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  1. in addition to the singer 132K manual available in this post, here are some links to Seiko and Consew manuals which give you more instructions and setting, the seiko/consew SK-6F is the equivalent of a 132k6 https://www.supsew.com/download/Seiko/Seiko SK-6, SK-6F, SKM-26 Instruction Manual.pdf https://www.consew.com/Files/112347/InstructionManuals/SK-6FR.pdf SK-6FR.pdf Seiko SK-6, SK-6F, SKM-26 Instruction Manual.pdf Files uploaded to LW.
  2. parts from the typical tw1-2b can be used on a 132k6, feed dog, needle plate, main tension assembly, needle bar, the same needle bar with clamp will also fit an adler 105-64 at a fraction of the adler price.
  3. if anyone is still interested in replacing the shuttle ring in a singer 45K i just replaced the hook/shuttle ring in a 45k-25 part number 91430 with a shuttle ring out of a Typical TW3-441 part number: 52WF1-032, drop in replacement, no grinding or modification required only difference is the original singer shuttle ring is 3.30mm thick the typical one is 3.50mm thick.
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