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  1. Looks like screw #1365.See attached parts list. 226R-1.pdf (consew.com)
  2. Once in a while the lower disc behind the check spring splits & can pinch the thread.You also want to make sure it isn't getting caught on the thread stand?
  3. @BrickCityBeasts Did you take the large screw out of this clamp? Or is it missing?
  4. When you put the needle plate back on make sure the little tab of the bobbincase is in the slot of the needle plate which is @ the 9:00 position.Also make sure it's threaded correctly & that you have enough tension & hold on the the needle thread for the 1st 3-4 stitches.
  5. @BrickCityBeasts Glad you like the reducer! You might need to adjust the reverse & foward stitch length ,foward stitch is the lower screw,loosen the locknut & turn the screw to the left,the upper screw in the pic is for reverse.You might need to ajust both so the stitch length is the same in foward & reverse.
  6. The best way to adjust this is loosen the screw in the stitch indicator,then push the button in & adjust the stitch length to full length.Then spin the indicator to the #5 & tighten the set screw on it.
  7. Like Gary said you might have to not set your needle so deep.Here's a manual. Bonis manual.pdf
  8. @Devorah Here's a couple of manuals for the 269 & yes they aren't the easiest machine in the world to work on. class_269w.pdf 269w.pdf
  9. It's possible he made a wooden crate for it & that's why it so heavy?
  10. When I ship them double-boxed they weigh 52 Lbs (the extra box & packing weigh 6 lbs) he might want to re-check the weight because he's way off.
  11. Do you have any play or movement of the needlebar left to right ?
  12. The only advantage of this machine over the Consew is the higher lift & easier stitch length adjustment.It should take a longer (190R) needle and only Pfaff feet fit Pfaff's so they tend to cost more $.If you were to buy a Juki 562,563,1541 or 1508 your Consew feet will interchange.
  13. Yes,buy it's a great machine for auto upholstery.
  14. Yes,but like I mentioned b4 Sailrite chgs alot for everything.we sell these same feet & have them in stock for $10.00 ea.
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