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  1. CowboyBob

    Threading an Adler 105-64

    We recommend going through 2-holes as some threads have a tendency to work their way out of the 1st tension if you only go through 1-hole,the slight extra tension it gives will prevent it from happening.
  2. Maybe this will help?
  3. CowboyBob

    Changing pulley on a Family Sew motor

    We don't have any problems with the pulleys fitting,we order them with the small pulley.
  4. We can make one for you.
  5. CowboyBob

    Juki 441 User Manual and oiling points

    Here's a chart,but you cannot go wrong by oiling every spot were metal rubs against metal & any pivot point,oil the groove the shuttle rides in everytime you change a bobbin. HTH
  6. CowboyBob

    Landis #3 threading

    Don't forget back when these machines were made they never knew about this new-fangled nylon twisted thread,so I think you have so much pressure @ that point it's pinching the thread too much,try a lighter spring.I've ran them with nylon & never had any trouble.
  7. CowboyBob

    Singer 97-10 help

    You only need that part called the thread lock for when your sewing real thick leather like 3/4" or so.You can use a 1/2 -3/4 HP motor.
  8. CowboyBob

    Singer 44-10

    Ken, It has an oscillating shuttle w/a round bobbin & uses up to #92 thread.
  9. CowboyBob

    Singer 531b-8bl Info

    I've sold a few of them yrs ago & think it was in the middle to late 1980's that they had them.
  10. CowboyBob

    Need help Identifying this Consew machine

    I doubt if it's a Consew,the label could of just been stuck on there be someone along the line.Lookup Mitubishi DY-337,the newest & improved model with auto-lube is probably on ebay model #318 or 5318. It has the top feed feet that have teeth on them & the lower feed dog has them too & will mark & scratch leather,these are great sewing canvas.& tarps.
  11. CowboyBob

    Help with Singer 236 Needles

    128x20 is a round point ,128x22 leather point is correct needle for your machine.
  12. CowboyBob

    Help with Singer 236 Needles

    Most people would use the needle that is recommended,if your machine has been re-timed it's just a matter of adjusting the needlebar to use the correct needles that you have.You just take the needle plate off & turn the machine around until the point of the hook is @ the needle & the eye needs to be approx. 1/8" below the hook point.If it needs to be adjusted,open the faceplate,locate the screw on the needlebar clamp ,loosen it & raise or lower as needed.When reinstalling the needle plate be sure the small metal tab on the bobbincase is in the groove of the needle plate before you tighten the screws.
  13. CowboyBob

    7-34 Motor recommendation ?

    FWIW ,the one we sell runs slower due to the 2" pulley Everyone else including Consew sells them w/a 3" pulley.
  14. CowboyBob

    Tippmann Aerostitch II still available?

    Yes,they phased these out quite a few yrs ago & do not even have any parts for them. You could sew on the road with this one Driver!
  15. CowboyBob

    Paint match Consew Grey?

    The some of the older Consews where black from the factory.Home Depot has a hammertone grey that'll work if you want it grey.
  16. You might try oiling the pressure bar at the bushings.
  17. CowboyBob

    Tension problems

    The most common cause for looping underneath is improper threading(make sure it's pulled all the way between the discs) or too loose of tension.
  18. CowboyBob

    Parts for Singer 111w155

    No,shpg is extra.
  19. CowboyBob

    Parts for Singer 111w155

    Top $75.00 ,lower $68.00.
  20. CowboyBob

    Parts for Singer 111w155

    We have both shafts in stock.
  21. CowboyBob

    Long shot...Siruba machines?

    I would spray something like WD40 on it & blow it off with air if you have an air compressor.That arm is for the upper thread to make it cover the stitch on top,it really isn't that hard to install,put it on & you'll see it needs to go in front of the needles,all the way to the left so the thread from it goes behind all the needles. Any clear sewing machine oil will work.
  22. Most 45's will only sew to 3/8",45K53 was their harness stitcher,it has feed dogs that pull the leather back & sewed to 1/2".
  23. CowboyBob

    Pfaff 1245 Thread jam

    Did it pull up the bobbin thread ok?