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  1. Nicely done on your edge bevelers making gouges and feeling like you're using it wrong I HIGHLY recommend you sharpen/polish your cutting implements. I too bought many of my first tools from Tandy and just went to town, then I finally started focusing on learning how to sharpen my tools and WOW! sharps tools make a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEE difference!
  2. Nicely done I always struggle with my circles so I know how difficult they can be for some of us and yours looks great!
  3. I did scrape the flesh side but the skins had been sitting in the freezer for a time, I also got them from a taxidermist in Iowa so I wonder if I would have had an easier time with a fresher kill. Do you have a recommended tanning method?
  4. Wow that's awesome!
  5. Thanks, definitely a fun build! It's been pretty comfortable too! I think I will try to make little claws for the tips. I didn't like the button stud closure that they had in the template so I just went with elastic. I'm thinking I would like to try to hide that with the claw tips though.
  6. Hi Everybody! I saw this pattern on Instagram a few weeks ago and absolutely had to make my own. It was a fun build and also doubles as a pandemic mask when I go grocery shopping. lol I started with a mix of Eco-flo dyes that I was just trying to get rid of. Then I went to do a little wet molding and didn't think about the water based dyes so i ended up having to redo the dye job. I think it came out better though! I tried to give it a "freshly burst from my chest" look. The pattern came from https://www.leatherhubpatterns.com/ if you give it a go I recommend using about 5-6oz leather for the tail, or skive down the "sides" that get stitched together. 7oz was a real pain to get it do do what I wanted.
  7. Awesome thank you! Also thank you for the Barry King article! I'll look into picking up a copy, thank you! It's funny that you mention SE Asia because a big part of what sent me down this path was my recent discovery of Okir patterns of the Southern Philippines. The floral patterns have a very similar feel/look to Sheridan style. I will research some more info on Barry King's style.
  8. Hello everyone, I hope that you are all well and staying safe during this pandemic. I wasn't able to find a solid answer to a question I've been trying to research. Where did the Sheridan style of leather tooling come from? The floral design is very similar to the "okir" designs from Southern Asia. If you know awesome! If not perhaps you know of some literature that covers it? I've tried searching the internet but much of it discusses technique but not history. Thanks! Teo
  9. Thank you all for your advice! I brought up my concerns with my coworker I've gotten a better idea and feel for the situation. He has been climbing for years and uses all the additional safety lines, etc. I do feel that this is within my skill range, the biggest concern being the liability should something happen. He had some fiberglass newer ones that were stolen out of his truck along with a whole bunch of other equipment, these will just be a temporary use while he saves up money for a new pair and he's had these for a long time so there is sentimental value to them as well. Replacing the leather will give them new life for a little while until he gets his replacement pair so I think I'll give it a go. Thank you all again!
  10. Last picture. It looks like these were hand made? At least based off the stitching and this short cutting of the corner makes me think it's hand made. Does anyone know anything about the company? Thanks
  11. Hello Everyone! It's been too long since I've been on here, been busy grinding 9 to 5 and burning the midnight oil with leathercrafting! I had a coworker ask me if I could repair his tree climbing spurs because the strap broke. He just gave them to me today. I can see why the strap broke, they have been neglected for a long time and the leather is dry/brittle. What I thought would just be a simple strap replacement will need to be a whole rebuild of the leather bits. My coworker said that everyone he asked would NOT take on this project. I didn't ask how many people he talked to nor if he couldn't afford for them to redo. Why would these other people turn him down? Am I not thinking of something that they know? I understand that I'm putting a HUGE liability on myself (if I take it on), could that be why others turned him down? I was talking with some other people and they suggested having him sign a waiver, which I will definitely do. Has anyone made these before? What leather should I use? Latigo? Saddle skirting? Harness leather? I assume that I should go with at the very least 10oz but was leaning more towards 12oz. Should I use brass rivets? Or should I use copper? I'm leaning towards brass because those are such a PITA to cut through compared to copper. Here are some pictures. I'll comment below this post with more, it's not letting me upload others right now. Any thoughts, suggestions, and comments are welcome. Thank you!
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