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  1. Hello Dominic ,you spoke with Bob Kovar,Thanks for your order & we'll let you know when they pick it up.
  2. $20 is a good deal,yes there are quite a few different factories these are made & the quality can very,some even come from the factory Sailrite gets them from but it's hit or miss to figure out which brand is best.One thing about Sailrite is they are also a "clone" of the old Thompson machines from the 1970's & they do buy them from a factory that makes a better quality.
  3. Showed up fpr me,it's a HD fur machine.
  4. Oh,ok I understand what you mean.Have you checked the set screws for the postioner on the handwheel?
  5. This is normal,there is a finger that sets in the groove of what we call the hook basket,it has to have some play to allow the thread to travel through.Put the bobbin in,thread the needle & turn the machine slowly & watch what happens it will help you to understand why it needs the play.The biggest problem with these machines is the lack of oiling the ridge on the hook basket causing it to bind up.
  6. If it sews good I would say yes.If you wait I'm sure you might get one cheaper but you never how long you might have to wait.
  7. I've never seen one that wasn't adjustable.Look in this attached file.It's the same is Singer 111w,211w,Consew 225,226,255,Juki 562,563. 441 top feed cam.pdf
  8. I've found it's not good to buy a cheap hook,you get what you pay for,stick with a Hirose or Cerlani they should be close to $150.00,there are also some Juki 563 saddles on ebay that you should buy & then you won't have to machine yours.
  9. If you loosen screw #4 you should be able to push the bushing marked #3 to the right.
  10. I've wondered why myself & was always told they were made for sewing the vamps on a shoe.But it would be hard for a right-handed person to sew with so maybe they were specially made for left-handed people to sew in the shoe factory?
  11. David,Looks like it's stitching pretty good.I wished I kept ser# of the Landis 3's I've sold over the yrs, because I'm almost certain I painted & sold this one many years ago,we used to paint alot of them this color & also used angle iron to hold them to the table.And we had a fellow come in one time that looked @ some machines in the warehouse house while any guy was there alone & alot of the plates & shuttles came up missing after he left, so we had them made up in bronze like this one has.
  12. I can't tell you what was in someones head when they did this because I don't know of any reason other than maybe the last belt fit loose so they "tried" to make it tighter.I would take a Dremel & grind off the high points of punch mark & called it fixed.
  13. I wish I knew more about there but here's a pic of one we have ser#9446 & it has a spring for tension on the shuttle.
  14. Yes,some of the older machines like the 225 & 226 do not have the holes drilled & tapped for this to mount.
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