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  1. Here's the threading,your missing the check spring adjuster & screw on your machine
  2. No,like he said once it's unscrewed pull on it as you twist it & it'll come out.
  3. The bracket behind the tension can be bent either way(by using 2-screwdrivers) to fine tune the opening of the discs & always needs to be done when installing a new one.You could ecchange the new bracket on the back & use the old one to save some time.
  4. We sell alot of these arms part#226292 to people to mount the binders with.It fastens in the tapped hole in the middle of the bed with 1-screw.We also put a tack weld on the backside to keep it from pivoting since this bracket only has 1 screw to hold the binder.
  5. Just saw this,glad to see you got it figured out.Just thought I'd mention if you ever break the needlebar screw you can almost always get them out by clamping some vice-grips on the needle stub twist it alittle as you pull down & remove it.Then with the pressure of it the screw will back out by using the point of a needle.
  6. Maybe the (back) aka pressure bar is stuck?
  7. That's right I forgot those take a smaller shank,You can get a 71x1 needle same length & shank diameter up to size #140
  8. You can't change the stroke BUT you can buy these 135x5 needles up to size #24,I know they are shorter but they will fit in w/o any problems.this isn't a real heavy duty machine either so you'll be limited to sewing around 8mm at the most.You might try to adjust the needlebar up so the longer 135x17's will fit & it will give you more clearance for thicker webbing but IDK if this machine would ever sew 12mm consistently.
  9. The 3 cord too large & stiff to pull up,polyester is alittle softer & might pull up better or try the next size smaller thread in the bobbin FF or 138 will make a better stitch with 3 cord in the needle,if your sewing leather a leather point might help too.
  10. They used a zig-zag machine with a double needle something like a Singer 107w it has a single bobbin that connects two double needle stitches together as it sews.
  11. At the top of the page -Shop closed for good as of 12/20/2022. Thank you and farewell.
  12. We just got some 750 watt Consew motors in & it sells for $189.00 or $219.00 w/needle postioner.We also can install the 45mm pulley @ no charge, since they come with a 3" or 75mm so they will run slower.Prices include shpg in the lower 48 states.
  13. I think your over thinking it.The length of the needle doesn't matter as long as it's not too long & will hit on the upstroke OR too short & hit the feet over a thick seam.I have changed alot of 111W154's over the years to the common 135x17,you instali the new needlebar,set the height so the hook comes in 1/8" above to eye & sew with it!
  14. Same length & even if it was easy to adjust by adjusting height of the needlebar when you install it.The main reason to change is you will have no problems getting needles in any size & points you want real easy.
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