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    Haven't settled on an area yet.
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    searching for how to use a swivel knife

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  1. Very nice and double duty. Like the swivel snaps to unhood it from the pants when using a dehydration port (aka bathroom)
  2. Stout and it works. Nice.
  3. You may want to reach out to Rustic Leatherworks. They do a lot of Bible rebinding. They are on Instagram and have a website www.rusticleatherworks.com They are in Charlote NC
  4. very nice. How did you end up with 2 of them.
  5. Maybe these videos from Cechaflo will help How to Make a Basic Shift Boot - Car Upholstery for Beginners. - YouTube Shift Knob in Leather - Auto Upholstery - YouTube
  6. Nice holster. Is that one of the CMP 1911's you built the holster for?
  7. If you need more Horween leather you might try this company The Tannery Row Horween | The Tannery Row | Leather Distributor. I just did a quick check and they do ship to Austral. They were set up by Horween to sell Leather to smaller end user.
  8. Very nice. Love how the warmth of the wood comes out.
  9. Very nice. I hope he likes it.
  10. Very cleaver, and a great way to use a treadle.
  11. Beautiful work. Love you worked with your Sister to showcase your Grandfathers train.
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