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  1. CowboyBob

    Tension problems

    The most common cause for looping underneath is improper threading(make sure it's pulled all the way between the discs) or too loose of tension.
  2. CowboyBob

    Parts for Singer 111w155

    No,shpg is extra.
  3. CowboyBob

    Parts for Singer 111w155

    Top $75.00 ,lower $68.00.
  4. CowboyBob

    Parts for Singer 111w155

    We have both shafts in stock.
  5. CowboyBob

    Long shot...Siruba machines?

    I would spray something like WD40 on it & blow it off with air if you have an air compressor.That arm is for the upper thread to make it cover the stitch on top,it really isn't that hard to install,put it on & you'll see it needs to go in front of the needles,all the way to the left so the thread from it goes behind all the needles. Any clear sewing machine oil will work.
  6. Most 45's will only sew to 3/8",45K53 was their harness stitcher,it has feed dogs that pull the leather back & sewed to 1/2".
  7. CowboyBob

    Pfaff 1245 Thread jam

    Did it pull up the bobbin thread ok?
  8. CowboyBob

    Long shot...Siruba machines?

    A 5-spool uses 3-spools on the over edge with the right needle & 2 spools with the left needle ,the looper goes on the right overcast looper,the one that goes over the top & will turn your machine intp a 4-spool w/a a true safety stitch.
  9. CowboyBob

    Long shot...Siruba machines?

    Some brands have a looper you can buy that eliminates the one thread to convert it to a 4-spool. There's one on ebay,I tried to cut & paste it but it won't work,it's called a spreader $15.00
  10. CowboyBob

    PFAFF 145 needle adjustment in feed dog

    Or the hole the needle fits into is wore out & when you tighten it up you should be able to see it move to the left.Or you can also check it with the needle set screw loose see how much the needle moves left to right in the hole.
  11. CowboyBob

    Need part for Chinese patcher

    We have that part in stock or I can give you the measurement when I get back into the shop tomorrow.
  12. CowboyBob

    I want to restore a Singer 111W153

    Yes,someone must of changed the brass plate over the years,sometimes if you take it off & look at the other side you'll find the correct model#.It is something like a 111w101,103.
  13. The feet & needlebar will be no problem to get,it's the feed dog & needle plate,I've never seen any like that on a Singer before,that's probably what the SV(special version) is about.So you'll have to call Tennessee Attachment & send your old plate & feed dog to them & they'll make what ever guage you want. I really doubt you ever find any like that.
  14. We have these metal hinges to fit on the head that will work with the euro style rubber mounts.