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  1. The magic of 3D print is that you can design a feature that with regular machining would be a nightmare. The arm has an inside hole 0.2mm wider than the 3mm rod I used. CA glued it and slide it in with a toothpick Pablo
  2. Update: Could not find the part, so I made it! Inside the arm is a 3mm stainless rod to give it strength, its sewing fine! Now I need to make the open toe, pretty sure 3D print will not work due to is geometry. But at least now I can see what I'm sewing and without touching the OEM part. Pablo
  3. No offense taken!!! Today I was thinking that maybe a good idea is to setup an old cellphone and record all my stitching until the error happens again, this may take time, but since this is so sporadic I can't imagine other option to spot this problem. If somebody has ideas on how to improve the thread tension from the 1st post video I'm willing to try them.
  4. Thats what I thought when I was trying to solve my tension issues, this week I will put better quality felt and if that doesn't solve the unspooling at that tensioner I will try replacing it with one like you mention I 3d printed this piece when I was trying to solve the problem I described, my rationale was: If I help the thread arrive at the needle in the position it will enter the leather this will be better than it coming from the last thread guide in diagonal. I think it helped, in any case, it didn't make things worse. I only use N.10 thread (270/277 per US standards) and don't plan to change in the near future, do you think is a good idea replacing this tensioner? Thanks to all! PS: some of the sheaths I successfully stitched, photo shows the back side of them.
  5. LOL In my case it does have reverse, but still didn't figured out how to properly do it and not ruin the stitch, will have to practice more, but in the meantime its 180 turns...!
  6. Yes I do, practiced this to get the best results and I think I finally nailed on the tension of the first 3 stitches. Also I don't use the lever to change motion direction, I just turn the sheaths 180 deg, I found this way was better for keeping the stitch tension. Thanks
  7. Machine is Sibyer sb-6180-1 extra heavy duty. Using 270 bonded thread on top/bottom and 794 25/200 diamond needle. Here is a video I made for a local friend (I speak Spanish in it) it was made before the modification I wrote above, but the path is the same: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18aE_q1exxw Thanks!!
  8. I'm new to leather sewing, been practicing for the whole last week and still have some doubts. There are two types of tensioners in my machine, and I guess this is the same for all machines. One squeezes the thread and the other is a wheel with felt on the sides, I mean, this one: I tried one loop, and two loops as seen in the photo, more and less tension, and every now and then, the thread unspools and get stuck on the tensioning spring. Here is a YouTube video of the machine slowly stitching: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/4s-va_6a7Ok Maybe its low quality felt, or maybe is something else you can teach me, because I'm lost on how to prevent this unspooling. If you watch the video you can see that I modified the the thread guide into this knob by separating the incoming thread from the outgoing one (OEM part was a big loop with each one going its way without constraints) Today I stitched 6 sheaths successfully, but yesterday while practicing, it got stuck twice breaking the thread. Thanks in advance!!
  9. Been using imgur for ages and photos are still up, but just in case per your suggestion here they are. Thanks!! Thanks! they looks similar indeed, thanks for the detective work!
  10. Hi, purchased this machine a couple of weeks ago, and I want to modify the presser foot and alternating foot, but just in case I mess up, I would like to have replacement parts at hand, can you help me find part numbers for similarly sized parts? Thanks!
  11. What do you guys think of this machine, brand new at $1100, its a tank, really heavy duty, double the size of a typical 0303 for example, I asked if it can be slowed down changing a pulley from 80mm to 40 and they said it can be done, Im sewing 3/8"- 1/2" knife sheaths. Not big runs, I'm just tired of hand stitching. Thanks!
  12. Excellent detective work, I was unable to find their home page, well now I know the origin at least LOL. Still think it looks pretty similar to the smaller Adler 204 Thanks!!
  13. And resembles an Adler 204 now that I looked to the link in the previous post. [edit] there are many 204 models it seems, this one looks like the slimmer one 204-64 but with walking foot.
  14. Looks kinda similar to this one: http://www.japsew.com/product/default1_e.php?id=283&classid=34
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