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  1. CowboyBob

    Singer 6-1

    It makes a regular lockstitch. Parts will be very hard to find if needed for it.
  2. Ok, put your stitch length on zero so the feed dogs aren't moving & measure the distance from the needle plate opening to the feed dog on both the front & back they need to the same distance.Look @ the hook position on page #2.In this manual.Note to everyone NEVER USE CAM ON TOP FOR HOOK TIMING! 441 Engineers manual.pdf
  3. This screw is still tight on the shaft & this adjustment does not need to be made.If it was my machine I would leave it alone.There is also 2 other larger screws that hold it tight to the shaft so it should never move.
  4. This is NOT where you time these machines!That adjusts when the hook starts it foward motion in relation to the needle. Look behind the round front plate on the lower rightside,you turn the machine so the needlebar is about an inch into the material & you'll see a 6mm allen in there.THIS is the timing adjustment for the hook.Lower the needlebar down all the way & turn machine handwheel towards you until it rises 5.5mm the the point of the shuttle should be @ the needle & approx a good 1/8" above the top of the eye of the needle.Like Rockyaussie mentioned check to see if the bar got pushed up first b4 you start adjusting the hook! Look @ screw #2 in the attached file.This is the one that is attached to the hook driver & the only way to adjust the timing.So re-tighten your other screws ,your machine should be OK & just use this method for re-timing. CB441 manual pg8.pdf
  5. CowboyBob

    Sewing Machine Thread

    You might want to check these out.
  6. I think the best thing to do is loosen the screws that hold the cam in place,each screw has a locking screw,so loosen the locking one first & then you can back the other one out 1/2 a turn,do this to all 4 & it should break loose.It would be pretty hard for any penetrating lube to get into the correct spot ,so this will work.Then of course you'll have to snug the screws back down & re-tighten the lock screws b4 you run it.It looks like your machine has allen screws in it.
  7. My guess would be like most other needles they put a scarf in them so they will work in modern machines.
  8. CowboyBob

    Cowboy 3200 Foot tension problem.

    Do you have enough slack in to foot lift chain?
  9. CowboyBob

    SL 71 patcher problem bending bobbins

    Are you holding onto the needle thread for the first 3 stitches?
  10. I can't speak for other dealers BUT I would say anyone that is selling machines probably would or should check them.Many years ago when we were selling the Adler 205's everyone we tested seemed to sew good since they were tested when we got them so we just started shipping them w/o testing a maybe the 3rd one didn't sew when the customer received it so we decided quickly that machine ever goes out w/o being gone over (this means checking every nut,bolt & screw for tightness) we also check timing,tension & oil & test sew every machine & it doesn't matter what brand.
  11. CowboyBob

    Timing belt singer 108 w20 have to make it

    I checked with 2 different suppliers of parts here & they both say they are discontinued!
  12. CowboyBob

    Timing belt singer 108 w20 have to make it

    Hey Ray, It has 35 teeth & here's a manual. 108u20.pdf
  13. CowboyBob

    Pfaff 1245 threading

    Someone put a double needle tension on your machine & cut one of the posts off(on the rightside),you can see the marks, so when you thread it on the lower discs put it through the one on the back so the thread runs straight. I couldn't find a 1245 manual but the threading is the same as this manual which you must have right or else it wouldn't be sewing. Pfaff 141, 143, 145, 151, 153; 142, 144, 146 Instruction Manual.pdf
  14. What size thread is this? And are you SURE it is threaded correctly & don't forget the hold your needle thread the first 3 stitches.
  15. Yes,these screw are 1/8"x44tpi,it's possible that the PO ran them loose & the holes got enlongated & won't stay tight properly,Locktite should work work,if not you could buy a new feed bar if you can't get them to hold.