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  1. In the pic above it looks like the point of the hook isn't close enough to the needle.And once in a while the needle hole in the needlebar gets elongated (on the leftside)from repetitive tightening of the needle . I've seen where the needle actually looks crooked when tightened if that's not the case here you should loosen the hook saddle & move it to the left..
  2. @groundyThe correct # for the cloth type is #235003(which is hard to find) or #224195 like Constabulary said for the rubber one.
  3. They sew similar materials but the parts don't interchange between them.
  4. If you loosen the needle set screw how far does the needle move left to right?
  5. Thought some of you might like to see which machines compare to each other. Industrial machine comparison chart.pdf
  6. On this machine with #92 thread approx 5/16" or 20 oz of leather.
  7. There's a free classified section for used machines on this site that works good.
  8. We have this screw in stock Singer#200006 17/64 x 24tpi.It's 3/4" long
  9. We sell the same needle for $16.00 a pack of 10
  10. No that is the same,the 156 has another button on top.Like I wrote on FB either the belt is on wrong or the cams aren't in the slot on the bottom shafts.
  11. Still adjusts the same,the only difference is the 156 has a push button to adjust the height of the foot walk on the top.
  12. @jsfarm 211g165 manual.pdf There's 2 -ways to adjust the machine to feed in reverse,first check that the timing belt is installed correctly as shown on page #24 in this manual.If not when you adjust it so it is you'll have to re-time the hook.
  13. @shazbaz There's a service info on the 111w in this file,you have to scroll some to find it. Navy_Repair_manual_on_31-15,111w,199_zig-zag.pdf
  14. Are you holding onto the needle thread for the first 3 stitches?
  15. If your sure that's correct you can rotate the cam on the top shaft(there's 2 screws,one might be in a slot on the shaft),the one in the back where the rod comes out.IDK which way you'll need to turn it but try one way & if it gets better you got lucky if not go the other way.
  16. Are you sure the feed timing is correct?You want the feed dog all the way back & starting to go down as the needle enters the material.
  17. Looks like the feed cam slipped 180,this is the cam on the rightside on the top shaft underneath the oblong plate.It have 2-screws,loosen both & put the screwdriver in one screw to hold the cam & turn the handwheel half way around,snug one screw & check the feed it should be close,adjust one way or the other as needed.
  18. Yes,the only difference is the raised gib (for thinner threads) otherwise they are the same.
  19. @Ken2 Here's a couple pics.You can lay a piece of cardboard on top of the arm & make a pattern.If I made this one I would of used some thin angle iron & 2 screws for the mounting tabs.
  20. Yes good machine,parts from the 29K71 will fit it,so it's better then a 29-4 which take different parts many which are not made anymore.
  21. Wrong needle,these are home machine needles & are approx 1/4" too short,you need to buy 135x16 needles.You shouldn't have any problem finding them,but if you do we have them in stock.
  22. Looks like screw #1365.See attached parts list. 226R-1.pdf (consew.com)
  23. Once in a while the lower disc behind the check spring splits & can pinch the thread.You also want to make sure it isn't getting caught on the thread stand?
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