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    searching for how to use a swivel knife

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  1. Very nice. Love the way you mounted them on smaller tables. Would be interested in places you ordered parts for the fortuna peeling machines
  2. I'd never heard of one. Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful.
  3. Very nice gift from Dad to his girl.
  4. Maybe they have what you are looking for. Cobra Class 26 Sewing Machine | Springfield Leather
  5. Scoutmom103


    Nice. I hope he really likes it.
  6. My husband has a wallet he loves that has an ID window inside with a thumb hole in the middle of the plastic to help remove it. He loves is and wants me to make him a new one that has that type of ID window. Haven't figured out how to do the thumb hole in the middle so it's not sharp and it doesn't melt when I try to smooth the edges of the thumb hole
  7. Great news. Look forward to the pictures of this one and the others.
  8. wow. Nice bringing it back towards life.
  9. Those are beautiful boots. Also love the tool rack. Did you build that as well?
  10. That is a different project. Very Nice. Wonder what the picnic basket looks like with such a nice silverware pouch.
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