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  1. Thanks guys, The machine stopped feeding last night after I tried to adjust the stitch length. So, being curious to what could have caused this, I pulled the adjustment shaft out and found the broken threads. I'm not sure thats my problem after further inspection this evening. The feed dog isn't moving and the machine is almost feeding backwards. I can't really find much info on this machine as far as what parts are what. The connecting rod from the stitch regulator on the top shaft isn't moving the rod that drives the feed dog. I adjusted the set screw to try to get it to move, but it made no difference. I found the screw on the top of the connecting rod was loose, so i snugged it and the machine tried to feed when turning by hand. The "regulator" as I'm calling it binds up as it tries to move the feed dogs. The timing seems to be correct. With the take up arm in the upper most position, the arrows ar aligned on the lower shaft behing the saftey clutch. The timing belt appears to be in good condition as well. I got this machine from a friend who does auto upholstery and is was serviced on July 27th this year. It was sewing fine last night on some thin leather that I was making a few pouches from. Any ideas why it would be doing this? I'll call you this coming week about the parts Bob. Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a unicorn here. I got an old Singer 111w112 and the handwheel threads for the stitch regulator are broken. Is there a resource for a replacement for this wheel? Thank you, Keith
  3. I can't see the numbers on mine, but it will sew a little more than 3 stitches per inch. They measure right at 10 mm. Mine was a little out of adjustment on stitch length from forward to reverse. I got that adjusted pretty well now.
  4. Portis Sewing Machime Company in High Point. They are right off of the Green St and Business 85/29 on Trinity Ave. I'm only 30 minutes east of Winston.
  5. I bought some size M bobbins from PSMC in High Point for 1 dollar each. They are the same size, they just have holes in the sides. I have been tinkering with mine a bit trying to get the sitch adjustment dials synchronized. I haven't tried yet, but I thing it will run much larger size thread than 92. To get good stiches with the 92, I have to run the tensioners around the 7 setting. I also removed the stop screw for the foot lift and I can get a little better than 1/2" under the foot. I also built a speed reducer and installed it this past weekend. With the servo motor, I can do 1 stitch at a time and no issues with penetration through many layers of vinyl. So far I'm pleased with the machine for the money. I'm starting on a '63 Triumph TR3 interior job for a friend this weekend.
  6. Hey Josacraw, I boought one of those from him on Sunday. The biggest thread I have is V92 at the moment. It'll sew through 14 layers of marine vinyl with no issues at all. I have been tinkering with the machine, removing the remainder of the automatic stuff and adjusting foot lift. With the servo motor, it seems to be a really good running machine. What have you found out after getting it and using it some? I'm mainly doing boat upholstery right now.
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