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  1. Have you tried loosening the foot pressure? And yes some leathers are softer than others & you may need to rub out the marks.
  2. This could be a timing issue but we'll start with the easier causes first.Check your needlebar thread guide by taking some thread & pulling through it & see if it shreds,also check the bottom of your inside foot & feed dog for burrs or sharp spots.
  3. Yes,we used this type of servo years ago & stopped after so many complaints,the ramp speed & lack of low end torque topped off by the boards burning out in 2-3 out of 10 we discontinued buying them & switched to the type with brushes. We have tested & even have the 1100 watt servos for sale BUT have found that it lacks the punching power @ low speed & won't run as slow as our little FS550 servo does with a speed reducer on it,the brush type of motor also seems to have more low end torque.We stopped using the electronic servos years ago & have had alot less problems do to their simplicity,they also seem to have a long brush life.
  4. Looks good & at 4-1 that should work real slow esp if you ever get a servo motor.
  5. If your on Facebook you might want to join the Holsters for Handguns page,there's alot of knowledge on there about other guns that may work.
  6. Loosen the lower screw on this plate behind the stitch length adjuster & take out the upper one & put a 1/4" washer behind this stitch length bracket ,reinstall screw & test.
  7. This happens from not being moved for a long time.Oil oil dries up & can make things like this stick together.I doubt if you'll have problems adjusting it again,I would oil the shaft either it will just make it slip out of time easier.
  8. From looking @ your pic it appears the feed dog isn't far enough above the needle plate.
  9. Is the feed dog lifting high enough it can cause a drag on your material if isn't? You can also check the needlebar by pushing it front to back & see how much play it has,also do this with the feed dog & then follow back on the shafts & you might find a loose or wornout part.
  10. G'morning sir - 

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions about the Consew 332 I got for cheap on Craigslist. I'm ordering in supplies so when it gets out of the shop I'm ready to rock ... and I'd love to order one of your servos - but I don't see online ordering on your site. Do I need to call it in?

    I'm also trying to find non-prewound bobbins for the 332. Threadexchange.com says I need "G style" but I can't find them on Amazon and ebay, and I don't know anything about what I'm doing, so I hate to buy-and-hope-I-got-the-right-thing.

    So ... 

    Can I order from your site, or should I just call you?

    Do y'all sell bobbins and needles?


    1. CowboyBob



       Yes,we sell the needles & bobbins,thread & anything else you might need for it.BUT do not have an online odering so youll have to call in.


  11. Yes,it's a good machine.Should sew up to 20oz of leather which is 5/16" thick using #138 thread.Parts are easy to get & reasonably priced unlike a Pfaff or Adler.
  12. Looks like a nice machine,someone put a larger handwheel on it which will help it to run slower.@handstitched that type of pedal just sets on the bracket & probably fell of during the move.
  13. Good buy,but you should consider size 138 as the largest thread & use#92 in the bobbin.
  14. Yes,as Wiz said get the Singer parts & feet are alot cheaper since they are used in many different brands.
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