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  1. It takes a quite a while for the electricity to deplete when you shut it off & by pressing on the pedal you got rid of the stored juice in the capacitors so it could reset itself.
  2. I have 2 customers that are using the 206RB-5 (china) made machine using #277 on top for top stitching on car seats.
  3. He's right that's what they fit along with Consew 744,745,Juki 158 & Singer 145.
  4. Some 40 yrs ago when I first started working on machines I went & oiled a neighbors old treadle machine,it got stiff I oiled it more & it tied up.She wasn't happy so I took the head to work & told an old timer what happened & he started laughing & finally after a few minutes he told me yes,that happens from 3 in 1 oil.It has wax in it & it builds up after time & when you use regular machine oil it swells up in the bearings.So I put some diesel fuel in the top shaft bearings ,it started to turn alittle & took it home & held the wheel against an air compresser belt & it freed up.She was happy when I brought it back.
  5. Looks like someone wanted a Singer so somebody re-painted & put a Singer decal on a machine.If it's a Seiko it should have some parts w/Seiko on them,otherwise it could be a China or Taiwan copy.
  6. That's a good price!They aren't that hard to handle if you take the 4-screws off from under the head & separate the head from the base & carry it in 2-pieces.They should always be transported this way to prevent breakage along with being alot easier to handle.
  7. No,usually 20oz (5/16")is max it will sew with the standard needle that comes with it,go any thicker & the needlebar will hit the top of the foot.
  8. Schmetz has them too & they better quality than Organ.
  9. It's possible you didn't get the outer race that holds the hook on seated all the way into the machine allowing the play.
  10. Some of the 550W come with a 75 mm pulley,there is a 45 mm available that will give you more torque,also if you turn the speed dial down too much it won't have full power.We put the 550w brush style motor w/a reducer on machines that sew over 3/4" of leather & they work great.In the past the brushless type had a higher starting speed & the circuit board would burnout so we gave up on them.They may have been improved by now since I don't see many people having that problem.
  11. The 45K never had a walking foot needle feed like the Juki so they will not interchange.The back or outside foot has to be wider for the inside to fit into.
  12. The 269 will sew thicker ,has a higher lift under the foot,will take a larger thread & has a larger bobbin than the 69,but at these prices I would buy them both.
  13. I've used whatever was on hand from a 1/3,1/2,3/4 hp put the smallest pulley on the motor you can find to keep the speed down.
  14. @austinious looks great with the LR needle.
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