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  1. Yes,it will slow it down,you will probably need to extend the belt slot so the belt doesn't rub.
  2. CowboyBob

    Cowboy 4500 Won't Stop. Servo Problem?

    Hannah,Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad I thought of doing that,the problem is since we changed to this style of motor we are not having enough problems to know what to do when something happens.
  3. Yes,I think that setup would work great.
  4. CowboyBob

    Juki LU 563

    The feed cam you need to adjust is on the lower shaft,the same one that makes the stitch length,but the first thing to check is did you make sure to line the marks on the lower shaft with the take up lever all the way at the top when you installed the timing belt? Also make sure this cam has the screw marked S on the cam is in the slot on the shaft,along with the cam under the feed dog needs to be in slot too.
  5. CowboyBob

    Cuz taxes didn't suck enough ...

    So meanwhile here in the US they will probably have to hire some more inefficient workers & then have to build larger buildings (gotta spend the $$ you know) to track the non-payers down & I'm sure they will devise some penalty or interest for non-compliers!!
  6. CowboyBob

    singer 211g156

    The price is in the ballpark,maybe you can get it for less? It will probably have a clutchmotor on it that you'll need to change to a servo so you can control the speed.This machine will sew to around 5/16" or 20 oz of leather & use up to #138 thread.
  7. CowboyBob

    Job Specific Sewing Machines

    Get a flat steel pulley with large enough center to go over the shoulder of the wheel & drill through the side of it & the handwheel that is on the machine,use 3 or 4 bolts & nuts evenly spaced.
  8. CowboyBob

    Union Lockstitch Manual

    Your Welcome ,the credit goes to Campbell-Randall for making it,yes, the original 3 pages sure left a lot to be desired.
  9. CowboyBob

    Union Lockstitch Manual

    Found it. union_lockstitch.pdf
  10. CowboyBob

    Mitsubishi DU-105 22, advice needed

    The tension release only works when you pick up the foot,it has nothing to do with tension settings.Have you taken the adjuster nut off & taken the discs out to check for grooves & or lint or dirt on them?
  11. CowboyBob

    Cowboy 3200 PRO Question

    No,when you flip the base over the holes for the pedals will be further away from your feet like you want.
  12. CowboyBob

    consew sewing machine

    No 346 won't work,I have a customer here in town that is using#277 BUT it is on vinyl for top stitching cars seats,on leather you have more friction with the larger needle & you just can't get enough foot pressure to hold the leather down so it will skip stitches & break thread if you go much over 1/4" thickness with a bigger needle #25 that the larger thread requires.
  13. CowboyBob

    Cowboy 3200 PRO Question

    You can flip the base over & then the pedals will be towards the back.This will take alittle work because you'll have to take the head off the table,lay the stand down,unbolt the base,take the pedals off & re-install on the otherside,put the castors on the otherside & bolt the column back on.
  14. CowboyBob

    Pfaff 145

    Some of these 145's are for binding & the feed dog didn't lift ,sounds like what you have.
  15. I found one in our stock that has the plug.