reason to go to a longer needle is with the slight rise of the needlebar will allow you to sew thicker before the needlebar hits the foot.
  8. Yes,you can turn the bar & the 144W feet will fit.
  9. Like others have said make sure there's no play in any of the parts.Then we used to drill a hole just beyond the bottom of the slot & take a file or grinder & open it up so you have a longer slot & this will make the stitch length longer.
  10. Just to clarify the 135x17 measures 38.9 & the 134-35 is 38.1 that is 0.8 mm approx 1/32" difference.If the machine is already tested for the 134-35 then the 135x17 will also work.We sell alot of the 134-35 to people with the 135x17 or 16 & always mention if they have a problem with skipping stitches they might need to lower the needlebar a small amount.
  11. Tilt the machine back,look @ the clutch & then turn the machine until you see the hole in the outer part & make sure you can see the BB in there B4 doing anything else.I'm sure it's in there BUT we need to know for sure.
  12. Yes,the machine will turn & so will the hook unlike the 111w type machines,but when the clutch kicks out it will appear to be out of time like your machine is.
  13. These hardly ever go out of time,you should double check the safety clutch & make sure you can see the BB in the hole of the clutch.
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