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  1. Have you ever written, or considered writing, a book? I bet the sales on this forum alone would cover the printing costs I actually do have 5 years work experience when it comes to milling and metal work in general. At the moment I don't have access to a workshop but it is in the works. If it's a matter of making or modifying parts, and if the cast iron casing allows for it, it will be a fun project.
  2. By the way, there seems to be a 45k58 with a walking/jumping foot: is that specific for that particular machine or could that be added to any 45k? I understand it's generally not something easily done.
  3. I do every time, and every time we agree that it's a bad idea but still essential
  4. The machine is now officially mine although a friend is storing it for me until I can go pick it up which is a 1700km round-trip (big bonus: road trip + hanging out which doesn't happen too often)
  5. The seller says she thinks it has a walking foot but is not sure. Doesn't matter too much to me, it is in working condition and I payed $250 for it. Pictures:
  6. Heya! I might buy a 45k21 but there is probably need for a new rotary hook: is this part hard to find/replace? Also, how hard is it to separate the machine from the table?
  7. That's interesting. They use K for Scotland, M for Italy and S for France I guess? What confuses me is that I thought it was only for model numbers... I need to do more research!
  8. Heya! I offer 3d-modeling and 2d-tracing. I work in Rhino 3D + Grasshopper which means high precision and flexibility. I do it as a hobby for now: price according to discussion, I work out of Sweden which makes Swedish law applicable (nothing weird for the customer, it is the service provider who is on the line): no tax is charged up to a certain accumulated amount. If I break any rules with this post I apologize and will remove ASAP. Old model of a Les Paul I made a long time ago
  9. Thanks! Yes, I found that page as well. It seems Cogolo licensed or built several factories across Europe, and I guess their method was included in the package. I found an Italian court document about the foreclosure as well but it only gave me dates. Tbh, I love doing this kind of research. It contains nuances of history and knowledge that is hard, or even impossible, to gain through normal education. I almost even sent an email to a person with a PhD covering "tanning culture" but quickly realized the topic was more "tanning bed" and less "tanning vat"
  10. It's actually on topic: this is one of the pieces. I did a second ozone-treatment and that seems to have done the trick. Now the leather only smells perfectly leathery.
  11. Heya! I bought this very nice piece online (someone sold very old stock for pennies pretty much) but didn't get any info on what leather it actually is. It seems to be ordinary cow leather and it is pretty soft at 3mm thick. There is a faded logo on the back that I worked out is saying "concerie cogolo" which is an old, no longer operational Italian tannery. What I have managed to find out is that they supposedly invented a method to make the tanning process smell a lot less, and that they provided leather for a few Ferrari models and one Cadillac model. Anyone here have more info or care to speculate?
  12. You are a walking database, man! Thank you! Do you know why it has an MA serial number? I use Ismacs.net for everything ie I don't know anything what so ever
  13. Heya! Anyone have a clue about this machine? Seems it's not a leather capable machine but still curious.
  14. Heya! Found this type of machine in a local thrift store, can't find any info on it at all. Anyone recognize if it's a Singer licensed machine perhaps?
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