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    searching for how to use a swivel knife

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  1. The edging reminds me of what pinking shears do on fabric. I've seen some advertisements for pinking/edging machines under leather working machines on ebay.
  2. Beautiful. Can't wait to see the table and what you make with her.
  3. Hi my daughter suggested Metamorphosis Metals in Raleigh NC. Metamorphosis Metals- Unique artisan jewelry, handmade in Raleigh, NC She has had them do some jewelry for her and said they ship all over the World They have done pieces for people in many different places.
  4. Thanks Bob Amazing to watch the old machinery and how they did so much in house. I've watched a little of the video each day since you posted. Thanks Chrisash I watched the video you posted first. Thanks
  5. Beautiful. Love the lock and the broguing. Is the broguing part of the pattern, or your addition to the case.
  6. Nice. Is it laced or stitched together to form the tube that goes on the handle?
  7. Beautiful knife, also love the wood handles on the Browning.
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