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  1. I have 130, 97x4 needles in sizes 22 and 23 BUT I am dealing with someone that wants them all so unless we can't make suitable shipping arrangements I consider them sold. I will check for others.
  2. I will check and see if I have any. Being that there are thousands and I just bought this bunch a week ago it might take a day or 2 to check all . I will let you know what I find.
  3. I just bought out an older mans supply of industrial needles. He had been fixing industrial machines for about 60 years and said he never had a machine come in that he didn't have a needle for. I stopped counting at 5000 and only had a good start. If someone can give me all the possible numbers ( needle system ) I will look I might have them. Quite a few are round point so the right ones for clothe. I have as many as 2200 of some sizes. A lot are older new stock some likely even over 40 years old. There are some 97x4 s which I believe may not be made anymore. I am in Saskatchewan Canada I am willing to send them by mail.
  4. catskin

    97x4 needles

    Still available. Some interest shown but no commitment. I set the price the same as someone on here sold some 6 years ago so felt it was fair.
  5. I find that it depends on where the needle is when you change from forward to reverse. Make sure the hook has caught the thread on the last stitch before changing to reverse. If you change directions at the wrong time it will miss catching the thread for the first reverse stitch. Or it does on my CB 4500.
  6. catskin

    97x4 needles

    Sent emails. Did you get them?
  7. catskin

    97x4 needles

    Thank you. I was not sure which heading to put it under.
  8. catskin

    97x4 needles

    I have available 40 97x4 size 23 and 90 size 22 97x4 needles. These are new old stock genuine Simanco needles. Thinking $260.00 for the lot. If you are interested P M me and we can make arrangements. I would prefer to sell all in one lot because postage would be likely the same to send all as just a few. I tried to post pictures but for some reason it did'nt work I can email pictures. I am in Saskatchewan Canada.
  9. If 97x4 needles fit I have some. In 22 and 23 sizes.
  10. Thank you I will try. I have one big picture that posted on the does anyone use a pearson # 6 thread please delete it is no longer needed and I think is stopping me from posting more.
  11. I will when I get it. I am not very digital so have not been able to post pictures on here. They were always too big. I might have to email it to you.
  12. Thank you, I have seen a few places where 29U172 was mentioned but likely not quite accurate. YOU are the one that knows the details.
  13. I expect to have a 29U172 A later this week. What is the difference between a 172 and a 172A?
  14. I guess I didn't put a title that drew attention with my other post. So as this one shows my question here it is. What is the difference between a 29U172 and a 29U 172A.
  15. I will measure the plate and post the measurements in thousandths of an inch since I don't have a metric micrometer.
  16. Plate looks VERY MUCH like the one on my Adler 20-2 see if you can find one of them to try. I was told that quite a few parts are interchangeable. IF that is true it might get you what you need. I don't have a spare or would offer it to you. I could measure if you post measurements and tell you if it is the same.
  17. Also what does the A mean after the 172 ? I missed putting the A in my first post.
  18. I have used every search term I can think of and all I got is we can't find what you are looking for. So either search on here is broken or there is nothing about this machine. I am wondering if a Singer 29U172 is a big bobbin patcher?
  19. The easiest way is a conway loop/ buckle. Easy to change bits, holes no bigger then chicago screws, does not come undone and looks good and not thick.
  20. I watched these vids and the knives sure seem to take a lot more pressure to cut with than I thought they should. Judging from the bulge of arm muscles and the way the board underneath moves in the first one. From what I have read and been told they should cut with very little resistance. To the point of being able to shave with. If that is as sharp as they get mine are as good or better. While I thought I was failing on getting them sharp enough.
  21. I actually have a clutch motor on it. But have not sorted out how to make a convenient lever for engaging it. With my speed reducer it goes at a reasonable speed. Just thought the variable speeds with a servo would be nice. I would add a picture but seems the one picture I posted a long time ago took up all my allowance.
  22. From the number of responses kind of looks like I might be the first to try.
  23. Just wondering if anyone has put a servo motor on a BUSM / peirson # 6 machine? Did a search and no luck.
  24. That price is high. BUT there is someone not far from me that is trying to sell one that does not work for $ 950.00. YES $ 950.00. She tells people it good but friend tried it and does not work. Badly worn.
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