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  1. have for sale a Like new CB-818 that comes with extra blades. This has only been used to cut a few hides to test. The machine is setup and tuned to produce.These machines are not for sale very often and retail for $2100 + $250 in freight. This may be the only machine of this type you see for sale in years. Highly sought after in the leather working industry. Located in Vancouver, WA.... right across the river from Portland. I have other tools in the used section for sale as well. Thanks, Nick
  2. I have for sale some high end leather working tools and machines.CB806 Manual Leather splitter skiver $250http://www.solar-leather.com/cutting-machines-1/Hand-Operated Bluegrass "EZ Edge" Strap Edger $350https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/65-6053/economy-hand-operated/pr_29255/cp_/shop-now/machinery/equipment/strap-edgersHeritage® Dye Box II $500https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/65-6015/heritage-dye-box-ii/pr_9029/cp_/shop-now/machinery/equipment/dye-boxDixon Plough Gauge with original Blade and new Custom Terry Knipschield Blade $350Dixon Round Knife $100Weaver Limited Edition Round Knife $100W. Rose Round knife (missing ferrule) $75Tandy Oval Leather Punch Set $75Leather Number Stamp Kit $20 Located in Vancouver, WA. Prices don't include shipping. Willing to make a deal if you buy the whole lot. Thanks, Nick
  3. I am getting out of leatherworking and looking to sell my machinery and tools. I am located in Vancouver, WA. Cowboy 4500 Deluxe Leather swing arm Sewing machine Package $2300http://www.solar-leather.com/cowboy-cb4500/Cowboy CB818 Leather Belt Cutter $1900http://www.solar-leather.com/cb-818-belt-fringe-cutter/CB806 Manual Leather splitter skiver $250http://www.solar-leather.com/cutting-machines-1/Hand-Operated Bluegrass "EZ Edge" Strap Edger $400https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/65-6053/economy-hand-operated/pr_29255/cp_/shop-now/machinery/equipment/strap-edgersHeritage® Dye Box II $500https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/65-6015/heritage-dye-box-ii/pr_9029/cp_/shop-now/machinery/equipment/dye-boxCustom Edge Burnisher $400This uses a high quality Copper electric motor, stand, switch and cocobolo burnishing attachment. You can also add a devise to the other side.I am willing to sell everything as a package or part out. Please keep in mind these are all like new and if bought new, have considerable freight cost.I also have a ton of other leatherworking tools, punches, knives , leather,ect if interested. Going to part it out on here or Ebay most likely. Here is CL post with pictures: https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/bfs/d/vancouver-leather-working-machines-for/6808743091.htmlThanks,Nick
  4. Ill take them per my message.
  5. How is it any different then the chinessium units littered all over ebay?
  6. I may have one for sale as well. Bought it from a shop who used it for a large batch, really good condition.
  7. Pick up one of the Douglas groover while you are at it, absolute best stitching groover on the market.
  8. Yea i just with douglas had a real website where we could order all the tool. Its 2017, get with the times. Actually, lots of toolmakers are in the same boat.
  9. Douglas, King and Watt all make great edgers. I don't think you could do bad with any of them. Older Osbornes and the like also do a great job.
  10. Hands down the best tool I have bought in a while. I have tried cheap tandy to osborne to some older designs. Someone mentioned to just bite the bullet and buy the Douglas Tool and be done with it. I was at the Pendleton Leather show and Bob Douglas happened to be there selling tools. The tool is not cheap ($80 or so I think it was) but is very well designed and made. Its hard to explain but its the only tool i can actually make a strait stick grove with. The cheaper ones always tended to walk and were very sensitive to how much pressure you use and around corners. This little beast cuts with ease and I end up with something that is actually pleasing to the eye. You can even take an old tool handle and put the edger into that for more control. Just wanted to share my experience and see if anyone else uses it too. Thanks,
  11. Do you mind explaining why the inline foot would cause you to lose throat? Looking at running that with a 4500 and not sure I understand. Thanks,
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