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    Leatherworking, sewing, soaping, woodworking, crossstitching, crafting in general. Gardening, Roses, History, Bible

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    Haven't settled on an area yet.
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    stamping, tooling, carving
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    searching for how to use a swivel knife

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  1. Welcome. A wealth of knowledge and experience on this site in previous posts as well as current and new. People are so generous with their Experience and knowledge. Nice that you have some of your grandfather's leatherworking tools to carry on the craft.
  2. So sorry to hear this. My condolences to the family.
  3. Nice. Are the 2 small pieces of metal laying on the larger pully both attached to the back side of the leg? I can tell the top on is in the picture?
  4. Any chance you have a download where we don't have to sign up for the pdf trial?
  5. Looks very nice. Please share info regarding fine tuning.
  6. That's beautiful. What a wonderful way to store a family heirloom.
  7. Very nice as is the guitar
  8. Nice jig. Looks like it will do the job well and it's giving you the results you wanted for your knife. I do wish you had the instructions for how you did it. I do better following directions than in designing new mechanical type devices. Thank you for sharing it.
  9. Very nice. Love the way you mounted them on smaller tables. Would be interested in places you ordered parts for the fortuna peeling machines
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