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  1. Are you looking for a belt pouch for trap and skeet shooters that can carry live and spent shells?
  2. @Uwe Your mounting instructions for a swing away edge guide were extremely clear. Did this to my Consew 226 following your instructions. Very simple process with good preparation. Thanks.
  3. No complaints so far. No matter what you do it's the nature of the beast. I would think that the front cover would be the bigger issue. I expect most using them are talking on speaker or bluetooth.
  4. I was asked a while back if I could design a phone wallet that would allow pictures to be taken of the front cover was folded back against the back of the wallet. Came up this this and it has proven to be a winner for sales.
  5. Great job on the sheath. Your client is so going to hate that handle design. It's a real pain to put the flap through the hole in the handle in a real world carry situation. I just built a new sheath pouch sheath for a guy who had a similar concept.
  6. I pretty sure the short answer to this is no but there should be a simple solution for you Harward stores like Home Depot, etc. sell nylon nuts and bolts. You should be able to use a standard chicago screw and just purchase a nylon nut that slides over the screw post. Should be about the right thickness too. You may need to drill out the nut. Hope that's clear. In the future likely better to have posted this as a separate question. Things can get buried in these post easily.
  7. My question is, where do you get that little spring clip holding the slide plate in place? My Consew 226 does not have this.
  8. Thanks. That is the same manual I have. Diagrams are really bad but thanks to a good setup video for a Juki LU-563 I found and that manual, I think I have been able to sort it out. Was able to get the clearance I need for 3 layers of 8 oz leather. When doing that it seems that I would need to readjust to do thinner material. Is that the norm?
  9. I am setting up my first sewing machine, a Consew 226R-1. Sews really well with 3 layers of 8 oz leather and 138 thread. It came from an upholstery shop so was basically set up for thinner material. I understand the machine presser feet can lift up to 1/2". Right now the presser feet lift about 3/8" and when sewing they walk with a lift of about 1/4". Old manual and my unfamiliarity with these machine have me handicapped to make the necessary adjustments to raise the feet for better clearance. Can someone advise me the proper procedure for: Increasing the stationary lift of the presser feet to 1/2". Increasing the walking lift to provide clearance for the thick sewing if that is possible. Thank you.
  10. Black Mountain is owned by Devilhide Leather (Instagram @devilhide_leather). He is using Shopify for the tools sales site. Shopify is a Canadian company which would explain the Canadian IP trail. I donlt know anything about the quality of what he sells on this site and from a marketing perspective, always good to have more comprehensive information about your company including a physical address and phone number.
  11. Thanks. Crazy Horse Water Buffalo. Love working with the stuff and the pull-up look is fantastic with it. I don't have a Becker myself. Just 4 knives from local makers :-)
  12. One I did for a Becker BK-16 but with a removable can pouch. Customer requested design that allows for a left or right carry by re-configuring (belt loops, pouch and knife strap are all connected with chicago screws
  13. No problem. Just be sure to print with no scaling and let me know how it worked out for you.
  14. Really nice and a great looking knife too. Good luck on not having a welt. The stitch style (which I really like) should make it easy to install one if the knife works it's way through :-)
  15. Weaver leather supply also sell them https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/01144-sb/1144-collar-fastener-set/pr_1730/cp_/shop-now/hardware/specialty/miscellaneous
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