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    Small cases, notebooks, bags. Machines owned: Consew 1206RB, Singer 29K71, Toyota FSR21

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  1. tomruff52

    Thread Sizes And Needle Sizes

    Thanks for the needling, Martyn! I wonder if they are grading them for something other than size. Perhaps for flexibility/hardness of the wire used?
  2. tomruff52

    Thread Sizes And Needle Sizes

    Updated link for John James Needle Guide:
  3. tomruff52

    Purchasing Vergez Blanchard Tools

    Found a well done English site for V-B at Good descriptions of their tools and what they are used for.
  4. tomruff52

    Engineered Stitching/lacing Pony

    Just getting started and I need one. Looking forward to the drawings. I may face the bottom with cork to keep it from slipping or marring wood surfaces. Might even be allowed in the house that way.