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    How to make a watchband with edge coating tutorial

    thank you for posting all this great information.
  2. Beautiful, love the purple hues. Please let us know how it holds up.
  3. Scoutmom103

    Past posts linked into my profile ..about me

    Been traveling so I hadn't had a chance to take a look at your new link. Love it. Thank you for all the knowledge you are so willing to share.
  4. Scoutmom103

    Back holster

    Very Nice
  5. Scoutmom103

    Tiger and water

    You do amazing work. So life like.
  6. Scoutmom103

    Gun Leather & stuff

    I like the 2nd one, but they are both very nice.
  7. Scoutmom103

    Sig P365 n shark

    Very Nice. Thanks for all the great info.
  8. Scoutmom103

    Linothorax Ancient Greek Armor

  9. Scoutmom103

    $50 white whale SCORE! Singer 29-4!

  10. Scoutmom103

    Old danish skiving machine

    looks nice.
  11. Scoutmom103

    My first leather project

    You might call Landwerlen Leather Company in Indianapolis. They have been supplying items for cobbler's for many years. Landwerlen Leather Company Address: 365 S Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46225 Phone: (317) 636-8300 They don't have a web site. It's like stepping back in time. Wonderful place and I always experienced wonderful customer service.
  12. Very nice. Love the color combination
  13. Scoutmom103

    New Beer Growler Carrier

    Very nice.
  14. Scoutmom103

    More 3D printer uses! Knife grips...

    Love it. That's a great idea.
  15. Scoutmom103

    Business card holder and watch strap

    Those are beautiful. The creasing and stitching look great.
  16. Scoutmom103

    1st round biker's bag

  17. I really like what you came up with. It's beautiful.
  18. Scoutmom103

    Harley Davidson Trunk Bag

    Very nice.
  19. If the safety clutch is similar to the Pfaff 145 this may help. I was only finding the manuals for the newer Pfaff 335 not the older ones this morning. safety clutch page.pdf
  20. Scoutmom103

    Pfaff 335, Adler 69 type Cylinder arm caps.

    I so get that. If I set down my coffee cup to deal with the dogs, I have to find it again since it's not in the usually spot.
  21. Scoutmom103

    Pfaff 335, Adler 69 type Cylinder arm caps.

    I thought the yellow might be to match the Ducky in your profile pic
  22. Scoutmom103

    MacLaren Wallet

    They look like very nice machines.
  23. Scoutmom103

    Mountain lion for my wife

    Wow that is amazing
  24. Scoutmom103

    Consew 206RB-5 at Goodwill

    Wow and thank you for sharing.
  25. Scoutmom103

    My new strops.... One might be an original idea?

    Had never thought of using PVC pipe to make a Stroop? Great idea. What did you use to adhere the leather to the pvc?