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  1. I was reading about the dog armour but the pictures aren’t avaialble so I went looking and this is what came up. I am still laughing!! TY
  2. I have emailed without response several times. Missing my friend a great deal today. Godspeed.
  3. What's the difference between the Yamata GC 5318 and the FY 5318?  I tried Google and got nothing but FY. 

    thank you for your time!


    1. CowboyBob


      IDK,I'm almost certain they are the same machine.

  4. Exceptional! I love them both! TY
  5. If still available, I would love to purchase these now! TY
  6. Thank you. I made a few with bling, will have to post pics later. TY
  7. I had to order the Stafford knots from the U.K. (If anyone knows where to get them in the US, please do tell!!). This collar and leash set was a rush job- they left the next day to the big Staffordshire Bull Terrier specialty in Fresno the following day and the boy wearing the collar won Reserve Winners Dog out of a bazillion of them by U.K. Judges! Awesomeness! Anyway- not my best work due to the rushed nature of things but not bad.
  8. I've made 15-15 leashes this weekend. Still cannot figure out how to shrink photos enough so I will share the one that is the most fun.
  9. Below is my latest creation made with exceptional bling from RaySouth and the outstanding stitching of my CB3500 from none other than CowboyBob! Thanks much, gentlemen, for your guidance and superior merchandise.
  10. They are lovely, and no longer available.
  11. RoamingGnome, I have several clients with mini schnauzers who love the rolled leather. It doesn't damage the coat on the neck when they are growing out and seems to be less irritating to the neck flesh when shaved. You might reconsider the rolled leather for your latest pooch! <wink>
  12. Here is another collar I made. I am SO pleased with my CB-3500 from CowboyBob. It does amazing things, I'm just along for the ride! This is my first attempt at rolled leather. I looked at an old collar I got back in the early 90s and tried to copy it as best I could. I am pleased with how it turned out. This CB-3500 makes things that look really hard as easy as cutting warm butter! Pic was before I burnished. TY
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