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    Leatherworking, sewing, soaping, woodworking, crossstitching, crafting in general. Gardening, Roses, History, Bible

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    Haven't settled on an area yet.
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    stamping, tooling, carving
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    searching for how to use a swivel knife

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  1. Scoutmom103

    Pfaff 335, Adler 69 type Cylinder arm caps.

    I so get that. If I set down my coffee cup to deal with the dogs, I have to find it again since it's not in the usually spot.
  2. Scoutmom103

    Pfaff 335, Adler 69 type Cylinder arm caps.

    I thought the yellow might be to match the Ducky in your profile pic
  3. Scoutmom103

    MacLaren Wallet

    They look like very nice machines.
  4. Scoutmom103

    Mountain lion for my wife

    Wow that is amazing
  5. Scoutmom103

    Consew 206RB-5 at Goodwill

    Wow and thank you for sharing.
  6. Scoutmom103

    My new strops.... One might be an original idea?

    Had never thought of using PVC pipe to make a Stroop? Great idea. What did you use to adhere the leather to the pvc?
  7. Scoutmom103

    Horse Padfolio

    Very nice work.
  8. Scoutmom103


    Congratulations on both Ferg.
  9. Scoutmom103

    MacLaren Wallet

    It looks very nice. I agree info on the laser would be helpful.
  10. Scoutmom103

    New guy from Tucson.

    Hi and welcome
  11. Scoutmom103

    Dixon Splitting Machine for sale

    Can you more details about the machine and how much you are asking for it.
  12. Scoutmom103

    I made a braided shopper bag

    Very nice
  13. Scoutmom103

    embossing press attach stamp and tray

    Thank you . It does. I had wondered about how the letterpress types would hold up. You certainly do a great deal of embossing. I really appreciate how you share your knowledge and skills, especially your ingenuity ones of solving issues with things. Loved the thread on the zipper tool.
  14. Scoutmom103

    embossing press attach stamp and tray

    Sorry it took me a few days to get these to you. I needed help to take the pictures with the tape measure. I hope the pictures are able to answer the questions regarding the elements. As far as I can tell from the original listing the Letter Size: LxH: 8mm x 6.5mm. The letter carrier size :(LxWxGroove Width) 68mm X 18mm x 8mm, can fit 7-9 letters, all depends on the size. They are still in transit. It shows that it has now landed. The delivery says March 14-March 25th so I don't have them to actually measure. It is an upper and lower case set and numbers. It is for periodic use. I am just starting out. I am not sure if steel or alum would be better. I have brothers who may be able to help with tapping. I am not sure which would be better as far as having you make it and ship or having drawings for a local shop. I'm not sure what the piece would cost of you to produce and ship, verses having it done in Central Indiana. I know shipping can be expensive from down under. I so appreciate you doing this. I love how the stamping looks on the ring boxes. What size is the font on your Kingsley letters? Are the letters lead? I've wondered how these type of letters hold up well and how they might be used in a non Kingsley machine. This is a whole new world for me.
  15. Scoutmom103

    Chest rig for a revolver

    That looks good.